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Numbers xii. 3.
"Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which
were upon the face of the earth."

Numbers xii. 3.
"Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which
were upon the face of the earth."

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MOSES.BY THE REV. ISAAC WILLIAMS, B.D,umbers xii. 3."ow the man Moses was very meek, above all the men whichwere upon the face of the earth."SircH is the judgment of God respecting Moses, yetmen might have thought otherwise, for Moses wasby nature ardent and impetuous. Thus God said toSt. Paul, " My strength is made perfect in weakness ;"and St. Paul testifies of himself, '' when I am weak then am I strong*." So was it with many of theSaints of God '. St. Peter, for instance, was called theBock, from his firm faith in the Qodhead of Christ ;but this had ta be perfected in weakness : it was fromwant of firmness that St. Peter sank in the deepwaters, till supported by Christ's hand; from wantof firmness he thrice denied, till supported by Christ'slook ; from want of firmness he erred when rebukedby St. Paul. Thus was it that where most weak there» 2 Cor. xii. 10.2 See ** On the Study of the Grospels," part vil sects, v. vi. vii.86 MOSES.was he by God's help made most strong. As in abesieged town all pains are taken to fortify the weak places until those weak places become its chief strength ; so the Spirit of God in the soul of manbuilds up and establishes where nature was failing,where Satan in consequence was directing his chief assaults. Por when good men prayed against their
besetting infirmities, the power of God therein wasgiven them. Hence, where that which was humanfailed, it is supplied by that which is Divine; andthe power is seen to be of God. Thus at lengthwherein the soul has been most humbled it shall bemost exalted ; that man may be nothing, and Christmay be All and in All.Thus Moses appears to have been naturally of atemper hasty and vehement ; as we first read of himin slaying the Egyptian, in defending the daughtersof Jethro from the shepherds. There sounds some-thing of impatience in his complaint at the first,'* Lord, wherefore hast Thou so evil entreated thispeople? Why is it that Thou hast sent me'?"And " he went out from Pharaoh," we are told, " ina great anger*." Again, when on coming down fromthe Mount he beheld the idolatry of the Israelites, itis said, "Moses' anger waxed hot, and he cast thetwo tables out of his hands, and brake them beneaththe Mount*." And on the rebellion of Dathan andAbiram, " Moses was very wroth, and said unto theLord, Bespect not Thou their offering '." And thesin recorded of him was when, "being provoked inspirit, he spake unadvisedly with his lips."« Exod. V. 22. * Exod. xi. 9.* Exod. xxxii. 19. • umb. xvi. 15.MOSES. 87It is then out of such a temper when controlled bythe fear of God, and moulded by His grace, that themeekest of men is formed ; and all the trials he hadto undergo through a long life were to form in himthis meekness. Thus when reared in the palace of Pharaoh, what a trial to his spirit and temper must it
have been to witness the sufferings his brethren hadto undergo ; then for forty years had he to learnpatience in exile and the desert ; and yet more whencommissioned of G-od he stood before Pharaoh, whilehe relented so often and again hardened his heart ;but beyond all what greater trial of temper did anyone ever undergo than that of bearing with thechildren of Israel so long in the wilderness P Howoften does God Himself speak as unable to bear anylonger with ,them. Such then was the man whomGod chose ; and such his probation like that of goldin the fire, till at length he came forth as a vesselperfected and made meet for his Master's use."With regard to his slaying the Egyptian, HolyScripture does not express approbation of that deed,but St. Stephen says that it was intended as a sign tothe Israelites "that God by his hand would deliverthem^." "As some weeds," says St. Augustine,^^ indicate a soil rich and good for cultivation, so hiszeal on that occasion seemed to point out one meet tobe a great Deliverer *." Thus God chooses evils of nature to be by His grace converted into good. Onthe stock of the wild olive is grafted the fruitfulBranch. Thus from the Jewish persecutor of HisChurch He brought forth the great Apostle of theGentiles; from St. Peter, who drew his sword and' Acta vii. 26. » Vol. viu. 621 ; vol. iii. 668.88 MOSES.deprecated the Cross, the patient Martyr and Con-fessor ; from St. John, who would bring down aveng-ing fire from Heaven, the great Teacher of Divine love.But mark in Moses the working of this temper, andhow it became subdued by Divine grace ; for instance,

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