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Untitled Script #3

Untitled Script #3

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Published by BlackKeyboard9586
Berry and his struggle.
Berry and his struggle.

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Published by: BlackKeyboard9586 on Sep 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. DIRTY BATHROOM - NIGHT The walls of the bathroom are filthy and have graffiti all over them. The sink is filled with blackwater with tampons, used condoms, water, and trash all over the floor. As the man in thebathroom sits on the toilet (fully clothed) he positions the camera on the sink so that we can onlysee from his waist up. The camera focuses in on his hand where we see a handful of pills. Theman is contemplating taking the pills or not. He starts to cry and rock back and forth on the toilet.Just as he is about to take the handful of pills, he is startled by a knock on the bathroom door. Hefumbles the pills and looses them on the ground.BERRY (V.O.)My name is Berry. I had always promised myself that I would never end up in this type of asituation. Growing up I had a pretty unstable life. Between an absent father and a heroine addictof a mother, you can see what I mean. Up to this point I consider myself a pretty independentperson. I like to think that I stand apart from my peers in one way or another. Instead of chasingskirts, I was busy trying to better my future with my hungry knowledge of films. I would like to be adirector someday, but first I have to make it through this shitty part of my life.Berry is interrupted in the middle of his thought by his friend Charlie outside the door. CHARLIEBerry? Berry, are you still in there?BERRYYa. Ya I am. Just give a second OK?CHARLIE Alright.Discouraged that he had just lost the pills on the disgusting bathroom floor. Berry walks out of thebathroom and into the street.EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHTCHARLIEWhat took you so long? Are you feeling OK man?BERRYYeah. I’m good. Can I ask you something?CHARLIEYeah. Yeah. You can ask me anything, you know that.They walk down the street towards a seedy part of town.BERRYDo you ever get the feeling that something is missing? Like... you’re so focused on one thing, thatyou totally forgot about another. Something important, you know? I’m just so fucking fed up withall this bullshit. My mom, my grades, my clothes. Everything in my life is just one giant fuck up.My life is a fuck up.CHARLIEBerry I understand what you feel, but...BERRYHow could you Charlie? You have the perfect life. You have both your parents, great house,great grades, your going to go to college. You have a girlfriend to fuck whenever you want.CHARLIEJust because my life seems great on the outside, doesn’t mean that it is on the outside. Do youhave any idea what kind of stress I have to put up with in order to maintain those grades and anungrateful girlfriend? My parents fucking hate each other and I’m stuck in between all of their bullshit. I don’t need you dragging your problems into my life right now Berry. I need a friend, areal friend. Can you do that? Can you be my friend?BERRYI don’t know.CHARLIEI gotta go. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. 
 EXT. BERRY’S HOUSE - NIGHT As Berry walks up to his house, he hears his parents fighting inside. Berry’s step-father stormsout of the house in a drunken rage. Looking for a fight. Berry’s mother follows Berry’s step-father outside. She is begging Berry’s step-father to stay and keeps clinging onto him. Berry’s step-father strikes Berry’s mother. Berry steps in to save his mother from his step-father’s attacks.STEP FATHER(while holding Berry’s mother on the ground by her hair)Back off boy, before I beat your ass too.BERRYLet her go.STEP FATHER(Still holding Berry’s mother by the hair on the ground.) Are you hard of hearin’ of somthin’ boy? I said stay out of the fuckin’ situation.Berry curling his hand into a fist and looking his step-father in the eye with hate.BERRYI said to let her go.MOTHERBerry, just stay out of this! This isn’t your argument.STEP FATHERYou better listen to your stupid cunt of a mother boy.Berry took a swing at his step-father and struck him in the mouth. Berry’s step-father retaliatedwith a hook to Berry’s gut and knocked Berry to the ground. As Berry lie on the writhing in pain,the step-father spit on Berry. The cops pulled up to the scene. To see Berry on the ground andBerry’s step-father holding Berry’s mother on the ground by her hair. They cuffed Berry’s step-father and took him away.INT. BERRY’S HOUSE - NIGHTBerry and his mother sat in the living room, while she prepped a needle for use.MOTHERThis is all your fault. They never would have taken Bill away if you didn’t show up. He loved memore than you ever could.She sat back in her dirty pink robe and injected the heroine into her arm. She sat there on thesofa relaxed and looking hatefully at Berry.MOTHER (CONT’D)I never should have had you. Your father was the lucky one. He got out when he was smart. Ishould have had you aborted.BERRY Alright, let me make this easier on you, I’m going to leave and I guess I will see you after I get outof school tomorrow. As Berry was heading out of the door, he stopped and turned around to face his mother.BERRY (CONT’D)Mom...MOTHERWhat?BERRYI still love you.Berry continued on out of the door way. He walk to down the street to a park a few blocks awayfrom his house. Berry found a park bench to lie on with a lamp right above it. He was fightingback tears but couldn’t stop himself from bursting out in a crying fit. He lied down (still crying) andtried to sleep.INT. LUNCH ROOM - DAYBerry was sitting alone at a table, when a person he had never seen before came and sat downnext to him.NICHOLASYou’re Berry, right?BERRY

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