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reach for your dream worksheet

reach for your dream worksheet

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Published by marco_meduranda

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Published by: marco_meduranda on Jun 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NAVOTAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOLWORKSHEET IN ENGLISH IVNAME: _________________________________Year and Section: _____________ Date:______________A. PRE-READING
 The essay is entitled
"Reach for YourDream."
What do you think is the essayabout? Give three questions which youexpect the essay to answer.1._________________________________ 2._________________________________ 3._________________________________ 
B. Reading the Text
Read the essay silently.
Reach for Your Dream
by David D. Moore
Have you ever dreamed
of sailingaround the world — alone? Or, have youdreamed of running for high politicaloffice, writing a best selling novel,snow-mobiling to the North Pole, findinga cure for cancer, building your own A-frame in the woods, or even of climbingMt. Everest, winning a Grand Prix roadrace, or being awarded a Nobel Prize?
If you have ever dreamed or aspired toaccomplish any of these difficult tasks,or any of a thousand others the humanmind can dream — then, you are alive. You are a feeling, thinking human being,an individual who is spiritually,emotionally and physically alive, fordreams are the deepest expression of creative potential within the humanspirit.
What is a dream?
A dream is thecreation of an idea which developswithin a courageous human mind; and.it is like a seed. If a seed is carefullyplanted at the appointed time in fertilesoil,-and nurtured with proper amountsof water and sunlight, it will spring tolife and flower to maturity. So it is withthe dreams of men. All men who havesucked the breath of life have carried adream in their minds and hearts, butmost dreams have fallen too early ortoo late in the season of life or onsterile minds and cold hearts, or mostoften have through discouragement orfear.
A man with a dream is a man withpromise.
A man in pursuit of a dreamis a roan who is alive. A man who hasachieved a dream is a man who hasexperienced life; and, conversely, aman without a dream is a man who isdead.5.All dreams, however, like every greatand noble aspiration which has flashedin the human mind, are difficult toachieve. Pietro Metasio, an 18th centuryauthor and dreamer wrote: "Every nobleacquisition is attended with its risks; hewho fears to encounter the one mustnot expect to obtain the other." Twoopposing, but mysteriously interrelatedhuman emotions are fear and courage.How many of us have been swept underby fear only to find within ourselves asource of courage beyond our owncomprehension?
Is it not the fear of the unknown, of ourown ability and competence, whichcreates challenge and tests ourwillingness to say, I can? And, is it notthat ensuing drive to meet the testwhich generates courage, which, inturn, is our source of strength to
conquer fear and meet challenge?
 These two elements are always presentin any great dream or aspiration. If,however, fear suffocates our dreams wesurely will fail; if courage sterilizes fearwe will die; but, if a proper mixturepermeates our quest we will succeed. Ittherefore takes courage to dream, forsuccessful dreamers are not weak men,nor are they fools.7.What was the stimulating dream, andwhat were the obstacles John Steinbeckovercame to write his epic novel, "TheGrapes of Wrath?" How deep thedevotion, and how splendid the dreamof Martin Luther King and DagHammarskjold? How magnificent thedream of Thomas Jefferson as hepenned the Declaration, or that o Thomas Paine as he struck "CommonSense?" And, how bold is the dream of Henry Kissinger as he roams the worldin search of peace? All these dreamsproduced a courage in these men farsurpassing their own fears, indeed,even the fear for their own lives.
Remarkable accomplishments? Yes, butthey all began as a seed, an idea, adream a dream not any differentthan any of ours. Any of us can achieveour dreams if we only have the will. James Alien, the early twentieth century
American novelist has written: "You willbecome as small as your controllingdesire; as great as your dominantaspiration." Are we any different thanthose courageous voyagers who havegone before us? If one has the capacityto dream, then he has the ability toachieve that dream. Henry David Thoreau says, "if one advancesconfidently in the direction of hisdreams, and endeavors to live the lifehe has imagined, he will meet with asuccess unexpected in common hours."
Consider how bleak the world would beif Aristotle refused to inquire, Galileorefused to observe, Columbus refusedto sail, Rembrant refused to paint,Luther refused to question, or PatrickHenry refused to speak. What if Mozartrefused to compose, Lincoln refused toact. Weight refused to believe, and VonBraun feared to dream.
The world needs each of ourdreams,
and desperately. Do you havean idea to cure disease — Lister did? Doyou have an idea that will feed thestarving millions — Borlaug did? Do youhave an idea to create happiness formillions — Disney did? Do you have anidea to fight illiteracy and ignorance —Gutenberg did? Do you have an ideaabout mankind — Darwin did? Do youhave an idea for a more workableeconomy — Keynes did? Do you hi;vean idea for humanity — Schweitzer did?Do you have an idea for a story  Tolstoy did? Do you have an idea for agreat adventure Armstrong lid? Doyou have an idea for a painting Michelangelo did? These individualsknew well the meaning of Darwin'sinsight: "A man who dares waste onehour of life has not discovered the valueof life."
