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Jodi Arias Prosecution Closing Arguments Part 3

Jodi Arias Prosecution Closing Arguments Part 3

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Published by Robert Frank
Part 3 - The conclusion of Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez's closing argument in the Jodi Arias trial. Part 3 of 3
Part 3 - The conclusion of Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez's closing argument in the Jodi Arias trial. Part 3 of 3

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Robert Frank on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez'sClosing Arguments at the Jodi Arias TrialDay 56Part 3
Part 3 covers the conclusion of Mr. Martinez's closing argumentTranscribed by Robert Frank
completed on8/30/13
00:00 When the law is on your side, you argue the law. When the facts are on your side, you arguethe facts. But when nothing is on your side, you just argue, and that's what you have. Specifically,there was some mention, perhaps, of somebody's haircut. Does anybody care about Mr. Nurmi'shaircut? Was that any part of the evidence that you should consider? There was also some talkabout sexual orientation. Whose sexual orientation are we talking about and did that present itself from the witness stand? Because remember you are told that your duty is to follow what's in the jury instructions, and the jury instructions don't indicate that you consider anything other than theexhibits and the testimony that came through from that witness stand. So what you heard withregard to those two issues was, perhaps, just argument, and it was argument that was geared tosomehow stir some sympathy in you.00:01 The other issue, for example, that you heard that was just argument was with regard toExhibit 160. This involved Mr. Alexander, and there was talk about the fact that how could she havepossibly have stabbed him in that fashion if she was standing up. Well, according to her owntestimony, she was crouched down at the time that this photograph was taken and that that'swhy the camera didn't have to go very far. The other issue that he indicated was how could shepossibly do it with her left hand. I mean...and how clumsy it would be. Doesn't...has somebodyforgotten...or has everybody forgotten that she indicated that she's ambidextrous? When she wasasked by the prosecutor as to whether or not she could write with her right...left or right hand, sheindicated, "I'm ambidextrous." So, perhaps those are the things that should be remembered whenarguments are being made.The third issue that was brought up was, well, it involved the alleged pedophilia. If she reallywanted to cause him some damage, if she really wanted to cause Mr. Alexander some damage,00:02 why didn't she go to the media about it before this took place if she really was going to dosomething like that? Well, if you remember the testimony, in August of 2011, there was a hearinginvolving an issue with regard to the pedophilia, and at that time, there were some magazines, andone those magazines...Nurmi: Objection. Beyond the scope.Stephens: Approachwas the Photo Pro Magazine, which is...Nurmi: Your honor, may we approachStephens: Yes00:03 Maybe if (inaudible) just makes argument and you'll forget about Exhibit 465, which is the PhotoPro Magazine. Remember, she's such an avid person who knows all about cameras,00:04 an individual who's very interested in that. And in anticipation of that hearing, well, with regard toExhibit 468, which is in evidence, you can find it in the magazine on page 6 and look at it if need be,she wrote the name of Mark Stan Stanoch, who is with ABC News, and there's a number there. Doyou think that she was writing him just to exchange greetings in anticipation of that hearing? Isthat what you think was going on?Nurmi: Objection. Misstates the evidenceStephens: Overruled.Do you really think that's what she was doing? Do you think that they had a personal relationship?Do you think that Mr. Stanoch is not busy with other issues? No, she contacted him in anticipation
of that hearing because she wanted....Nurmi: Objection, your honor, misstates the evidence. Can we approach?Stephens: I sustain that objectionThis defendant contacted him for a reason.Nurmi: Objection. Arguing facts not in evidence.Stephens: Sustained.Nurmi: Move to strike, your honor.00:05 Stephens: The jury will disregard.You do see his name there, don't you? And you do see a number there.And additionally, with regard to those coded messages, with regard to trying to spread thisand whether or not they were true, one of the things that the defendant indicated...defensecounsel indicated, well, these were true. They were absolutely true, and there's nothing out therethat indicates that they were not true. But if you take a look at Exhibit 469 with regard to theseallegations, and this comes from an individual who was so absolutely upset with Mr. Alexanderwhen he used the word "fuck," according to her. Well, in that magazine, page 43, this is....Nurmi: Objection. Beyond the scope.Stephens: OverruledPage 43, she writes, "You fucked up. What you told my...."Nurmi: Objection. Misstates the evidence, your honor.Stephens: Sustained. No, sus...You sustain it or.....?Stephens: Approach00:06 (silence)00:07 (silence)00:08 With regard to these magazines,00:09 you will remember that test...testimony with regard to these magazines were taken from thedefendant. They were in her possession. They were Exhibit 465 shows that they were her magazines.They have her name on there, her address on there, and she was in possession of them, and she wasin possession of them shortly before this hearing involving an aspect of this pedophilia allegation.And this defendant, at some point, when she was having a visitor by the name of AnneCampbell, if you remember during cross examination, had these two magazines; this one and theStar Magazine. And one of the guards, or one of the detention officers, was walking her down thehallway, and as she was walking her down the hallway, the defendant indicated to her, and this wasshortly before this hearing involving an aspect of this pedophilia,00:10 indicated to this detention officer if....or requested from this detention officer that she be allowed togive this magazine, which is the Photo Pro Magazine, exhibit number 465, along with exhibit number466, which is the Star Magazine, to her friend Anne Campbell. And after these magazines werereviewed by the sheriff's office personnel, and after they were put together, this is the message, inExhibit 469, that could be gleaned. And it was, "You fucked up. What you told my attorney thenext...what you told my attorney next day...Nurmi. I object. This is still beyond the scope.Stephens: Overruled.

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