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The Presentation Script for Creative Thinking

The Presentation Script for Creative Thinking

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Published by Jadhav Nilesh Ashok
the doc depicts the teaching technique of creative thinking.
the doc depicts the teaching technique of creative thinking.

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Published by: Jadhav Nilesh Ashok on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Presentation Script for Creative Thinking:Matter Manner
Hi, I’m--------------------------------
That might appear a crazy thinking. Butthere is something new in the thought or somebody might take it an absurd idea.But there is something new in that. Suchcrazy ideas give birth to amazing thingswhose creation by a scientist is regardedan innovation.Such creative thinking can revolutionizethe world we live in. So today, wewould learn about creative thinkingwhich you should resort to while tryingto solve the problems you face. We’dalso learn how creative thinking takes place, the guidelines for it and the barriers on its way. Ready friends?
How to be creative/ innovative? How tomotivate and manage creative people?[Teacher introduces himself][The teacher used appropriate accent,intonation and gestures in order toconvince his message forcefully or convincingly.][Teacher introduces the topic]
Have you ever thought of  private flying space- cars? If no, why?
Can you name someinnovations made by theEuropean scientists?
All it requires, really, is letting peoplethink the way they like and never poseany ideological barriers on their way of free and divergent thinking.Creativity/ creative thinking is a process, not a product. One cannot teachcreativity.
By establishing the properenvironment and offeringencouragement, one can certainlyfacilitate the expression of creativeideas.
Station-e does the same for thestudents.
This kind of thinking gives usa way to look at the future and varioussolutions from a fresh angle. Its athinking skill that gets us out of thealways-thinking-the-same-way rut.While thinking creatively, we inventsomething or modify or change theexisting fact/ think in a new way.For example, a) the idea to move roundthe world was an innovative idea thattook in Magellan’s mind. He was almostsuccessful in it. b) The cordlesstelephones are the modified versions of their wired counterparts.
To define concisely, innovative or creative thinking means using thinking  skills to make new and usefuconnections to what is known anordinary and bring creative solutions from the information you have or 
[ A question to students]
Do you think you arecreative? Why do you think so?
Aristotle had once said,“Something comes from something”,and that’s the point of creative thinkinggermination_ to make something new,unique or different out of something old.
The creative/ innovative thinkingprocess:
Creative or innovative solutions are notfound quickly and / or coincidently as isthe general assumption among themasses. In fact, the opposite is true.The mental or intellectual process thatmetes out creative solutions oinnovative ideas takes place in 4 stages:
1.Getting ready:
This involves the following:a.Recognizing, with sharpalertness, the time / moment of the opportunity occurrence andgrabbing the solutions it offersin the form of creative answersor ideas. b.Understanding of the problems[along with their nature] thatconfront us.c.Understanding the nature of the opportunity/ opportunities[ A question to students]
Can you give examples?[Teacher shows the first slide][slide disappears]

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