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Network 0609

Network 0609

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Published by greenpeaceuk
Greenpeace Network newsletter June/July 2009
Greenpeace Network newsletter June/July 2009

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Published by: greenpeaceuk on Jun 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newsletter for Greenpeace activists
June/July 2009
Clockwise from main picture: A Greenpeace activist greets diners with a spoof Nobu menu containing dishes made from other species that are as endangered as bluefin, eg Siberian Tiger, Gorilla and Polar Bear / Sugababe Amelle poses with Greenpeace activists, telling Nobu to take bluefin off the menu / Comedy actor Jack Black and friends enter the restaurant clutching a spoof menu / Clean graffiti –created by cleaning away dirt instead of painting over it –appears outside Nobu.
© Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace© Dennis Gill© Dennis Gill
NEWS UPDATE: A Greenpeace direct communication tells Nobu to stop serving bluefin tuna
Greenpeace activists visited London Nobu restaurants –part owned by Robert De Niro –to stop it serving bluefin tuna. Activistsused bluefin silhouettes to ask celebrity diners on Nobu’s first floor restaurants to tell Nobu to take bluefin off the menu. Nobuknows that bluefin tuna is just as endangered as gorilla, rhino and tiger, yet is still serving the species.
It will take about 2,000 people to form the human chain around the current power station at Kingsnorth in Kent.Above: A Greenpeace artist paints the manga of Junichi and Toru.Below: Wish ribbons saying ‘justice’ and ‘truth’ are tied to the trees.
A Big IF around Miliband
Emma Gibson, climate campaign
‘The era of unabated coal is over’. This was the positive message from Climate andEnergy Minister, Ed Miliband, on 23 April –the same day that he announced a reviewof UK coal policy.So, good news and a big success for coal campaigners. The review is due to begin inJune and includes the following proposals:
Any new power station must capture the carbon from at least 400 megawatts of its electricity (for Kingsnorth, that represents about a quarter).
The technology of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) should be proven by 2020.
All new power stations must capture all of their carbon by 2025 if thetechnology is ready.Although these proposals are the initial steps towards a genuinely coherent climateand energy policy, they are still a long way from being assured. And as they stand,they are not nearly enough to safeguard the climate. Even with a quarter of its carboncaptured, Kingsnorth would still emit around six million tonnes of carbon a year –more than the 25 least polluting countries combined.We now need to push the government to demand that all CO
emissions from dirtycoal plants like Kingsnorth are stopped from the very first day of operation. In orderto achieve this, Greenpeace is getting involved with two different projects, alongsideother organisations including Oxfam, RSPB, the World Development Movement andthe Women’s Institute.First the
Big IF
will see individuals taking pledges. Each pledge will tell Ed Milibandwhat action each person will take if Ed gives the go-ahead to dirty coal at Kingsnorth.Secondly, for the
, thousands of people will link hands around Kingsnorth inopposition to dirty coal.
Join the Mili-Band on Saturday 4 July at Kingsnorth power station.
Show Ed Miliband that we won’t go away until UK energy policy truly protects the climate.For more details and to book your place visit www.greenpeace.org.uk/milibandBring your friends… we need 2,000 people to make the Mili-Band work!
Wishes for the Tokyo Two
Willie Mackenzie, oceans campaign
The two Japanese activists Junichi and Toru arestill awaiting trial and facing imprisonment inJapan for their part in exposing theembezzlement of whale meat from the Japanesegovernment’s whaling programme last year.So, Greenpeace volunteers paid another visit tothe Japanese embassy in London last month.Having collected hundreds of messages of support for the Tokyo Two on Japanese ribbons,we tied the ribbons to two trees to createwishing trees. We then took these traditionalJapanese symbols of hope to the embassy topresent to the Japanese ambassador. Meanwhile,we recreated the story of the Tokyo Two in agiant manga style mural, opposite the embassy.This direct communication took place to tell theJapanese government that Junichi and Toru mustreceive genuine justice.This has become a politically motivatedprosecution designed to distract attention fromthe real crime, the embezzlement of whale meatfrom a supposedly scientific whaling programme,but the world is now watching.Thanks to all who helped by showing their support.We generated over 2,200 emails to the Japaneseembassy calling for Justice for the Tokyo Two.
