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ABB Low Voltage Switch Gear MNS

ABB Low Voltage Switch Gear MNS

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Published by Mohsen Mouralli
Low Voltage Switch Gear MNS
Low Voltage Switch Gear MNS

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Published by: Mohsen Mouralli on Aug 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Low Voltage Switchgear MNSSystem Overview
 Automation Products
Inroduction to the MNS System
| LV Switchgear MNS
 ABB is the global leader for production of a wide range oflow voltage energy distribution systems.
In 1992 ABB started operations in Baltic States. Low volta-ge systems actory in Keila (Estonia), oers to its customersa wide choice o switchgear systems inclusive o the MNSsystem.Permanently developing the product range, ABB draws wealtho background experience in project management and lowvoltage switchgear manuacturing or its customers, as well asoers a great command o state-o-the-art technologies. The MNS low voltage switchgear system is designed and builtto be the heart o any modern, highly automated motor cont-rol or power distribution system. The consistent application o the modular principle both inelectrical and mechanical design as well as the use o stan-dardized components allows its lexible and compact design.Depending on customer requirements, operating and environ-mental conditions dierent design levels are available.System saety is conrmed with plenty o type-tests accordingto IEC 60439-1 such as: verication o temperature rise limits,verication o dielectric properties, verication o the short-circuitwithstand strength, verication o the eectiveness o the pro-tective circuit, verication o clearances and creepage distances,verication o mechanical operation, verication o the degree o protection. In addition ABB adopted as a standard IEC 61641 ortesting under conditions o arcing due to an internal ault. Earth-quake-, vibration- and shock-proo designs are available.
It is no surprise that the MNS system is the benchmark for operational safety, reliability and quality.
MNS proves to have the approved solutions or pulp andpaper, metal and petrochemical industry, power stations,shipbuilding industry and marine applications, and also orinrastructure objects (such as waste water treatment plants,airports, hospitals, data centres, etc.)
Safety, unique design and innovativeness of the MNSsystem, as well as global service and support network ensure that the choice of MNS will be the right decision.
Inroduction to the MNS System
LV Switchgear MNS |
Switchgear Design
Switchgear Design
 The MNS switchgear is divided into separate equipment, bus-bar and cable compartments. The design solutions used clearly decrease the possibility o damages occurring to components inside the switchgear. Inthe unlikely event o arcing, damage is localized in the com-partment where the arc occurred. This allows ast repair andrecommissioning o the switchgear. The basic elements o the MNS rame construction are “C”shaped steel proles with a 25 mm (=1Е) hole pitch accordingto DIN 43660. The proles are galvanic protected (Zn or Al/Zn)against corrosion. The assembly is maintenance ree.MNS switchboard enclosure is made o sheet steel protectedby galvanic coating and powder coating or maximum dura-bility. Final construction varies depending upon the requireddegree o protection (IP) In accordance with the generalsaety philosophy ollowed with MNS, each compartment andsub-compartment which requires access or commissioning,operation or maintenance, has its own door. The MNS main busbar system is arranged in the rear o theswitchgear in the busbar compartment. This assures a ma-ximum distance between the busbars and the operator andmaintenance sta. Special astening method guaranties saeconnections during the whole lie cycle without the need o additional tightening. Main busbars are divided into sectionsdepending on transportation units. Main busbars can be ma-nuactured rom aluminium or copper. As option ully insulatedsolution utilizing heat shrinkable sleeving is available.Copper or aluminium (optional) distribution busbars run verticallythe ull height o the cubicle and are used or eeding o outgoingmodules. In case o withdrawable module solution distributionbusbars are manuactured rom silver plated copper and embed-ded into a multiunction wall. The multiunction wall is a uniqueMNS design. It constitutes a complete barrier between the mainbusbars and the equipment compartment. The distribution barsare ully phase segregated and insulated. This design makes itvirtually impossible or an arc to pass between distribution barphases or between main busbars and equipment compartment.
System highlights:Maintenance free busbar construction
Easy switchgear extension
Main busbar arrangement at the rear thus assuring
maximum saety to personneleective withstand against highest stresses in case o short circuitoptimum heat dissipation
Gas tight seals for connection from the equipment
compartment to the main busbars systemOption for Form 4 separation for both incoming and
outgoing assemblies Active and passive arc fault prevention tested accor-
ding to IEC 61641Isolating materials are free of CFC and halogens
Installation of busbars (from left to right: busbar cover, distributionbusbars, multifunctional wall, main busbars)MNS frame with copper main busbars and L-shaped silver coateddistribution busbars for withdrawable modules

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