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Brief Biography Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah1

Brief Biography Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah1

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Brief biography Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah1
Brief biography Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah1

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 Brief biography Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah (R.A.) (Naib-e-Rasool) Rahamatabad Sharif.
The shrine is located in India‟s southern state of Andhra Pradesh, in
the village called
 Rahamatabad Sharif 
(also known as A.S.Peta), whichis at a distance of 55 kilometres from Nellore (District) and 12kilometres from Atmakur (Taluk). The place is well connected by roadto major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.History : Rahmatabad is a well known place which has the shrine (Dargah) of Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah Nayeb-e-Rasool. He lived from 1110A.H. to 1195 A.H. (1694 AD to 1781 AD) and when King AurangzebAlamgir had just put an end to the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bejapur in1686 AD, eight years earlier that the birth of Khaja Nayeb-e-Rasool. Biography:
Hazrat Syed Khaja Rahmatullah (R.A), Naib-e-Rasool,also called as Babajan by Hindus and Muslims alike.A revered Sufi saint and a Hussaini Syed(descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) of the highest order, whoseentire life was a reflection of Shar-E-Nabavi (S.A.W.), whose every breath reminiscent of Zikirullah (remembrance of Allah), having
undertaken Bay‟ah (
When the disciple makes a pledge (Bay'ah) to aMurshid(spiritual master) the disciple becomes initiated as a Murid)from the following four traditions(Silsila),Quadri,Chishti,Naqshbandi,and,Rifaai. In his mausoleum to his left lies the Mazar-e-Aqdas (holy grave) of his wife Hazrat Syeda Habeeba Khatoon (R.A) fondly referred to byvisitors as Ammajan. Native place. A brief description about Syed Khaja Rahmatullah can also be found
in „
Tazkira Auliya-E-
on page 363 author by Abdul Jabbar KhanMalkapuri wherein it is mentioned that Syed Khaja Rahmatullah's father upon his arrival from Tauran, stayed for a brief while with the Asif Jah(Awwal) and thereafter he was appointed as the
at the JamiaMasjid at Belgaum (Karnataka). Hazrat Syed Khaja Alam married inBelgaum which was also the birthplace of Syed Khaja Rahmatullah.
The Sheikh‟s (Khaja Rahmatullah) date of expiry has been given as 26
Rabbi UL Awwal 1195 of Hijri Calender. His age has been given as 85Hijri years and thus his year of birth can be counted back to 1110 Hijri.
The above details are available in some different way in book „
by Mohammed Ali Khan Mujdaddi that his father HazratKhwaja Alam was a revered Sufi saint and he was belonging toHussaini Sye
 (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima)family of the highest order and belonged to a native of Tauran. His parents were arriving in India. His father lived for a longtime along with Asif Jah Awwal in Belgaum village in district Bejapur.He was married with a pious lady of good character and who was wellknown for his daily prayers and her practice of 
(Islamic law) inBejapur.
The readers are kindly informed that all the details of this episodeare t
ranslated from Urdu into English from the book „
 Faizan Auliya’ 
byMohammed Ali Khan Mujdaddi. Events.He was born in the year 1110 A.H.in Bejapur and his father wasnamed him as Syed Rahmatullah and he was later became famous andwell known as Naib-e-
Rasool (deputy of the Allah‟s last prophet). In his
childhood period his mother left this world.Migration.When he was in his younger age thenhe was suffering some major  problems and difficulties in his life and which are mentioned in thefollowing paragraph. Hazrat Khaja Rahmatullah lost his mother at a veryearly age after which his father Hazrat Khwaja Alam was married for the second time.As his father was married to another lady and his stepmother 
behaviour was not well with him so for this reasonSyedKhwaja Rahmatullah took permission from his father and he wasmigrated from his native place Bejapur to Kurnool and he settled downthere in the house of his maternal aunt and it is noted that for theabove reasons he came there from Bejapur and he wasstaying with amaternal aunt in Kurnool. His maternal aunt is well known and famousfor his piousness and good character.She has tried hard for his educational development and training soshe has arranged his formal education and training in Kurnool. Duringthe short period of time he was becoming perfect in many knowledges. He's saying and all actions were becoming perfect and his life was becoming a reflection of 
it means his life was become as
 per practice and teaching of Allah‟s last prophet. Till his education and
training he was under the care of his aunty so he began his try to findhis livelihood and legal earning so for this reason he was approachedwith the ruler of Kurnool for the service there and took employment inthe his royal stable.After some time he was appointed as the custodianof two royal horses under the Nawab of Kurnool.Love of Allah.He was engaged in the service with the ruler of Kurnool for the short period of time and after some time suddenly there was passion started in

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