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The Relationship of Parenting Styles on the Levels of the Adolescents Peer Intimacy

The Relationship of Parenting Styles on the Levels of the Adolescents Peer Intimacy

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Published by: Krystal Yvez Beverino Cruz on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name (Optional): Age:Gender:Do you have parents whom you can talk and negotiate with? Do your parents believe in yourmaking of choices for yourself? Do your parents always have the last says? Take this and find out the
parenting style of your parents. How do they react when…(encircle *O+ your choice of answer)
You refuse to eat the cake and cookies your grandmother brought on a weekend visit? Yourp
arent will…
Allow you to go out of the hose or do what ever you want.b.
Make you eat the cake and cookies.c.
Talk to you and remind you to good manners and right conduct.2.
bedtime, you happen to sleep in on bedroom with your parents, and you tell your parentthat you have to use the bathroom. Your parent will
Allow you to go and use the bathroom no matter how long it will take.b.
tell you to go to bed, no matter whatc.
Tell you to go 15 mins. Before bedtime.3.
Your parents is doing the grocery shopping with you and you keep on insisting that he/she buysyour favorite pack of chocolates.a.
Buy you that pack of chocolates.b.
Grab you and leave the supermarket.c.
say ”no” and continue with the groceries
You are upset and you throw everything you see in front of you. You shout at everyone in the
house. Your parents will…
give you what you want because your parents doesn’t want to hear you cry
get upset and will yell at you to calm you downc.
Wait till you calm down, then talk to you regarding your problem.5.
You want to listen to tapes which play alternatives rock music that your parent is notcomfortable with. Your
parent will…
buy you the tapesb.
forbid the tapesc.
talk to you and find a tape you both are comfortable with6.
You have misbehavior in school. Your
parent will most likely…
Brush it off and
say “teens
are teens.”
you and call you a “bad girl/boy.”
talk to you and find out why you have been misbehaving7.
You want watch an R-18 movie, but you are under 18.
Your parent will…
let you watch what you want to watchb.
firmly say no and tell you that you’re too young to understand
tell you that he/she is uncomfortable with you, seeing this movie ad suggest one that yourparent agrees with8.
Your room is messy and untidy.
Your parent will…
help you clean upb.
yell and tell you to clean up
give you a time limit and take away a privilege9.
You make up a story and lie to your parent.
Your parent will…
let you fantasize, he/she know the truth anywayb.
tell you that you’re a liar and send you to your room
Tell you to trust him/her. he/she knows the truth and he/she needs to know the truth oneverything10.
Your parent is on a business call and you are listening to your favorite song on the radio in a veryloud tone.
Your parent will…
end the call and call laterb.
excuse himself/herself to the caller and grab you and send you to your roomc.
give you something to clean or fix, to quiet you down while he/she finishes his/her call11.
You want to play the drums but your parents want you to play the piano.
Your parent will…
let you play the drumsb.
make you play the pianoc.
will visit the music store and find another solution12.
Your parents has invited over for his/her boss
your parent will…
no need to remind you on behaviorb.
warn you to behave properlyc.
ask you to do something else to keep occupied13.
You had a fight with your classmate. Your parent will most likely
do nothing about it, fights really happenb.
scold you and make feel badc.
show you and explain the bad effect of fighting14.
You forgot to do something important, that your parent had ask
ed you to do. He/She will…
let it go, you’ll remember it next time
get upset and treat you so bad you’ll remember it next time
set up a calendar to help you be more responsible15.
When your parent confronts you
about bad behavior, He/She will…
asks and accepts any responseb.
stand tall and look down on you to intimidate youc.
meets at your level and talks using eye-to-eye contact16.
You used marker and other art material; to draw and paint on your bedroom wall. Your parent
think that you have artistic skillsb.
get mad, hide all the markers and art materials and ground youc.
Show his/her disapproval and let you clean you walls17.
How often you parents get angry with you
rarely b. daily c. on occasion18.
You had a nightmare and instead of going to bed, you turned
the TV on. Your parent will…
let you be, when you’re not scared anymore, you can go back to bed
yell from his/her room for you to get back to bed, and quickc.
get up, comforts you and tuck you in19.
If asked to name how many rules there in your home, you would…
nameless than fiveb.
say there’s too many to count
name between 5-1020.
What are the greatest values you think you parents would want to instill in you?a.
self-regulation and freedom of speechb.
obedience and respect for authorityc.
respect and the art of negotiation

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