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Published by Mitchell Davis

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Mitchell Davis on Sep 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From Homeless toBestselling Authorto Movie Star toHealing Musicianby Mathes Jones
here’s a natural order and sequence to lifethat, as humans, we allunderstand: Night followsday. Crawl before walking.Grapes into wine. Rags toriches. Homeless man turnsglobal bestselling author turns movie star turns #1rated singer/songwriter. Youknow, that kind of thing.Wait – “What’chu talkin’‘bout, Willis?”Actually, it’s
, notwhat, and the answer is Dr.
Joe Vitale, the world’s rst
self-help singer-songwriter.It’s hard to know whatVitale is best known for – his50+ books, his role in thehit movie (and book), “TheSecret,” or the three Grammywinners he attracted for oneof the six albums (
The Heal-ing Song 
) he’s produced inonly two years.Oh, did I mention that amere three years ago he couldonly strum a few chords onthe guitar and had never writ-ten a song – much like PaulMcCartney and John Lennonwho were just learning song-writing
they became theBeatles?
That’s denitely not the
nice, neat, orderly progres-sion we expect of typicalhumans. But Vitale is hardlytypical. He lives in a worldthat looks much differentthan most of ours. Essential-ly, he lives – and sings – whathe teaches.Most (but not all) of his books and writings are in
the self-help eld, and he’s
landed a mass of bestsellers,including
The Attractor  Factor 
 Zero Limits.
 His forthcoming book,
The Remembering Process
, iscurrently being published bythe world’s leading self-help publisher, Hay House, dueout April 2014. His co-author is his music producer, DanielBarrett.Vitale sounds like a man
on re with a mission, and it’s
undoubtedly where his moni-ker,
 Mr. Fire
, comes from(
). The truthis he
on a mission, showingthe world how to use music totap into our mind and body’snatural ability to heal.He calls it
 Healing  Music
. Music’s ability toheal is not a new concept.Itspower has been storiedin ancient text for thou-sands of years of recordedhistory, and today is well doc-umented in medical research,which Vitale describes in hisnew ebook,
(Free at www.HealingMusicBook.com.)While Vitale has a fascinat-ing backstory of homeless tomulti-millionaire, it’s his riseto stardom as a singer-song-writer that’s so compellingtoday.Just how
a personsucceed wildly in all thesedifferent genres?Perhaps it’s because he’sa gifted communicator, anecessary and common de-
nominator in books, lm, and
songwriting. Having spent alifetime learning, applying,and sharing ancient wisdomand current technologies for self-improvement, he’s anexpert in teaching peoplehow to clear limiting beliefsthat keep them from pursuingthe things they really want.But if you ask me, it’ssomething else that’s be-hind his success – somethingVitale refers to as
.“The whole point of per-sonal growth is to clear anynegative, limiting beliefs andgain access to your Divineself,” explains Vitale. “Thegreat goal is to be so clear that when Divinity speaksthrough you, you don’t think,hesitate, or second guessabout a call to take action.You just do it because there’sno interference from the con-scious mind thinking, ‘Oh,should I do it? Am I the one?Do I have the money? Do I
The Secret of a Secret Movie Star

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