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Published by Amit Kumar

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Amit Kumar on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ASSIGNMENT: INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS, MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY &MEASURES OF DISPERSIONQ1. (a)How does the study of statistics helps a manger in his day to day working?(b) What are the advantages and limitations of Arithmetic mean and Geometric mean?Q2. Universal Burger is concerned about product waste, so they sampled their burger wasterecord from the past year with the following results:-Number of burgers discarded during a shift2 16 4 12 19 29 24 7 1922 14 8 24 31 18 20 16 6Construct a frequency distribution for these data and a relative frequency distribution. Useintervals of 5 burgers.(a)
One of Universal’s goals is for at least 75% of shifts to have no more than 16 burgers
wasted. Can you determine from the frequency distribution whether this goal hasbeen achieved?(b)
What percentage of shifts has waste of 21 or fewer burgers?Q3..Before constructing a dam on the Colorado river, the US army performed a series of teststo measure the water flow past the proposed location of dam. The results of the testing wereused to construct the following frequency distributionRiver flow (thousands of gallons per minute) Frequency1001-1050 71051-1100 211101-1150 321151-1200 491201-1250 581251-1300 411301-1350 271351-1400 11Total 246(a)
Use the data given in the table to construct a ‘more
than ‘cumulative frequency
distribution and ogive.(b)
Use the data in the table to construct a ‘les
cumulative frequency distributionand ogive.(c)
Use your ogive to estimate what proportion of the flow occurs at less than 1,300thousands of gallons per minute.
Q4. Hayes Textiles has shown the following percentage increase in net worth over the last 5years:-1992 1993 1994 1995 19965% 10.5% 9.0% 6.0% 7.5%What is the average percentage in networth over the 5 year period?Q5.A professor has decided to use a weighted average in figuring final grades for his seminar
students. The homework average will count for 20 % of a student’s grade;
the mid term 25%;the final 35 %; the term paper 10 %and quizzes 10 %. From the following data compute the tfinal average for the five students in the semester:-Student Homework Quizzes Paper Midterm Final1 85 89 94 87 902 78 84 88 91 923 94 88 93 86 894 82 79 88 84 935 95 90 92 82 88(Note-This question requires knowledge of weighted mean. Students are required to studythis aspect from the book and then attempt the question)Q6. For the following frequency distribution determine:-(a)
The median class?(b)
The number of item that represents the median?(c)
The estimated value 0f the median?Class Frequency100-149.5 12150-199.5 14200-249.5 27250-299.5 58300-349.5 72350-399.5 63400-449.5 36450-499.5 18
Q7.The ages of residents of Twin Lakes retirement Village have the following distribution:-Class Frequency47-51.9 452-56.9 957-61.9 1362-66.9 4267-71.9 3972-76.9 2077-81.9 9Estimate the modal value?Q8. Determine the variance and standard variance of sales of 100 fast food restaurants in acityClass Frequency700-799 4800-899 7900-999 81000-1099 101100-1199 121200-1299 171300-1399 131400-1499 101500-1599 91600-1699 71700-1799 21800-1899 1Q9.
Human Power the temporary employment agency, has tested many people’s data entry
skills. Infotech needs a data entry person and the person needs to be not only quick but alsoconsistent. Human power pulls the speed records for 4 employees with the data given belowin terms of correct entries per minute. Which employee is best suited for Infotech based onrelative dispersion?John 63 66 68 62 69 72Jeff 68 67 66 67 69 -Mary 62 79 75 59 72 84Tammy 64 68 58 57 59 -

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