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Melissa de La Cruz

Melissa de La Cruz

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Published by: Cococeanu Sorin Stelian on Sep 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"we laughed until we had to cry, we loved until we said goodbye."
 Melissa de la Cruz "That was the thing about pictures--they were worth a thousand words, but sometimes they weren'tthe right ones."
 Melissa de la Cruz (Skinny-Dipping)  "sometimes, when the sun shines, it scorches."
 Melissa de la Cruz (Sun-Kissed)  "Who knew that the path to a womans heart was through the soul of an honest man?"
 Melissa de la Cruz "If someone says " I love you " it would be foolish to say " I love you too " So you say " I knoe " tht istrulie wht love is. <3"
 Melissa de la Cruz "I love her because she has become something more to me. She become my life."
 Melissa de la Cruz "Stop your doubting, my love. I knew you would find me. ~Jack"
 Melissa de la Cruz (Misguided Angel)  "It is good to be busy. Being busy takes our mind off being in love at the wrong time, in the wrongplace and with the wrong guy."
 Melissa de la Cruz (Girl Stays in the Picture)  "Jack Force was more than she had ever dared wish for, and he was better than a dream or a fantasy  because he was real. He was far from perfect, moody and distant at times, and burdened with sharptemper and an impulsiveness that was part of his dark nature. But she felt more love for him thanshe thought possible. He wasn't perfect, but he was perfect for her. (Schuyler Van Alen)"
 Melissa de la Cruz (Bloody Valentine (Blue Bloods, #5.5))  "Dude you scare me sometimes! You're all vampire superwoman"
 Melissa de la Cruz "This is not some silly game...This is life and death Angels and demons."
 Melissa de la Cruz "It's said a friend is a person who walks in when everyone else walks out."
 Melissa de la Cruz (Girl Stays in the Picture)  "Schuyler put a gentle hand on Abbadon's feathered extensions, feeling the majestic powerunderneath their silky weight. She had been frightened once, to see him in this light, but now thatshe saw his terrifying face, she found it beautiful."
 Melissa de la Cruz (Misguided Angel)  "A bad boy can be very good for a girl."
"You may be able to call up an entireencyclopedia, but nothing is more meaningless than a brain with no heart and no reasoning"
"you're the liar" - Mimi Force"
 Melissa de la Cruz "The more things change, the more they stay different."
"You've won," Jack said softly. He looked at Mimi with such fiery hatred that she almost cowered athis words. But she was no weakling. She was Azrael, and Azrael did not cower, not even to Abbadon.
"I've won nothing," Mimi replied coldly. "Please remember that almost all of the Elders are dead,that theDark Prince is ascendant, and what is left of the Conclave is being led by a broken man who used to be the strongest of us all. And yet all you seem to care about, my darling, is that you no longer get toplay with your little love toy."Instead of answering her, Jack flew across the room and slapped her hard across the face, sendinghercrashing to the floor. But before he could wield another blow, Mimi leaped up and slammed himagainst the window, knocking him completely out of breath."Is this what you want?" she hissed as she lifted him up by his shirt collar, his face turning a ghastly shade of red."Don't let me destroy you," he sneered."Just try, my sweet."Jack twisted out of her grasp and flipped her over, kicking her down the length of the room. Shesprung up with her hands clenched, her nails sharp as claws, and fangs bared. They met halfway inthe air, and Jack put a hand on her throat and began to squeeze. But she scratched at his eyes and wrenched her body so that she was rolling on top of him, her sword at his throat, with the upperhand.SUBMIT. Mimi sent.NEVER."
 Melissa de la Cruz "For a moment she was truly terrified. This was Abbadon the Cruel. The Angel of Destruction. Hecould and would destroy her if he had to. If he felt like it. He had destroyed worlds before. He haddecimated Paradise in the name of the Morningstar.She trembled in his grasp. All his gentleness, all his kindness, all the bright shining gorgeousness of his love, he had alwaysgiven tosomeone else. He had adored Gabrielle, had worshiped her, had written her poems and sang hersongs, and for Schuyler there were novels and love notes and sweet kisses and furtive tendermeetings by a fireplace.But for his twin, Azrael, he had shown nothing but his anger and violence. His strength anddestruction.He saved the best of himself for those who did not deserve it. Never showed his true face to thosedamnable Daughters of the Light.For Azrael, there was only darkness and annihilation.Rape and carnage. War and pillage. A tear escaped from her eye and glittered in the moonlight."
 Melissa de la Cruz "A picture is worth a thousand texts."
"Now that she decided she knew exactly what she wanted
she couldn’t wait to break the news. And if he didn’t want her, she could live with that –
 what she wouldn’t be able to live with was if she
never told him."
 Melissa de la Cruz (The Au Pairs)  "Popularity was fickle and elusive, like trying to catch fireflies in a jar. You were either born with it orrelegated to wallflower status according to your mysterious and unknowable workings of the

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