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Konchok Chidu Sadhana Redigeret

Konchok Chidu Sadhana Redigeret

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Published by 2erik
sadhana of Konchog Chidu by Jatson Nyingpo
sadhana of Konchog Chidu by Jatson Nyingpo

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Published by: 2erik on Sep 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Easy Clearly Arranged Sadhana-Text forThe Mahasandhi Teaching of The Ultimately Profound Ratnasamanyasamgha:"The Köncho Chidu"
"The Essence of the Three Jewels"
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 The Dharmakaya, the omnipresent, self-arising, clarity, The naturally existing great bliss, Vairochana Sambhogakaya, The dance of networks of emanations of whatever manifestations willtrains beings, Könchok Chidu, Mahaguru, I bow down to you! The victorious land is practically filled by this supreme profoundDharmaIt does not exist as one single tradition,
"All Pervasive Activity" Könchok Chidu Sadhana Page 2
However, in accordance with the guru's instruction and my aspiration,I shall compile a clear, easy sadhana-text that is ready to be recited.
This is the latest of all the latter day sadhana-chariots of the Sahor Guru
. As its Terton reached the exhaustion of the four appearances
throughthis Dharma, it is unrivalled in blessing and activity by any other terma that has appeared in Tibet.The activity that can be carried out in this ultimately profound guru yoga, the Könchok Chidu
, is of two kinds: A)Elaborate.B)Simplified.The first of these:When practicing accomplishment and empowerment, arrange a circleof the relevant mandala, vase, empowerment objects, tormas and outer offerings. Having made the other necessary arrangements, practice theentire sadhana as given below.If you are practicing something like the repulsion torma of GuruDrakpo and Singhamukha, then add their invocation, stabbing, attacks, andso on,
as taught by Gampo [Norbu] and Karma Chamay 
.Second, the simple form:In the final session of a sevasadhana
, or in ordinary daily practice,leave out the preliminary torma, the "medicine" offering
, the practice of thefour activities, and the ganachakra and its adjuncts
.If one wishes to do a very simplified practice, one can dispense with allthe preliminaries except for the supplication to the lineage, the protective-circle, the refuge and bodhicitta, and the seven branch prayer. Thencommence from the blessing of the offerings.One can leave out the long-life practice, Guru Drakpo andSinghamukha. At a time like the tenth-day offering, you can practice an elaborate or simplified form in accordance with how much time you have, there is nocompulsion to have to do all the sections.Whichever you do, the preparation is to arrange in the innermost region of your room
, for example, a painting or sculpted representation of Guru Rinpoche
, a volume of this practice, or the "Vajra Bliss-Protection",empowered as an symbol of commitment 
. Arrange whatever representationof body, speech and mind that you have.Upon a clean, raised surface in front of these, in either theGampo or your own tradition, whichever is more convenient, set out a GuruTorma
with elaborate adornments.
"All Pervasive Activity" Kînchok Chidu Sadhana Page 3
To its right 
and left place medicine and rakta. In front of these place a line of the two waters and the enjoyments
.If you wish to be more elaborate, place a Guru Drakpo torma to theright, and a Singhamukha torma to the left of the Guru Torma. Assemble awhite and red torma as a simplified torma offering to the Terma-Guardian
,The "flesh-shape" obstacle-makers' torma
, the ganachakra, the commandtorma, the Tenma torma
, all that is required.The activity of the actual practice is in three parts:1) The preliminaries.2) The actual practice itself.3) The concluding practices.The first of these is in seven sections
. First:

Activity (3)

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