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BhriguChakraPaddhati and Ketu -by -SampathKumar.

BhriguChakraPaddhati and Ketu -by -SampathKumar.

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Published by Sampath Kumar
Research article
Research article

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Published by: Sampath Kumar on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ampath Kumar Medavarapu is apractioner of astrology since 35 years. Hehas written 6 books on astrology in Telugulanguage. He is an M A in Sanskrit and hastranslated 64 Tantras from sanskrit toTelugu language. He has submitted severalresearch papers in national andinternational conferences. His email id issampathkumar57@gmail.com
Bhrigu ChakraPaddhati & Ketu
BySampath Kumar Medavarapu
,IndiaEditor: M Imran, Pakistan
he description of 
asgiven in BPHS - Ketu likeRahu has smoky appearancewith a blue-mix physique. Heresides in forests and is horrible. He iswindy in temperament and is intelligent.Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets.
If Rahu or Ketu be in the ascendant, 7
, 8
 or 12
there of or be in the 7
from aMaraka lord or be with such a planet, theyacquire powers of killing in their major orsub periods. For one born in Capricorn orin Scorpio, Rahu will be a Maraka, ShouldRahu be in the 6
, 8
or 12
, he will givedifficulties in his Dasa periods. He willnot, however, do so if aspected by orconjunct a benefic.
Important places for Rahu/Ketu toacquire power of killing are the
8th -12th
. The 2
house is naturallyadded as another node will be in the 2ndwhen one is in the specified 8
houseThe 2
house & 6
house is naturallyadded as another node will be in the 2ndwhen one is in the specified 8
house or
house. 12th posited node will be killer but 6th posited node will not kill, if is alone.They will not be Marakas, if they are in the 3rd, 9th, 5th and 11
houses. lf a node joins aMaraka planet or is in the house of a Maraka planet, it will act as aMaraka . Rahu is termed as a primary Maraka for Capricorn and Scorpio ascendants. If heis in one of the adverse houses for these ascendants his Dasa will bring death or intolerabledifficulties.
Now I will explain the Ketu’s impact on severe health
problems, when it coincideswith natal Ketu and transit Ketu, some time it will also correlates with Dasa/Bhukti. Thesixth house is responsible for enemies and sicknesses, eighth for sudden events and twelfthfor hospitalization and expenditure. So now we can easily understand the aphorism.
BCP Rule:
When BCP year will come on natal Ketu position, while
alsocorrelates to the
6th-8th-12th house
 natal Ketu
, then native will face serious healthproblems and get surgery.This is the one of the most important clues to detect the periodof disease. 
Case 1 : M.S. Prabhakara Sastry
Here BCP year came on the natal Ketu house (Aquarius) at the age of 52 in the year of 2012. At that fateful time, transit Ketu was moving in Aries that is 6th from Scorpio lagna.Consequently, the native got lung cancer and treated with chemo and radiation therapies.
Case 2: Sampath Kumar (Author)
Here BCP year came on the natal Ketu house (Aries) at the age of 54 in the year of 2011. Atthat time, transit Ketu was moving in 8th from Scorpio ascendant. The native had thesurgery of hemorrhoids.
Case 3: CBC was born on July 21, 1958, at 6:40 pm, Rajahmundry, India
Here BCP year came on the natal Ketu house (Aries) at the age of 52, in 2010. At that time,transit Ketu was also making a sojourn on natal Ketu (4th from Capricorn ascendant). Asa result the native had the intestines surgery, and got relief.

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