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scholarship, grant money
scholarship, grant money

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Published by: Diomand Alexis Henry on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Politics, life and business are not spectatorsports. You have to get involved toget ahead. Most importantly, when youreach that level of success, keepthe door open and the ladder down forothers to follow.”
—Ronald H. Brown
Our History
Established in 1996 by the CAP Charitable Foundation, the Ron Brown Scholar Program began awarding college scholar-ships to outstanding African American students to honor the legacy of service of the late Secretary of Commerce Ronald H.Brown. As the rst African American to serve in the cabinet as Secretary of Commerce and the rst to serve as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Ron Brown was a gure of global prominence, respected for his intelligence, politicalsavvy and leadership. In April of 1996, he died in a tragic plane crash during a trade mission to Eastern Europe. Since 1996,the Ron Brown Scholar Program has evolved to provide Scholars with more than just academic opportunities, fostering boththe strong commitment of service and dedication to future leadership that Ron Brown helped embody.The Ron Brown Scholar Program provides Scholars with the nancial resources to attend some of the nest colleges anduniversities in the country. Upon acceptance, Scholars are each awarded $40,000 ($10,000 per year for 4 years) that maybe used at the college or university of their choice. Acceptance into the Program means Scholars are also provided with thenurturing and mentorship to succeed and ourish in college and beyond.
November 1s —(posmarked)—applicaion will be considered for heRon Brown Scholar Program andforwarded o a selec and limiednmber of addiional colleges andscholarship providers.Janary 9h—final posmarkeddeadline in order o be consideredfor only he Ron Brown ScholarProgram.
The Ron Brown Scholar Program has a proven track record of academicsuccess with a 100 percent graduation rate. Graduating Scholars go on tooutstanding careers in the arts, sciences and public service, and many morepursue professional degrees in law, medicine and business.
Our Missio
The mission of the Ron Brown Scholar Program is to accelerate the pro-gress of African Americans into the mainstream of leadership in business,education, government and a wide spectrum of professions, while instillinga strong dedication to leadership and public service.Another major tenet of the program is to create a strong family bondamong Scholars and Program staff who provide a network of support andfriendship their entire lives. To this end, the Ron Brown Scholar AlumniAssociation
was created in 2001 with the goal of sustaining this connectionand fostering continued excellence, leadership and service.
Applicaion Informaion
Eligibility Requiremets
The Ron Brown Scholar Program seeks to identify studentswho will make signicant contributions to society. Appli-cants must excel academically, show exceptional leadershippotential and make an impact on their communities throughservice to others.Each year, ten to twenty students are designated Ron BrownScholars and receive $10,000 annually for four years, for atotal of $40,000. The recipients may use the need and merit-based scholarships to attend the four-year college or univer-sity of their choice. Ron Brown scholarships are not limitedto any specic eld or career objective and may be used topursue any academic discipline. More than 280 students havebeen designated as Ron Brown Scholars since the inceptionof the Program.To be eligible, applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanentresidents, Black or African American and current high schoolseniors at the time of their application.
Crren collegesdens are no eligible o apply
. Applicants should dem-onstrate academic achievement, exhibit leadership ability,participate in community service activities and demonstratenancial need.Ron Brown Scholars are selected in the spring prior to enter-ing college. Applications are screened between Novemberand February by Ron Brown Scholar Program staff. InMarch, nalists are invited to participate in a weekend selec-tion process in Washington, D.C. at the expense of the RonBrown Scholar Fund. Finalists are interviewed by membersof the Ron Brown Selection Committee and are expected toparticipate in several Selection Weekend activities. Scholar-ship winners are selected on the basis of their applications,interviews and participation in Selection Weekend activities.
De o he volme of applicaions, he Ron Brown ScholarProgram is only able o noify sdens who move on o heseminalis and nalis ronds of he compeiion.
Applicatio Deadlie
The Ron Brown Scholar Program currently has two deadlinesfor applications (students must be current high school seniorsat the time of their application):
November 1s (posmarked)
—application will be consideredfor the Ron Brown Scholar Program and forwarded to a selectand limited number of additional colleges and scholarshipproviders. Students must still apply to any colleges orfor scholarship programs in which they are interested.
