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Published by Neeraʆ Kumar

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Published by: Neeraʆ Kumar on Sep 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name of Student 
1 NEW DELHI Abhilash Kumar Sinha C B C A- A- C C C- A 7.45 PASS2 NEW DELHI Alisha Angik C C C C C B C C- C 6.27 PASS3 NEW DELHI Ambika Abhinandiani A A C B B- B- C C C 7.33 PASS4 NEW DELHI Ananyaa Mital A- A- A A A A A A A- 9.75 PASS5 NEW DELHI Anukriti Vyas C F C- C- C- C- C A- B- Reexam in EOT6 NEW DELHI Anuradha Singh A C C C- B- C C- C B- 6.24 PASS7 NEW DELHI Arjun Narang A- B C C A- C- B- A- C- 6.84 PASS8 NEW DELHI Ekta A B C B C C- A- C- C- 6.75 PASS9 NEW DELHI Fine Ranch A- B A A A A A A A 9.71 PASS10 NEW DELHI Geetan Gill C C- C- C- C- C- C- C- A- 5.37 PASS11 NEW DELHI Kanupriya Kulshrestha A C- C C C- C C C- C- 5.84 PASS12 NEW DELHI Kashish A- C C B C B- A A- C 7.08 PASS13 NEW DELHI Kaushal Kumar Singh C C- C- C A A C- B- C- 6.86 PASS14 NEW DELHI Khanimphi Luikham B- C- A A- A- B A A- A- 8.49 PASS15 NEW DELHI Kunal Ashish B B- C B C B B B C- 7.02 PASS16 NEW DELHI Kutubuddin Khan B C B- B- C A C C C 7.06 PASS17 NEW DELHI Lovleen Kaur C B- C- C C C- C- C- C 5.69 PASS18 NEW DELHI Madhavi Singh B A- A- C A- B- A- A- A 8.24 PASS19 NEW DELHI Mannat Sethi A B- A A A A C A- A 9.29 PASS20 NEW DELHI Manvi Kapoor A B- C A- C C A A B- 7.37 PASS21 NEW DELHI Monika Singh A- B B A- B B- A- B- C 7.94 PASS22 NEW DELHI Nanrita Sarkar B B- A B- C- C A- A C- 7.18 PASS23 NEW DELHI Navneet Singh B- C B- C B- C C- C B- 6.37 PASS
S. No. CentreSGPAResultNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGYController of Examination-Head OfficeFashion Design-III (B. Des)Final result of session July-Dec-2011
24 NEW DELHI Nishant Kumar B C C B- B- C- B- C- C- 6.24 PASS25 NEW DELHI Nishant Raj B B B- C- C B C B A 7.06 PASS26 NEW DELHI Payal Pritam C C C- B C C- C C C- 5.92 PASS27 NEW DELHI Prakshi Sachdeva A- A- B B- B- B B- C B- 7.63 PASS28 NEW DELHI Radhika Jain C C C- C C C C- D C- 5.61 PASS29 NEW DELHI Rohit Kumar REPEAT SEMESTER30 NEW DELHI Saumya B A B C- C B C C C- 6.98 PASS31 NEW DELHI Saurabh Kumar C B B- C A A B C- A 8.08 PASS32 NEW DELHI Srishti Gupta Roy B A- B- B C A C A B 7.88 PASS33 NEW DELHI Vidushi B B B C C B- C C A- 7.06 PASS34 NEW DELHI Yoonji Lee C- C- C C- C- C- C- B- B- 5.39 PASS35 BENGALURU Abhinita Mishra C- B B C- B- B A A- A 7.55 PASS36 BENGALURU Akhila Unnikrishnan C C A B C C C- B C 6.94 PASS37 BENGALURU Alka Kusum C- C- B C C B- B- C- C 6.33 Moderated Pass38 BENGALURU Aman Jain C- C- A- B- B- B C- C- C- 6.73 Moderated Pass39 BENGALURU Ankit Kumar C- C- A A B A- B C A- 8.25 PASS40 BENGALURU Ankita Kayal B C- B A- C C B- B B- 7.02 PASS41 BENGALURU Divya B C- B B C C B- C- C- 6.59 PASS42 BENGALURU Ekta Argal B- C C A- C B- A- A A 7.39 PASS
