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Superman Dark War Part 4

Superman Dark War Part 4

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Published by dlunsford24
On the brink of destruction Superman stands at crossroads. The once Man of Steel must rely on the help of others to oppose a man capable of destroying all.
On the brink of destruction Superman stands at crossroads. The once Man of Steel must rely on the help of others to oppose a man capable of destroying all.

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Published by: dlunsford24 on Sep 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT: LOIS’S CUBICLE DAILY PLANET (CONTINUOUS)Lois inserts the flash drive into her computer. A single fileappears and she clicks to open it. The LexCorp footage of LexLuthor with Deathstroke begins to play.“Catching up on the latest YouTube sensations?”The voice startles her. She turns around to see Clark standingbehind her reading a magazine. She quickly closes with video.Lois: “Just taking a little break.”Clark takes his attention from the magazine.Clark: “What are working on?”Lois looks around to see if anyone is listening.Lois: “Have a seat Clark.”Clark looks puzzled and takes a seat. Lois leans in closer towhisper.Lois: “I met him last night.”Clark: “Met who?”Lois: “
Clark: “Superman?”Lois: “Yes he came to me, my balcony. He wantedto talk.”Clark: “That’s the big break you wanted. What didhe tell you?”Lois: “Everything. Why he’s here, where he camefrom. This is the story Clark. This is PulitzerPrize journalism.”EXT: ULJIN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT-SOUTH KOREACargo truck drives up to front guard gate. Guardsman checksdriver’s clearance and allows truck to enter.
INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING- REACTOR CORE HOLDING AREA(CONTINUOUS)Korean scientists scout the restricted area with haze mat suitscataloging various energy readings.INT: STEAM GENERATOR CONTROL ROOMTechnicians man computer consoles with a large viewing screen atthe room’s front monitoring reactor core temperatures.Lead Technician: “Core temperatures steady?”Steam Technician: “Yes sir”EXT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING-CARGO DOCKCargo truck backs up to loading dock.INT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING- REACTOR CORE HOLDING AREA(CONTINUOUS)One of the scientist checks the time of a nearby wall clock andunassumingly steps away to side console.INT: STEAM GENERATOR CONTROL ROOM (CONTINUOUS)Steam Technician looks at the time of his wrist watch. He thengoes to work at his console quickly maneuvering his way throughbusy screens. He then stands from his area and walks toward theexit.EXT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING-CARGO DOCK
Four workers open the trucks cargo door and before they canreact are jerked into the truck without a sound.INT: STEAM GENERATOR ROOM (CONTINUOUS)The steam technician swiftly walks to one of the generatorcontrol panels opening it to reveal rows of complex circuits.Amongst the complex network a small bulb turns from red togreen. From this bulb, wires lead to a detonator tucked behind acircuit. With tears and fear in his eyes the technician pressesthe button.EXT: REACTOR CONTAINMENT BUILDING-CARGO DOCKThe explosion shakes the entire plant. Deathstroke, a dozenarmed men along with a hooded figure wearing a black cloakemerge from the truck.Deathstroke: “The bell has been rung. Let therevolution begin.”INT: STEAM GENERATOR CONTROL ROOM (CONTINUOUS)Sparks and alarms shake the room as the men attempt to regaincontrol.Lead Technician: “Give me an update!”Steam Technician 2: “The generator is offline!”Lead Technician: “Can we get it back?”

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