What are your dreams?
Do you havean idea for a symphony, a better way tomotivate students, a cure for cancer, apowerful novel, or an answer forpoverty? Hive you had an idea for anew source of power, a non-pollutingengine, eliminating discrimination, oreven world peace? John Kennedy,shortly before his death, said: "A manmay die, nations may rise and fall, butan idea lives on. Ideas have endurancewithout death."
Success can only be achieved if your dream is greater than yourfear and equal to your courage.
Often, the dream must be your guidinglight in a fog-shrouded world of apathyand discouragement, and the dream insome cases must be more importantthan your very life.
Dream and feel the thrust of life!
"Let Us Choose Life," says the famousBarbara Ward. What is life if we fear todream, or create, or hope, or love?Without these antidotes to the poison of apathy we are spiritually andemotionally dead. Life, then, becomesempty, unbearable, senseless, andsterile. Ambassador George Keenan hassaid, "It is not important that life belong, only that it has purpose andmeaning."
 Those who choose to dream of a betterworld — those who question and searchand care and love will need his specialkind of courage, for as Hemingway hasclearly perceived, "If people bring somuch courage to this world, the worldhas to kill them to break them. Theworld breaks every one and afterwardsmany are strong at the broken places.But those that will not break, it kills. Itkills the very good and the very gentleand the very brave impartially."
The world may kill the dreamers,but never the dream.
Inquire into thelife of those who have sought to share anew dream with the world. Did they notcrucify Jesus, stone Copernicus, poisonSocrates, persecute Galileo, degradeDarwin, and kill Lincoln? Did they notimprison Thoreau, ridicule Goddard,excommunicate Luther, humiliateVoltaire, and discredit Lawrence? Forthose who find the courage to think newthoughts, depart from the norm, orattempt to design a better world, theprice will be great, as will be therewards.16.Only those able to overcome fear anddifficulties will experience the full andsplendid delight of human existence. Reachfor your dream, if you dare, and you will graspthe most profound insight of all — the powerand
unlimited potential of the humanspirit
Comprehending the Text
Fill the blanks with the word or phrase thatbest complete the sentence. Encircle theletter that corresponds to your choice.1. The essay is mainly about _______.a. the meaning of a dreamb. reaching for a dream
c. the fear of a dreamd. the uselessness of dreams2. According to the author, the onlypersons who do not dream area. dead c. fearfulb. alive d.directionless3. The qualities associated most likely withdreams area. love and desireb. ambition and drivec. peace and enjoymentd. fear and courage4. The essay states that a dream startswith ______ a. a plan c. an ideab. a seed d. a challenge5. To make his definition concrete, theauthor likens a dream to aa. seed c. heartb. Dower d. challenge6. The writer asserts that all greatachievements began as _____.a. challenges c. acts of courageb. objects of fear d. dreams7. The essay emphasizes the point that tohave a meaningful and full existence, wehave to_______.a. be contented with our dreamsb. courageously pursue our dreamsc. keep on dreaming and waitd. meet challenges8. By enumerating famous names, thewriter drives home the point that thecivilization we have and the life we nowenjoy we owe to________________ a. scientists c.philosophersb. artists d.dreamers9. The primary purpose of the writer is to ______.a. explain dreamsb. name famous personsc. give the importance of dreamsd. inspire readers to .follow theirdreams to reality10. To support his statements orarguments, the writer gives manya. definitions c. examplesb. comparisons d.quotations
Discuss the following questions:
1. What is the essay about?2. Why does the writer compare a dream toa seed? Do you agree?3. What do fear and courage contribute tothe fulfillment of a dream?4. Name one person mentioned in theessay. Tell about his/her dream andachievement.5. What is the most important thing youmust have to achieve your dream?
Extracting and Organizing Information
1.Read the part that tells about theimportance of dreams.2.Read the paragraph that shows thatone can kill a dreamer, but not adream.3.Read the paragraph that challengesus to reach fro our dream.
GRAMMAR: Sentence vs. Fragments
A. Write S on the blank if the word-group isa complete sentence. Write F if it is afragment or not a complete sentence. _____ 1. The people were dreaming of freedom- _____ 2. The people dreaming of freedom _____ 3. When they dreamed of freedom _____ 4. The people won their freedom afteryears of struggle. _____ 5. Without good leadership, theirdream will not come true. _____ 6. Freedom is worth fighting for _____ 7. Without the people's help andguidance _____ 8. The old woman walking slowly intothe dimly-lighted room. _____ 9. No person in this world can buyhappiness. _____10. The princess wore a gown of blackvelvet.B. Indicate whether the fragment is a
(P) or a
(C). Write P or C onthe blank _____ I. by writers imbued with the spirit of romanticism _____ 2. one t f the most controversialtimes in literature and art _____ 3. among the foremost writers of thenew romantic school _____ 4. whose poetic drama remains oneof the great plays of the Western world. _____ 5. with its sense of mystery and thepreternatural _____ 6. that the romantic writers couldseem self-centered

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