43 BENGALURU Harshini Ramani A- B B- A B C A A A 8.29 PASS44 BENGALURU Himanshi Gogia B C- C C B B- B B A 7.02 PASS45 BENGALURU Jayant Yadav D C- C C C- B C- C- C 5.80 PASS46 BENGALURU Kumari Shalini B B- A- A A- A A A B- 8.98 PASS47 BENGALURU Lia Joseph, E. C C- A B- A- C C- C B 7.22 PASS48 BENGALURU Maithili, D. C- C- C- C- B- C C- C- C- 5.47 PASS49 BENGALURU Meenu Susan Joseph B- A- A C B- B- C B B 7.59 PASS50 BENGALURUNamitha AchandiraB C C A A B- A- B A- 8.08 PASS51 BENGALURU Nikita Prasad C C- C B- C C A- B- C 6.31 PASS52 BENGALURU Oshin T. S. R C C A C B- C C C B 6.94 PASS53 BENGALURU Parinav Badal D C- C- C C C C- C- C 5.49 PASS54 BENGALURU Priya Kumari C A B B A A A- C A- 8.82 PASS55 BENGALURU Priyanka Menon C C C- F C- F D C- C Reexam in PM 1 GC 1 SDT-156 BENGALURU Puja Dinesh Mapxencar D C- C- C B C B C C- 6.00 PASS57 BENGALURU Rachana Nayak A B A A- A A A A A- 9.53 PASS58 BENGALURU Rina Kumari B A- B B A A B A- B 8.78 PASS59 BENGALURU Saumya Sharma C- C- C C- C- C- C- B B- 5.43 PASS60 BENGALURU Shalini Sinha C C C A- B C A- C B- 7.10 PASS61 BENGALURU Shristi Mukesh Panday C C A B C C A A B- 7.49 PASS62 BENGALURU Shyam Kumar C C- B- B- B A A- C B 7.53 PASS63 BENGALURU Sruthi. P C C C C C B- C B B 6.39 PASS64 BENGALURU Swathidevan. K B- C- C C B- B- C C C 6.25 PASS65 BENGALURU Tanu Mittal C C- B B- A B A- A A 8.00 PASS66 BENGALURU Urvashi Tiwari D F C- C- C- C- C- C F Reexam in EOT PD 167 BENGALURU Veena Vijayan C- C- C- C- C A C- C- B- 6.10 PASS68 BENGALURU Fathima Rajah M.A C A- C- B- B- C A- C- B 6.86 PASS69 BENGALURU Pinky Roy D C- C- C C- C- B D C- 5.29 Moderated Pass70 CHENNAI Aathira S. Mannali B B- B- C C C C C C 6.39 PASS71 CHENNAIAbhimanyu KumarD C C- C- B- C- B- D C- 5.49 PASS72 CHENNAI Achala Ganesan B A B- C C- C C C B- 6.67 PASS73 CHENNAI Akshara Sugadevan C B- C- C- C- C- C- C- B- 5.45 PASS74 CHENNAI Ambika Prasad B B- C- C C B- C- C B 6.31 PASS75 CHENNAI Anushree. A B A B B B- C B B- A 7.88 PASS76 CHENNAI Archana Kujur B B- C C A A C B C- 7.49 PASS77 CHENNAI Arushi Gairola A- B C C- C- C C A- C- 6.14 PASS78 CHENNAI Aslina Yasmin. A A A- C- B- C- A- B- A B- 7.22 PASS79 CHENNAI Asmitha. S C A B- C A C- B A A- 7.65 PASS80 CHENNAI Deepika Anandan A A A C A- A B- B B- 8.67 PASS81 CHENNAI Divesh. V B- A C- C- C- C- C B C- 5.90 PASS82 CHENNAI Joyita Dey B- B- C A B B- A C C- 7.51 PASS83 CHENNAI Jubeena Judi Joe C- C A C B- B B- C- C 7.08 PASS84 CHENNAI Kavitha. V C B- A C B- B- C C- B 7.18 PASS85 CHENNAIKimberley BericiaiD C C- C- C- C- C- C B- 5.25 PASS86 CHENNAI Maryann Francis C A A- C B C B A- A 7.84 PASS87 CHENNAI Namrata Katiyar A- A B- A- B- B- B- C C 7.67 PASS88 CHENNAI Nisha Ann Ashok C- C C- C A- C C- C C- 6.10 PASS89 CHENNAI Oona D. Natesan B A B- B C B A- B- B 7.80 PASS90 CHENNAI Parvathy. C.B A A A A A B A B A- 9.53 PASS91 CHENNAI Payal Basu Thakur B- A B- C B B- C- B- B- 7.20 PASS92 CHENNAI Rafat Jahan C B A C- A- C C- D A 7.33 PASS93 CHENNAI Rohith. M C B A A C A- A B- C- 8.24 PASS94 CHENNAI Sabina Yeasmin B A B- A B B A- A- C 8.35 PASS
