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Earth was Fine Tuned to Exact and Precise Specific Optimum Conditions to support & sustain Life ..

Earth was Fine Tuned to Exact and Precise Specific Optimum Conditions to support & sustain Life ..

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Published by Errol Smythe
Earth was Fine Tuned to exact and Precise Specific Optimum Conditions..
Earth was Fine Tuned to exact and Precise Specific Optimum Conditions..

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Published by: Errol Smythe on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earth had to be prepared by GOD beforeLife could exist on earth
The Holy Bible is The Absolute of all True Bible Believers.The Holy Bible is The Word of GOD written by Divine Inspiration.About 40 Holy Men who were under Divine Inspiration wrote The HolyBible.The Holy Bible is a Sealed Book to the unbeliever. [ See
Daniel 12:4 ;
Isaiah 29:11-12 ;
Revelation 5: 2 ;
Revelation 10:2 etc ].No Scripture is of Private Interpretation. [ See 2
Peter 1;20 ].Scripture interprets Scripture.The True Believers believe The hole Bible from cover to cover, fromGenesis to Revelation.The Holy Bible is The Only HOLY BOOK that tells humanity, "…who weare , where we come from and where we are going to…".Atheists and other sections of Society have expressed doubts about TheHoly Bible as a Legitimate source of reputable and reliable information.Some people have insulted The Holy Scriptures.Atheists have blasphemed GOD and mocked and scoffed The Holy Bible.We submit that The Holy Bible is a Legitimate source of reputable andreliable information.We submit with that : "…The Holy Bible is an anvil that has worn outmany hammers…".The HOLY BIBLE is The Only HOLY BOOK that correctly reveals The DIETYand The HUMANITY of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach The Lord Jesus Christ is TheOnly Begotten SON of YHWH GOD.GOD is Real. GOD Exists.GOD Exists in His Word. GOD Exists in His SON Yeshua Ha-Mashiach TheLord Jesus Christ.GOD Exists in His Creation.GOD Exists in His people.GOD has no beginning and GOD has no End.
Eternity has no beginning and Eternity has no end.GOD is Eternal.GOD dwells in Eternity.GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever. [ See
Hebrews 13:8 ].GOD always Existed. GOD Existed before time began. There is no time inEternity..!GOD is The Great I AM.GOD is not subject to time.Eternity is not subject to time.Eternity has no beginning and no end.GOD has no beginning and GOD has no end."… Who only hath IMMORTALITY, Dwelling in The LIGHT which no man canapproach unto; Whom no man hath seen: to Whom be honourand power everlasting. Amen…". [ 1
Timothy 6:16 ].
"… this then is The MESSAGE which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you ,that GOD is Light , and in Him is no darkness at all..". [ 1 John 1:5 ].Amen !"… GOD is Light and in Him is no darkness at all…". [ 1
1:5 ].
The Creation of heaven and Earth
Genesis 1:2 we read that The earth was void and empty with no lifeand was covered with water..
"…In the beginning GOD Created the heaven and the earth…".In
Psalm 8:1 we read :"… When I consider Thy heavens, the moon and the stars , which Thouhast ordained ;…".Notice… David associate the moon and the stars with heaven…What was David doing ?David was standing on earth..It was night time and David was looking atthe moon and the stars.The same moon and stars that you and I see on clear night.David saw the moon. David saw the stars.So in Genesis 1:1 when we read "…In the beginning GOD Created theheaven and the earth…". We know what The Bible is talking about.We know that in Genesis 1:1 that the sun, the moon , the space dust, the
asteroids, the meteors, the stars, the planets, the galaxies , the universeetc were all part of the heaven and were seated in the beginning togetherwith planet earth.Of all the planets in the vast universe , we see that an abundance of diverse life forms exist on planet earth.Science has looked for life on other planets and have found none.Science has sent mobile robots to Mars to take rock samples of Mars andanalyse the samples on Mars and beam the results back to earth.In Genesis 1:2-31 , we see that Creation process is centred on planetearth.
So called simple and complex Life Forms
We read in Genesis 1:2-31 that GOD took measures to prepare planetearth for all the different so called simple and complex life forms that Hewould create on earth.Now why do we say so called simple and complex life forms ?Because all life forms are complex.All Life forms have Life.Unicellular organism have unicellular Life.Multicellular organisms have Multicellular Life.Algae has algae Life , after their kind.Insects have insect Life, after their Kind.Ants have Ant Life , after their Kind.Bees have Bee Life, after their Kind.Spiders have Spider Life , after their Kind.Crustaceans have Crustacean Life , after their kind.Fish have fish Life, after their kind.Whales have whale life, after their kind.Birds have Bird Life, after their Kind.Animals have animal life after their kind.Cold Blooded animals have Life, after their kind.Warm blooded animals have Life, after their kind.Reptiles have Reptile Life, after their Kind.Mammals have Mammal Life, after their kind.

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