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Sermon on Psalm Thirty Three

Sermon on Psalm Thirty Three

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Published by glennpease


' ' The Earth is full of the Goodness of the Lord. By the Word of the
Lord were the Heavens made ; and all the Hosts of them by the Breath
of His Mouth." — Psalm xxxiii. 5, 6.


' ' The Earth is full of the Goodness of the Lord. By the Word of the
Lord were the Heavens made ; and all the Hosts of them by the Breath
of His Mouth." — Psalm xxxiii. 5, 6.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SERMO O PSALM THIRTY THREEW. J. STRACEY' ' The Earth is full of the Goodness of the Lord. By the Word of theLord were the Heavens made ; and all the Hosts of them by the Breathof His Mouth." — Psalm xxxiii. 5, 6.THIS seems to be a psalm of praise to God, foundedupon His Creation and Preservation ; first, of theworld in general ; and secondly, of man in particular.We may well believe that the psalmist had under hiseye at the moment the first chapter of our Bible, inwhich is related how God made all things in the begin-ning. And if we look at this psalm with this thoughtbefore our minds, we shall see how many referencesthere seem to be in it to God's work of Creation, withexpressions of a deeper understanding of the great work than others had possessed before David. Thus, to takethe first words of my text, " The Earth is full of theGoodness of the Lord:" it was out of the fulness of His love and goodness that God in the Beginning madethis world, and all things in it, surrounding Himself with life in various forms and of various capacities,which need never have been. And when He lookeddown upon it before the work began, it was all " with-IT WAS VERY GOOD. 6 1out form, and void ; and darkness sat upon the face of the deep." Then, as this psalm expresses it in the 9thverse, " He spake, and it was done : He commanded,and it stood fast." In six periods of time, which areeach called " Days," but which may have been days of one thousand or of ten thousand years in length, asman reckons time ; for " with the Lord one day is asa thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,"God called into being, not only this solid earth on which
we live, gathering it out of one universal sea, but allthe things, living or inanimate, with which the earthand the sea abound now, finishing His work in theCreation of man "after His own image and likeness."And true it was " the earth was full of the goodness of the Lord;" for all things, as they came originally freshfrom their Maker's hands, were pronounced by Him whois All-perfect to be " very good." We find it recordedfive times over, " God saw that it was good ;" and at theconclusion of all His work, after man's creation, it isonce more repeated, " God saw everything that He hadmade, and, behold, it was very good." We must everbear in mind that whatever evil exists in the worldnow — and we all know how many and great evils' thereare on every side of us — yet as God made all thingsin the Beginning there was nothing of all this. It wasthe introduction of sin into the world which marred theperfection of God's work. God's curse rested even uponthe ground for man's sin. By sin man lost the perfect62 * PSALM XXXIII.image in himself of his Creator's mind and form, andhe became corrupt, of the earth, earthy ; liable to num-berless pains, and evils, and sicknesses, and finally todeath, as the sum and conclusion of all evil : " For Godmade not death in the Beginning;" but man brought itupon himself by the poison of sin, which he took intohimself.But even now, though we see not the world freshand good as it came from its Maker's hands ; so farfrom it, still how true is it that even now, " the earthis full," or even more full than it was at first, " of thegoodness of the Lord." God's eye and hand are over usfor good wherever we are and wherever we go. "Hemaketh His sun to rise on the evil as well as on thegood." Every blessing we enjoy, every alleviation of 
the sorrows and sufferings of the world, bright hopesand peaceful days, when they come — all are His freeand undeserved gift and goodness towards us. Everydanger we escape day by day is by His Care and Pro-vidence over us. If the} r were for a moment with-drawn from us, we might be scorched by unbearablerays of the Sun, or destroyed by a severity of cold, ordrowned by a Flood of waters. The very changes winchso commonly take place one day with another may atleast remind us that at any moment cold or heat inexcessive degrees might overtake us, were it not that"the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord." Bynight and by day, in summer and winter, He shieldsALL THIGS WERE MADE BY HIM. 63us, guides us with His eye, strengthens our hands towork, and blesses our labours past and over, and in allways and in all things never forgets us, because it is sotrue a fact that " the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord."Let us look at the very next words which followthese : " By the Word of the Lord were the Heavensmade ; and all the Hosts of them by the Breath (Spirit)of His mouth." We as Christians know who is spe-cially denoted in Scripture by the title of " the Word."S. John begins his gospel by connecting the creationof the world with our Saviour — the Word of God : "Inthe besinnintj* was the Word, and the Word was withGod, and the Word was God. The same was in thebeginning with God. All things were made oy Him ;and without Him was not anything made that wasmade." From this passage principally it is thatthose words are derived in our creed — the icene ;relating not to the Father Almighty, as they are some-times carelessly made to do, but to our Lord JesusChrist, " by Whom all things were made, Who for us

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