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Ancient History of Pharmaceuticals

Ancient History of Pharmaceuticals

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Published by cocoy777
A knowledge of the origin of Pharmaceutical will help us understand what it really is!
A knowledge of the origin of Pharmaceutical will help us understand what it really is!

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Published by: cocoy777 on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The ancient history of pharmaceuticals dates back to itsancient name “sorcery,” the use of drugs or poisons to produce amagic, e.g., quick but false (temporary, short-lived) healing. This wasprohibited by the Lord in Leviticus 19:26. There was and is no permanent healing, only temporary, short-lived relief (note: pain reliever, pain killer), and because of itsfakeness (not genuine, not long lasting, not permanent), the patientis forced to take it over and over, to the point of total dependency. The problem comes when the poison (note that medicine ispoisonous) begins to take effect, e.g., long-term poisoning. The majority of the people do not recognize that such long-timeago referred to side effect or poisoning is what we know
at thisend time period as cancer. Cancer is not a germ, it is not a virus, it isnot a bacteria – it is healthy cells that went through a life-longexperience of poisoning, and have reached the point when they say,“We cannot cope with the massive poisoning anymore.” Cancer isthe state of poisoning too much for the body’s immune system tocope. That’s why the Lord Jehovah prohibited the practice of sorceryamong Israel under Moses (Leviticus 19:26).Some 2,500 years fast forward, and we have the time of Christand His apostles. In Acts 8, a master of sorcery named Simon Maguswas impressed of the new method of healing which used nothing butmind power, used by Christ and His disciples.Impressed, Simon Magus tried to buy the power of the HolySpirit, which Peter et al rebuked. The gift of healing of the Holy Spiritis not for commercial purposes, the apostles told Simon Magus. Thiswas to set the correct perspective for the future: Healing is not formoney-making. But look at what or who is making families bankrupttoday. Is it not the doctors? Is it not the big Pharma? The No. 1 cause
of bankruptcy in the US today, it was reported, is hospitalizationcosts. In other words, big Pharma.Unknown to most Christians was the fact that Simon Magussucceeded to become influential in the fast growing false churchnamed Catholic Church, which used sorcery as one of its practices,to deceive the people and to make money. Some scholars pointedout that it was not Simon Peter that became the first pope of theRoman Catholic Church, but Simon Magus, as you can see today thatVatican is a huge money-making agency, extorting millions from hermembers worldwide, only to use the same money to lend to themthrough the banking system from the World Bank down to theirnational and local banks as well as local lending investors.Moreover, this greed is kept from the members’ view in thatVatican is and has been the main formulator of medicine. I repeat:important medicines wer being made in the bowels of the Vatican.Unknown to many, under the Vatican, in their undergroundbuildings, is the massive work of chemistry: chemists formulate themedicines which are then manufactured in masse by theirmanufacturing companies, the Pharmaceutical companies, and nowsold today via the huge networks of hospitals and drugstores all overthe world! The New Testament, which was written in Greek, uses thewords “witchcraft,” “magic arts” and “sorcery” to translate theGreek word “Pharmakon” or “Pharmakeia.” [Strong’s Concordance].From the same Greek word “Pharmakon” or “Pharmakeia”came the word “Pharmacy,” “Pharmaceuticals” [Webster CollegiateDictionary, etc.]. Therefore, what we now know as white-colored and white-cladPharmacy/Phamaceuticals was the ancient Pharmakon-Pharmakeia-Sorcery-Witchcraft which used poison, especially snake and humanvenom, to treat diseases.
 Today, they have a wide range of source of poison, after thediscovery of chemistry; infinite amount of poisonous chemicals arefound in the depth of the earth, dark earth. They simply have tomine them.So, in addition to snake and human venom, there is anunlimited number of poisonous chemicals they obtain from the darkearth. So, their medicine is from the dark. These chemicals orpoisons do not go through the process of light-based photosynthesisin the plant’s leaf; rather, these chemicals go directly to chemicalplant (counterfeit to God’s natural plant) for processing, but nottoxin-cleansing. Only in God’s photosynthesis occurring in the leaf can we remove the toxins from a chemical or mineral.So, their pharma healing is through poisoning. They poison adisease (poison). In order to succeed in the healing, they use ahigher poison power to overcome the disease (supposed to be thelesser poison compared to the medicine administered by the doctor).On the other hand, God’s healing is through the use of light.Sunlight. In the leaf. During the process of photosynthesis. Whatevercomes out of photosynthesis, e.g., vitamins, minerals, compounds,food, juice, etc., are what truly heal mankind.It shall soon no longer be the poisonous pharmedicine. For theirmedicine, using poison, is responsible for the fact thatpharmaceutical medicine is the No. 1 killer in the USA today, killingas many as 2 million Americans per year, while the No. 2 killer iscancer, to the tune of over 600,000 people dying every year, andyet, chemo is still a type of pharmedicine! So, it is all medicine; allpoison.In the Book of Revelation, chapter 22, the time is coming whenhealing will be without side effects. It will be herbal, not chemical.
Rev 22:1[niv] Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, asclear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb[kjv]And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal,proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.

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