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Past Papers

Past Papers

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Published by Rajitha Shehan

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Published by: Rajitha Shehan on Sep 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I am still working on the complete list but I will update it within the next two weeks!Please come back in two weeks for updates!Describe an interesting event in history you know about.- What the event was- When and where it occurred- Who was leading the event- And explain why you think it was interestingDescribe a party you would like to arrange for your friends or family- Who you would invite to the party- When and where you would hold this party- What you and your guests would do at this party- And explain why you would like to hold this partyDescribe the type of clothes that you usually like to wear- What type or style of clothes they are- Where you usually buy these clothes- How often you buy them- And explain why you like this style of clothesDescribe a person who visited your home- Who the person was- When the person visited you- What you and the person did together- And explain how you felt about the visitDescribe a book you recently read- What book it was- What the book was about- Why you read it- And explain why you would like to read it againDescribe a special meal you were treated to- Where you were invited to- Who invited you- What you ate- And explain how you felt about the mealDescribe another language in addition to English and your own language that youwould like to learn- What this language is and where it is spoken- How you would learn it- What equipment or facilities you would need to study this language- And explain why you want to learn this languageDescribe something that made you laugh a lot
- What it was- When it happened- Who you were with- And explain why you still remember this eventDescribe an interesting person you met recently- Who the person was- When and where you met the person- What you did together- And explain why you think this person is interestingDescribe an advertisement that made you buy something- What kind of advertisement it was- When and where you saw this advertisement- What product it advertised- And explain why you decided to buy this productDescribe an unusual job you would like to do in the future- What job it would be- What you would do in that job- Why this job is unusual- And explain why you would like to do that jobDescribe a perfect holiday you would like to have in the future- Who you will go with- Where you will go on holiday- What you will do in this holiday- And explain why you think it will be a perfect holidayDescribe something you to do keep healthy- What you do- When and how often you do it- How often you do it- And explain how it benefits your healthDescribe a seaside place you like to visit- Where it is- What you like about it- What you do there- And explain why you like to visit itDescribe a trip you took by public transport- When and where you went- Why you made the trip- What you did on the trip- And explain how you felt about the tripDescribe your favourite method of communication (e.g. telephone, letter, text)- What it is
- What are the advantages- When you use it- And explain why it is your favourite method of communication
Here are the Speaking Part 2 questions for May to August. There are more, but I can onlyconfirm them next week. Which ones do you find most difficult? Good luck with yourpreparation!1. Describe a rule in school you like or dislike2. Describe a seaside place3. Describe an occasion when you were visited4. Describe a trip by public transportation5. Describe a healthy lifestyle6. Describe an interesting radio station program7. Describe a party you would like to organize for friends and family8. Describe a country you like (other than the one you live in)9. Describe an old person you respect10. Describe a funny or interesting story or film from your childhood11. Describe an interesting event in history12. Describe a time you learned something useful from others13. Describe something that made you feel happy recently14. Describe an interesting person you met recently15. Describe a photograph16. Describe a street for shopping17. Describe a science lesson you had (such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics)18. Describe an outdoor activity you like doing19. Describe a place you have been to for study or work20. Describe a music group / band / singer in your country21. Describe a good teacher22. Describe a place where people go to listen to music23. Describe a shopping experience you were satisfied with24. Describe a picnic25. Describe a decision you regret26. Describe your behaviour when you win an award

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