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Published by glennpease

Dan. X. 11.
" And He said unto me, Daniel, a man greatly beloved.'*

Dan. X. 11.
" And He said unto me, Daniel, a man greatly beloved.'*

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DAIEL.BY THE REV. ISAAC WILLIAMS, B.D,Dan. X. 11." And He said unto me, Daniel, a man greatly beloved.'*SxJOH is the testimony which God Himself bears tothe Prophet Daniel, and for this reason we naturallyassociate him in our minds with the Evangelist St.John; the one as the "man greatly beloved;" theother as "the disciple whom Jesus loved." Andwhat is remarkable, both alike are spoken of in theChurch as much for wisdom as for love. Thus it isthat to love God is to know Him, and Divine wisdomis ever united with Divine love, as light and heat inthe same flame. They that know God must loveHim, for He Himself is love, and to them who seek tolove Him He imparts this knowledge of Himself.And therefore St. John in his writings speaks of lightas much as of love: and it is said to Daniel that,because he is a man of love it is given him to under-stand.In both too there was the love of man as cona^U302 DAIEL.CU0U8 as the love of God ; thus St. John ever dwellaon our loving one another ; and Daniel seems to ha?edrawn on himself the love of others bjr his love forthem. The first mention of him is that " God hadbrought him into tender love with the prince of theeunuchs." The heart of the great king ebuchad-nezzar bows before him in worship ; and still moreknit to him in love is the heart of the king Darius.He was beloved of them because he loved them. Whattender concern does he express for the astrologers:
but how much above all for his own people ! Hisexertions with kings are for their sake ; His interces-sions with God are for their pardon.And it may be observed that three times as he isdesignated the " greatly beloved,** we find in themargin of our Bibles another reading, " a man of de-sires ;" this may be " a man of love," full of love, alllove ; love for others which ever brings love in return,as face answers to face in the clear water : or a manof desires for that which is alone worthy of all desire,all desire towards God, full of earnest, insatiable de-sire for God ; his eyes ever turned to Him, his heartever pondering, longing, listening for, loving God.On every occasion of need or difficulty did he at onceturn to God that he might know what to answer.God was evidently his only rest and confidence ; hishome, his country, and more than all that he had lost.Three times a day in solemn prayer which nothingcould divert did he hold communion with God. Thusalso was the beloved disciple afterwards " a man of desires," full of earnest zeal, so that he was called of his Lord, " the son of thunder." It was through thislove or desire that lying on his Lord's bosom hadrank of wisdom.DAIEL. 303Oh, what a wonderful expression is this, the man of desires, — this is the highest state of the human soul,to be made up of desire. A soul full of desire is fullof prayer. My soul hath a desire, says David, panteth,fainteth, is athirst for God. Of wisdom it is said,"they that drink her shall yet be thirsty ^" Andsurely never did a soul of desire so break forth as inthose words of the beloved and loving Disciple, " Evenso come. Lord Jesus ! '*
It was these, the desires after Q-od, the love of God,that made Daniel so earnest in seeking Him by hu-miliation, and fasting, and prayer. It was in thusseeking that he was answered ; in this stedfast, un-swerving purpose he continued until he was heard *.Eor like reasons in some respects may the characterof Daniel be illustrated by a comparison with that of Joseph : in many points they resemble each other : sofull was the character of Joseph also of singular loveand sweetness ; to him God revealed His secrets, asfriend does to friend, drew near unto him in visions of the night, and whispered to his secret spirit the interpre-tations of dreams. He also was brought into love andhonour with his successive masters ; with the captainof the guard; with the master of the prison; andwith the king of Egypt ; made by him " the head of the heathen," and "teaching his senators wisdom'."But more than all was his love for his own brethren ;and he, like Daniel, wept over them in love, andpleaded for them. Again, both were captives andearly taught in the school of affliction : the iron wason their limbs and " entered into their soul," both1 Ecclus. xxiv. 21. ' Dan. ix. 3; x. 2, 3.» Ps. cv. 22. 18.304 DAiriEL.known for purity, both for love, and for wisdom of God ; and both were for that reason the best coun-sellors and best rulers among men, as deiiying theirwisdom from above. They became wise in hmmmthiDgs, by looking away from man unto Qod, Andthat which they obtained from above they ever pre-served by looking upward : they knew that the pearl of 

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