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Pre-Planning Feedback Results 2013

Pre-Planning Feedback Results 2013

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Published by Jill Gough
Pre-Planning Feedback Results 2013
Pre-Planning Feedback Results 2013

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Published by: Jill Gough on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I liked...
the fact that daily we had some time in our rooms. obviously, the lunches were wonderful.meeting dismissal times were honored. meetings were beneficial for the most part. In all honesty, Isimply cannot remember much about this time!The content of what was presented. For the most part, I didn't feel like we were meeting for the sakeof meeting, and that I was actually taking away things I could take back to my classroom. I loved thecasual feel of preplanning. I loved the fact that Joe just sat with us, like one of us, joined inconversations at tables, and that he felt approachable. It's amazing how far that goes to change thevibe of the school.I really liked the activities where we worked together in groups, as a new faculty member it gave mea great chance to get to know my coworkers.lunch, afternoons in my classroom, happy half hour, departmental meetings (EED/UED),-Happy 1/2 hour -progress report PD-Small group discussionsI liked having the links to places for signing up and I loved having some choice in when to take CPRetc. It was a good back to school and I loved, loved having the extra day so we could slow down abit.I liked the 3:00 half happy hour presentations. It was a nice, short social and idea-bearing time. I alsoliked the summer reading list/idea and discussion.I loved the fact that the schedule allows Teacher Option Time. We had the opportunity to schedulemini meetings, meet new folks, collaborate on projects, etc. I liked that we got required things likeCPR, Concussion, 1st training opportunities in the summer or pre-planning so that we did not have tostay late early in the year when we had a million and one things to do and had not yet recovered our teacher stamina. I like the little treats and climate activities. Actually, it seemed to go quickly and I can remember a single negative thing EXCEPT we have to getthe audio cranked up and hand a mic to folks making a comment or asking a question.GOOD JOB!1. the emphasis on using technology. Our book discussion was recorded digitally and sent to all of usafter the meeting2. the socials in the afternoon3. the staff meeting with Joe...that the document was interactive. It was easy to sign up for things, find our collaborative notes,etc all in one place.I'm glad to be back! Lunches with friends after a break is fun and the menus were delicious. I'mhappy that the tone of Trinity has taken a turn towards less stress and more camaraderie with thearrival of our new year. Everyone seems to have taken a deep breath and relaxed a bit....that we had the opportunity to get together with our colleagues at the 3:00 Happy Half Hours andthat we were able to take CPR during the day rather than after school hours. I also loved the yummyfood that was provided each day - what a treat! I enjoyed the book conversation (partially because Ienjoyed the book!)having time in the day for CPR, first aid, Stewards, etchaving lunch provided - saved timestarting at 8:00-the active Climate/Wellness gathering-option to take some training in the summer -multiple options for the long training sessions so that we could do what works best for us-the cold snacks!-the overall positive tone (with fewer new initiatives than in the past, people didn't seem as anxious)-Outside speaker (Greg) to walk us through an internal issuethat we gathered as a community each day for happy 1/2 hour! The popcorn, king of pops,presentations from Ashley and Vicki, playing in the AWAC were all great community buildingactivities. I liked that the faculty was eager to learn new things and had a positive attitude about it. Iliked that Joe didn't wear a suit and tie each day, he joined in all of the meetings and participated likea faculty/staff member.Everything was great we had plenty of time to get the room organize. And didn’t feel rushed.
*the time we had to collaborate*time scheduled for meetings*community building time*meetings were beneficial*3:00 fun timeThe most positive productive pre-planning I have experienced in yearsI liked the way information was presented, time to reflect--all goodBeing able to determine my own schedule for the last few days. I liked the flexibility and choice.I liked that we were given ample time to get to know one another throughout preplanning. I got tomeet new faculty and staff, as well as catch up with people I may have not seen since May. It reallymakes me feel comfortable in the Trinity Community.I also liked the summer book discussions. I learned a lot from the other members of my group, and itwas interesting hearing how they might use what they took from the book in his or her classroom.Being a new teacher this year...I liked having the Stewards and CPR training. I think everyone shouldknow what to look out for when it comes to our students, since they are our number one priority.Having our meetings as a whole group. I felt it helped to create a larger feel of community. It wasvery well organized! Kudos Jill!There was a lot of good information. I liked the book group and the fact that we could do first aid andcpr during the day and there were several choices. The 3:00 Happy Half hour was a great idea.having built in pre-planning days for all of the various training we needed to complete. The timespent together during happy hours, working in rooms, and especially the wellness day! I felt such agreat feeling of moral at the school that day.afternoon treats, guest speaker, blocks of time (2 hours or more) to work in our rooms; that meetingswere well organized and efficiently run; returning to shiny, clean, organized roomsthat the teachers had more days. The feeling around the school was so much less stressed than inprevious years. The Happy 1/2 Hours gave everyone a little time to unwind and relax.........and withthe added days everyone seemed be more inclined to be willing to have some fun. (plus they weredelicious!)I also liked that some of the required events (Stewards for example) were offered during the summer for those people that were working or were in town. Gave a little extra "preplanning time".Lunches (as always) were delicious.........and was a positive way to reconnect with everyone. Peoplereally "mingled" during lunchtime and did not just sit with their grade level!Hearing updates from over the summer, having everyone together, and VERY impressed overall withthe school and professionalism. I have never been somewhere before where EVERYONE is treatedthe same and I LOVE that.CPR and other trainings offered during the regular hours. Happy 1/2 hours were a great communitybuilders.all of it! As a new faculty member, I found the information helpful. I liked coming in a day before therest of the faculty. I also liked having independent work time in the classroom. I liked that some things(like the Mac 101 session) were made optional. I liked the way the book talk was set up. I felt verycomfortable sharing out because our group was small, but I also liked that it was diverse amonggrade levels. I liked the smaller My Learning sessions with Rhonda. I liked that everyone is requiredto be CPR and first aid certified.Even though at first I thought the length of time for pre planning was a bit too much, I realized thatwe needed the number of days to accomplish all . It was so nice to have time for meetings, time for work in the rooms and then time for things like CPR and OSHA. There was time to get to know eachother and enjoy great meals also. I also liked ending each day on a positive note with everyone fromboth departments coming together at 3:00.I appreciate you guys being respectful of our time and all we needed to do. Our whole groupgatherings were productive and not too lengthy. Thank You for that.Thank you for all of the creative goodies you guys had for us during the Happy Half Hour!!

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