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PN Twitter Guide Mark II

PN Twitter Guide Mark II

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Published by Porter Novelli
A simple overview of Twitter from Porter Novelli, the global PR agency. It briefly looks at what Twitter is, how you can get started , what tools you can use to make the most of it as well as some top tips for Twitter usage.
A simple overview of Twitter from Porter Novelli, the global PR agency. It briefly looks at what Twitter is, how you can get started , what tools you can use to make the most of it as well as some top tips for Twitter usage.

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Published by: Porter Novelli on Jun 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The PN Guideto everything Twitter
What isTwitter?
Technically Twitter is a microbloggingplatorm that asks its users to answer onequestion ‘What are you doing?’ in 140characters or ewer.In reality it is ar more than that. Despiteits simple premise and the strict characterlimit, Twitter has developed into a vibrantconversational tool. Those who use itvalue it as a way to share and discussinormation, opinions, news and contentwith a wide-ranging group o ollowers.At the same time businesses are using it asa way o extending their customer service,keeping interested parties up to date ontheir latest news and giving exclusive dealsto their Twitter ollowers.The benets o Twitter are obvious orpersonal use but many companies are alsousing Twitter succesully.Amongst other things, Twitter can beused to:
you - both good and bad
 i your prospects are online
instant eedback
Signing up or an account takes twominutes. Simply visit twitter.com and clickthe ‘Get Started - Join!’ button. You willthen be asked or a username, your realname and email address. Once these aresupplied, you’re ready to start tweeting.There are several dierent ways to postupdates to your Twitter prole. You doit directly rom the Twitter website, yourmobile or a third-party application. Whilethe unctionality o the Twitter website isquite basic, one o the reasons or its successso ar is that it allows sotware developers tocreate third-party clients, such as Twhirl andTweetdeck, which can be used to rene andextend your Twitter use.There are also dierent types o update thatyou can make, depending on whether youare talking generally, responding to one ormore people or sending a private message.
Types o update
Twitter messages can be addressed to aspecic person by using the @ symbolalong with their name.
the uss about this Twitter?’You can place the @Name in any part o the message, such as ‘So @porternovelliwhat’s new with you?’ and the intendedrecipient or recipients will still get it. Youcan include as many people as you wantto in your message; just remember thateach @Name takes up part o your 140character limit.When you send an @Mention, only theperson, or people, you have sent it to willsee your message, unless your ollowersare also ollowing them.
Direct messages
Twitter’s ‘DM’ unction sends privatemessages between users. These messagesare sent to the recipient’s direct messageinbox and are not published to the Twitterstream or everyone else to see. You cansend a DM to anyone who ollows youbut you cannot send one to a person youollow, unless they also ollow you back.This is a measure put in place by Twitterto try and prevent users being spammed.You can create a direct message byplacing a D or d at the beginning o amessage ollowed by a space and thenthe recipient’s name. There is no needto use the @ symbol, though you can i you wish. Just don’t orget to includethe gap between the d and the name, oryour message will appear in your publictimeline and those o your ollowers.Example: ‘d porternovelli So can you tell meo the record how to use the DM unction?’
get the hang o how to DM!’You can also send direct messages via theweb page by clicking on ‘Direct Messages’in the right hand column. This will takeyou to your inbox and you can use thedrop down box to select who you want tosend a message to. The various applicationsalso have easy short-cuts to create DMs.
I a riend ‘tweets’ something you wantto share with your ollowers, you can‘retweet’ it. This simply means copying
o it along with their username. You canretweet to share something interestingwith ollowers, or as a avour to theoriginal poster. So i Porter Novelliposts something you want to share, you
porternovelli Working on a new blog post
It is perectly permissible to request aretweet rom your ollowers but youshould bear in mind that, in order toacilitate easy retweeting, you should keepyour original message pithy; this is so theretweeter can easily include your namein the message without having to edit it.It is also perectly acceptable to request a
in your original message. An example
Guide to Everything Twitter http://bit.ly/ 
We suggest that you leave 10 - 20characters o space when you compose
@Name’ when you drat your tweet tomake sure you have let enough room oreasy retweeting; just remember to delete itbeore you hit Update.
Hash tags
You might occasionally see the # symbolin some people’s messages ollowed bya string o letters, such as #swinefu
conversations around a cultural event,
or the threat o a new pandemic, withoutneeding to ollow everyone taking part in
can be tracked by using Twitter’s searchpage or you may see them appear on yourTwitter home page i they are a currenttrending topic.
As with any large multi-rangingconversation taking place, there are certaintopics that will be more popular thanothers at any given time. Twitter tracksthese and displays the current top tentrending topics in the right-hand column o your home page. They are also displayedon its search page. While it is not necessaryor a word or phrase to have a hashtag inront o it to trend, it can help identiy acurrent meme or conversational ad.

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