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The Relationship of Parenting Styles on the Level of the Adol Peer Intimacy

The Relationship of Parenting Styles on the Level of the Adol Peer Intimacy

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Published by: Krystal Yvez Beverino Cruz on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This survey is not a test, there are no right or wrong answers. You are to answersaccording to how you feel about the statements by encircling your answer from the choices given.Choices would be SA, A, D & SDSA
Strongly AgreeA -AgreeD -DisagreeSD- Strongly Disagree1. My parents oblige me to bring a chaperon whenever I go out at night friends or on a date.SA A D SD2. I wish my parents were more open with suggestions.SA A D SD3. My parents are often busySA A D SD4. I am not given space by my parents to explore new thingsSA A D SD5. I am free to wear anything I want to wearSA A D SD6. I continue in making rules and regulations at homeSA A D SD7. My parents set aside time for recreational activities/leisure for my family (e.g. movies, picnics,vacations, etc)SA A D SD8. My parents are not strict al all. They believe that I learn on best when left alone.SA A D SD9. My parents are very strict with the way they discipline me.SA A D SD10. I wish my parents were more understandingSA A D SD11. My parents are pre occupied with other things, to check on my activities.SA A D SD12. My parents give me everything I need and I wantSA A D SD13. My parents do not extent much power in disciplining meSA A D SD14. My parents allow me to speak up or reason outSA A D SD15. My parents are not aware of what I am doingSA A D SD
16. I am not given responsibility to make decisions on my ownSA A D SD17. I have to ask my parents permission for every thing that I do.SA A D SD18. I wish I had more freedom to do things which I want.SA A D SD19. My parents are always there when I need themSA A D SD20. I am free to make decisions entirety on my own.SA A D SD21. I should strictly follow the curfew time set by my parents.SA A D SD22. I wish that my parents were more open-minded.SA A D SD23. My parents give me full responsibility on what ever decisions I make.SA A D SD
24. I am one of my parent’s priorities
.SA A D SD25. My parents have influence over the sexual gestures or activities that I engage inSA A D SD26. My parents give me reasonable freedom.SA A D SD27. My parents are too busy to set rules and regulations at homeSA A D SD28. My parents make it appoint to help me when problem arise.SA A D SD29. My parents allow me to engage in sexual behavior such as holding hands, hugging, kissing, necking,etcSA A D SD30. The rules that my parents set are negotiable.SA A D SD31. My parent finds time to check on my activities.SA A D SD32. When I was young, my parents made me assignments entirely on my own.SA A D SD33. I am free to do whatever I want to doSA A D SD34. My parents are not to strict nor too lax in disciplining me.SA A D SD35. MY parents do not care at all about me.SA A D SD36 My parents decide for me.

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