95 CHENNAI Sahara Rasheed B A C- A- B A C B B- 8.00 PASS96 CHENNAI Shilpa Kankaria C A- C- B C B- A B B 7.22 PASS97 CHENNAI Sifali Singh B A A A A A- A- B A- 9.49 PASS98 CHENNAI Sonalika Singh B- B B- C- C- B- B C- A 6.73 PASS99 CHENNAI Sumedha Ramanan B- A- C C- C- B C A C- 6.49 PASS100 CHENNAI Kasturi Pradhan B- A A- A C B- C- A C 7.86 PASS101 CHENNAI Richi Gupta C A C B C B- C A B 7.25 PASS102 GANDHINAGAR Aastha Karan C- C A A- B A- B A- C 8.10 PASS103 GANDHINAGAR Akanksha C- A- B B C A- B- C B- 7.55 PASS104 GANDHINAGAR Aniha Agrawal D C- A C- C- C C C B 6.24 PASS105 GANDHINAGAR Arushi Gupta A A- C A- C A A- A A 8.39 PASS106 GANDHINAGAR Ashish Kumar C- C- A A- A- A B B A 8.57 PASS107 GANDHINAGAR Ashutosh Badone C- B- C B B- B C- B C 6.84 PASS108 GANDHINAGAR Charmi Patel B B A B- B C- C A C 7.45 PASS109 GANDHINAGAR Dhrumi Kothari C- B- C- B- C- C- C D C 5.67 PASS110 GANDHINAGAR Hetanshi Patel D C C- C C- C- C- C- C- 5.22 PASS111 GANDHINAGAR Honey Agarwal C C C- F C- C- C- F C- Reexam in PM 1 FS112 GANDHINAGAR Jalpa Shah B- B- B- A C B- B- A C- 7.27 PASS113 GANDHINAGAR Janki Shah C A B- B- A- A- B- B- B 8.00 PASS114 GANDHINAGAR Karandeep Arora D C C- C- C- A- C B- A- 6.16 PASS115 GANDHINAGAR Karishma Patel D B- C C- C- B B- C C- 6.00 PASS116 GANDHINAGAR Kayal Parakh D B- C B C- C C- C- C 6.04 Moderated Pass117 GANDHINAGAR Khushboo Babulkar C A- B- A B C C A B 7.76 PASS118 GANDHINAGAR Khushboo Gandhi C A- B A C B B- A- A- 8.04 PASS119 GANDHINAGAR Mamta Sharma C- B C A B A- A B B- 8.06 PASS120 GANDHINAGAR Mansi Tuli D B- C B B- B C B- C 6.82 PASS121 GANDHINAGAR Meher Jetley C- A C- B- C- C C B C- 6.25 PASS122 GANDHINAGAR Mrinali Sharma C B- C C- C C B- B- A- 6.31 PASS123 GANDHINAGAR Muskaan Gulati C- A- B B- B- B C B- A- 7.51 PASS124 GANDHINAGAR Prakruti Andharia C- A- B- A- C C B C C 7.08 PASS125 GANDHINAGAR Nidhi Sharma C B- A B B- A- C- B- A 7.96 PASS126 GANDHINAGAR Pooja Rawal C A A A- B- C- C A A 8.04 PASS127 GANDHINAGAR Deepak Kumar D A- B B- A C- B- B C 7.33 PASS128 GANDHINAGAR Nancy Bajaj D C- C- C- C- C C- B- C- 5.18 PASS129 GANDHINAGAR Neha Kodwani C C- C C C- C C- D C- 5.49 PASS130 GANDHINAGAR Nimisha Soni C A C A- A A B C A 8.67 PASS131 GANDHINAGAR Nirjara Shah C- C- A- C C- C- A- C- C 6.18 PASS132 GANDHINAGAR Pragyee Jaiman C C- C- B C C C- C A- 6.20 PASS133 GANDHINAGAR Prince Kumar B- A- B- A- A A C- C A- 8.45 PASS134 GANDHINAGAR Prita Singh A B- B B A A A B A- 8.86 PASS135 GANDHINAGAR Priyanka Ramchandani REPEAT SEMESTER136 GANDHINAGAR Ritu Srivastava C- C C C- C C- A C C 5.94 PASS137 GANDHINAGAR Sadhna Mundari C C B- C- B- C- C C C 6.00 PASS138 GANDHINAGAR Sanchi Dhingra F F C- C- B C F F C-Reexam in HDF-I EOT SDT-1FS139 GANDHINAGAR Shagun Shethi C- C C- F C- C- B- D C- Reexam in PM 1140 GANDHINAGAR Shailesh Kumar C- B- A B A A A A- C 8.69 PASS141 GANDHINAGAR Shailja Pathak B A- A B A B B- B B 8.67 PASS142 GANDHINAGAR Shanaya Bajaj C A B- B A- C A C C 7.73 PASS143 GANDHINAGAR Shrunga Mehta D B- C- C C C- C A- C 5.80 PASS144 GANDHINAGAR Shweta Chopra C- B- B B A- B A B- C 7.82 PASS145 GANDHINAGAR Somin Kataria C- B C C C C B- C B- 6.33 PASS

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