Janary 9h (posmarked)
—nal deadline
in order to beconsidered for only the Ron Brown Scholar Program.Application materials must be mailed in one packet. Tran-scripts and letters of recommendation should not be sentunder separate cover. SAT/ACT scores must be included onthe application at the time it is mailed.
Incomplee, e-mailedor faxed applicaions will no be considered.
Only semi-naliss and naliss will be noied by heRon Brown Scholar Program ofce in March.
Winners of the scholarship will be notied by April 1st and names willbe posted on the Ron Brown Scholar Program web site, nolater than May 1st.
Scholarship Coditios
Ron Brown scholarships may be used to supplementbenets from the college or university a student plans toattend. Students may use the scholarship to cover thecosts of tuition, fees, books, room and board, computers,health insurance, study abroad and other college-relatedexpenses.For further information, please contact:
Ron Brown Scholar Program1160 Pepsi Place, Suite 206Charlottesville, VA 22901Phone: 434 964 1588Fax: 434 964 1589
Ron Brown Scholar Program Applicaion
(This application may be photocopied)
REtuRN tO: Ron Brown Scholar Program, 1160 Pepsi Place, Sie 206, Charloesville, VA 22901
Social Secriy NmberIf non-u.S. Ciizen, please provide yor u.S. Permanen Residen Card Nmber__________________________________________
CheCk One:
I am submitting my application by
November 1s (posmarked)
of my senior year in high school in order to be considered for the RonBrown Scholar Program and to have my application materials forwarded to a select and limited number of additional colleges and scholar-ship providers. I understand that I am still responsible for applying to all colleges and for scholarship programs in which I am interested.I am submitting my application by
Janary 9h (posmarked)
of my senior year in high school in order to be considered for only the RonBrown Scholar Program.
Applicans ms be u.S. ciizens or permanen residens, Black or African American and crren high school seniors a he ime of heirapplicaion. College sdens are no eligible o apply. Applicaion maerials ms be sbmied in one packe. transcrips and leers of recommendaion shold no be sen nder separae cover. SAt/ACt scores ms be inclded on he applicaion a he ime i is mailed.Incomplee, e-mailed or faxed applicaions will no be considered.
Are yo a u.S. Ciizen?
SAt Sbjec tess (opional)
Writing __________________________ Math ___________________________ Other __________________________
 Score/Date Score/Date Subject/Score/Date
AP /IB tess (opional)
_______________________ _______________________
Subject/Score Subject/Score
______ ______ ______ ______
Date V/CR Math Writing
______ ______ ______ ______
Date V/CR Math Writing
PERSOnA DATA (Type or prit i black or blue ik oly.)
Permanen Address __________________________________________________________________________________________
Last First Middle Male/FemaleCity State Zip
Fll Legal Name
 Date of Birth Telephone # Cell # E-Mail Address
High School
 Name StreetCity State Zip
Lis below yor scores and daes yo have aken or will ake he following
(you may submit SAT or ACT):
______ ______ ______ ______
Date V/CR Math Writing
________________________ ________________________
Composite Score/Writing Score/Date Composite Score/Writing Score/Date
Name ________________________________________________ Title _______________________________________________School _______________________________________ State________ Telephone___________________ FAX _______________
Applicant’s Name ______________________________________________ Cum. GPA ____________________________
Class Rank ______________________________________ Class Size ______________________________________If rank is not available, please approximate the student’s position to the nearest tenth from the top and/or provide a grade distribu-tion for the class ____________________.
Do you weight the grades or exclude certain courses to determine rank and/or GPA? ___________________________________If yes, please provide us with a key to this information if it is not already available on the transcript.
Of this candidate’s graduating class, approximately _________ percent will attend a four-year college.
Please submit an ofcial transcript with most current semester courseload and school prole with application materials. Allapplication materials must be submitted in one packet.
Faxed or emailed applicaions will no be acceped.

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