Sebastian Seeney, Bethnal Green’sNetwork Coordinator is lookingforward to working at Glastonburyagain this year.
How did you get involvedwith Greenpeace?
I drifted in and out of involvement for a few years. Then, when I moved to London afteruniversity, I decided that I should get morepermanently involved. So I joined my localnetwork, which at the time was Islington, andhave never looked back. Last year I became areanetworker for North East London and I’m now thearea networker for Bethnal Green.
What have been the best moments?
Getting people to sign up to Give Coal the Bootat festivals and London fairs last summer wasgreat fun. People are so much more relaxedand up for talking in a festival environment.And, of course, everyone showed lots of enthusiasm when it came to making bootprintsin paint. Glastonbury is always an annualhighlight which I think everyone involved looksforward to.
What campaign success would you mostlike to see?
I’d love to see an end to the government beingobsessed with the idea of developing coal andnuclear. They need to realise that alternativesalready exist and that this is where the time andmoney should be going.
What’s new with the Bethnal Greennetwork?
We’ll be celebrating our first year in Augustwhich is great. The first year has been really good,the network has been growing nicely and we’vebeen pretty active. We’re all hoping that oursecond year will be even better. There’s so muchenthusiasm within the network that I’m sureit will be!
Sebastian in the garden at Canonbury Villas.
Sipson… the new Chelsea?
Anna Jones, climate campaign
The Airplot allotment launched at the beginning of May with celebrity guests andgardening experts. Richard Briers, the man who brought allotments to the attentionof millions in 70s TV sensation The Good Life joined Gardeners World presenter, AlysFowler and Garden Organic, to officially open the Airplot allotment. Richard Briersplanted carrots, saying he would send one to each cabinet member every year untilthe ‘daft’ plans for expansion are dropped. Alys and Garden Organic planted twobeautiful Bright Future apple trees, to symbolise a more sustainable future world. AndB&Q, one of a growing number of major UK businesses publicly opposing the thirdrunway, showed their support by donating all the equipment.Following this, on Bank Holiday Monday, we transported hundreds of plants from theChelsea Flower Show to Heathrow villages, teaming up with top Chelsea gardendesigner Tom Hoblyn, guerrilla gardener Richard Reynolds, activists from Plane Stupidand local residents. Four beautiful guerrilla gardens sprung up in the sunshine, incolourful defiance of BAA’s plans. Local resident Linda described them as ‘symbols of the life and the resilience in our communities that will eventually defeat BAA and thegovernment who have pushed this expansion.’But it’s not only plants that have been growing. Resistance to the runway continuesto increase. Over 45,000 people have now signed up to become beneficial owners of the Airplot, including around 50 MPs from all parties. As well as business leadersvoicing their opposition, Sir Nicholas Stern, one of the government’s top advisors,indicated that he thought the the government had made the wrong decision onHeathrow. Speaking at the Hay Festival, he said the decision was not in line with theGovernment’s wider climate and transport policy.
Write and ask your MP to become a beneficial owner of Airplot.
Don’t forget to let your local network coordinator know if you get a response.Visit www.greenpeace.org.uk/airplotmp to write to your MP.
Contact your local gardening/allotment society.
Ask them to twin their allotments with the Airplot allotment, give Airplot a mentionin their newsletter or even send carrots to the cabinet to demand a stop to Heathrowexpansion now.
The plants used by gardeners at the Chelsea Flower Show are usually destroyed. By replanting them in villages around the proposed third runway site at Heathrow, activists and local residents are highlighting the destruction airport expansion would cause.

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