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Published by Kissaie Denrazil

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Published by: Kissaie Denrazil on Sep 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Question. 1) UnansweredWhich of the following is not a function of Progesterone?A. Causes increased body temperature.B. Causes some smooth muscle relaxation.C. Causes increased spiral artery growthD. Causes activation of FSH (Correct Answer)Question. 2) UnansweredMean arterial pressure is the product of:A. TPR x SVB. TPR x CO (Correct Answer)C. CO/SVD. SV/EDVQuestion. 3) UnansweredThyroid Hormone T3 does not have which of the following functions?A. Stimulate bone development and growthB. Create beta-adrenergic responsesC. Cause brain developmentD. Decrease calcium re-absorption (Correct Answer)Question. 4) Unanswered
 An ejection fraction can be calculated as:A. SV/TPRB. CO/TPRC. SV/EDV (Correct Answer)D. CO/EDVQuestion. 5) UnansweredWhich of the following is not an anterior pituitary gland secretion?A. TSHB. GHC. Vasopressin (Correct Answer)D. ProlactinQuestion. 6) UnansweredWhich of the following is not a bradykinin effect?A. Elevated capillary permeabilityB. Elevated pain levelsC. Elevated vasodilation responseD. Elevated prothrombin secretion (Correct Answer)Question. 7) Unanswered
Which of the following hormones causes increased atrial pressure and decreases sodium reabsorption inthe kidneys?A. Atrial natriuretic peptide (Correct Answer)B. PTHC. AldosteroneD. VasopressinQuestion. 8) UnansweredDuring phase 3 of the myocardial action potential which ion is moving the most?A. K+ (Correct Answer)B. Ca+C. Na+D. Ca2+Question. 9) UnansweredAn S3 heart sound is often associated with?A. CHF (Correct Answer)B. COPDC. Atrial fib.D. Ventricular fib.Question. 10) UnansweredWhich of the following does not require the pre-cursor progesterone?

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