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Published by madhukar

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Published by: madhukar on Jun 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Arnica: - Injury, Sprains, Head Injury.Calendula Ointment: - Ex In Local Dressing of Wound & Cut.Cantharis: - Burning Pain, Healing.Cocculus: - Carsickness.Glonoine: - Sunstroke.Hypericum: - Nerve Injury, Crushed Finger, Painful Animal Bite, Laceration.Ledum: - Tetanus, Puncture Wound, Insect Bite.Rhus Tox: - Strain, Muscle Stiffness, Aching.Symphytum: - Bone Injury, Fractures.12 tissue remedies – 12 inorganic saltsOf Lime, Calcaria PhosOf Iron, Ferum PhosPHOSPHATES of Potash, Kali PhosOf Sodium, Natrum PhosOf Magnesia, Mag PhosCHLORIDES of Potash, Kali MurOf Sodium, Natrum MurSULPHATES of Sodium, Natrum SulphOf Potash, Kali SulphFluoride of Lime: – Calcaria Fluorica & Quartz, Silica.01 Calcaria Fluorica: - Piles, Gumboils, Tumors.02 Calc. Phos: - Defective Nutrition, Imperfect Growth, Dentition, Acute Illness,Healthy Bones.03 Calc. Sulph: - Suppurations.04 Fer Phos: - Anemia, Acute Fever, Congestion, Bleeding Piles.05 Kali Phos: - Nervous Condition, Sleeplessness, Prostration, Loss of MenstrualVigour, Brain Fag.06 Kali Mur: - Chronic Catarrhal Illness, Croup, Diphtheria, Dysentery, Pneumonia,Indigestion.07 Kali Sulph: - Chronic Skin Disorder, Inflammations.08 Mag. Phos: - Cramps, Abdominal Colic’s & Hiccoughs [Use with Hot Water]09 Nat. Mur: - Headache, Toothache, Face Ache, Diarrhea, Leucorrhoea.10 Nat. Phos: - Hyperacidity, Sour Vomiting.11 Nat. Sulph: - Gastric Bilious Condition, Dropsy, Liver Disease, Living In Damp.12 Silica: - Pus, Healthy Hair.BIO COMBINATION NUMBER01 Anemia02 Asthma, Whooping Cough, Chest Pain03 Abdominal Colic’s04 Constipation05 Coryza, Inflammatory Febrile Catarrhal Condition06 Cough with Coryza, Acute Bronchitis07. Diabetes08 Diarrheas during Dentition09 Dysentery with Mucus, Blood, Slimy Stool
10 Tonsillitis11 Fever12 All Type Of Headaches13 Leucorrhoea14 Measles15 Menstrual Disorder16 Nervous Exhaustion, Lassitude, Depression, Night Terror, Impaired Memory,Confusion, Insomnia17 Piles18 Pyorrhea, Gumboils, Teeth & Bleeding Gums, Looseness19 Acute Rheumatism20 Skin Disease, Acne, Crack, Eczema, Psoriasis21 Teething Trouble in Child22 Enlarged Gland, Dry or Suppurating23 Toothache24 Tonic 4 Nerve & Brain, Mental & Physical Weakness, Overwork25 Gastric Disturbance, Hyper Acidity, Sour Eructation, Bilious Vomiting, GastricHeadache26 Prevent Miscarriage, Relive Labour Pain, and Promote Easy Delivery27 Sexual System of Both Regulating Hormonal & Nervous System28 Combination of 12 Tissue Salt [Tonic]Dose4 Tab. 3 Times/DayDISEASE AND REMEDYAbsess [Boil] Hepar Sulph 200 [4 Pill 3 Tds]Acidity Natrum Phos 3x [4 Pill 3tds], Nox Vomica 30, Robinea 30Acne Berb Aq ‘Q’ 10-15 Drop In Water 2 Tds Ir, Crab Apple 4 Pill 4tds, Calc Sulph 6x,Manjisthadi Kadha,Adenoids Calc Iod 6 [4 Pill 2 Tds 3 Mth]Ageing [Premature] Selenium 30Alopecia Phos 30Anemia Biocombination 1 [4 Tab 3 Tds], Fer Met 30Appendicitis Ferum Phos 3x, Belladonna 30, Iris T 30 [After Every 15 Min]Asthma Grindelia Q + Blatta Q + Luffa Op 6x [15 Drop 3 Tds]Backache Mag Phos 6x [4 Tab 2 Tds]Bad Body Odour Sulphur 30Bad Breath Merc Sol 30Baldness In Young Bart Carb 30Bed Wetting Cina 30 [4 Pill 2 Tds], Kali Phos 3x, Silica 12xBirth Spot Lycopodium 30Blackheads Asterias R 30Blackish Skin Carb Veg 30Breast [Cracked] Sarsaparilla 6Breast [Undeveloped] Onosmodium 30Breast Atrophy Pitutarine 200, Onosmodium 6, Sabal Ser 30, K.Iod.30Bronchitis Ferum Phos 6x, *Stodal Cough SyrupBurns *Calendula Q, *Cantharis 30 [4 Pill/Hr.], Hep. Sulph 30 [4 A Week Septic AfterBurn]Cataract Cineraria [Eye Drop]Chicken Pox Ferum Phos 6x, Kali Mur 6xCholera *Veratrum Alb 30, *Cuprum Met 30Cold & Flu AF 200 [4 Tab 4 Tds], Sanguinaria Q
Colic *Colocynth 6 [4 Pill/2hr.], *Mag Phos 6x [4 Pill In Warm Water/Hr.], Chamomila200Colitis [Dysentery] Ipecac 30, Merc Cor 30Conjunctivitis Ferum Phos 3x, Euphrasia 30Constipation Bio No.4, Parafin 30 [Child], Nox Vomiva 30 [Adult]Corns Thuja Q [Liq.], Thuja 30 [2tds]Cramps In Calf Currum Met 200 [1 Dose Daily] Ir, Mag Phos 3x [3 Pill 3 Tds]Dandruff Nat Mur 6x, Mezerium 30, Kali Sulph 6xDental Prob. [Pyorrhea, Gingivitis] Homeodent Tooth PasteDentition Calc Carb 30 [Morning], Chamomila 30 [Evening], Calc Phos 3x [3 Pill 3Tds]Dentition [Delayed 4 Child] Denton [Tab/ Syrup]Depression & Anxiety Tranquil [2 Tab 4 Tds]Diabetes Bio No.7, Syzigium Jam Q [15 Drop/Day], Dibonil [10-15 Drop In 1/4th CupOf Water Before 1/2hr. Of Meal]Dysmenorrhoea [Painful Menstruation] Dysmin [4 Tab 4 Tds]Ear Wax Conium 30Earache *Chamomila 30, Mullein [4 Drop 4tds]Eyes [Black Around] Phos Acid 30, *Kali Phos 6xFace [Sunken] Ant Tart 30Falls/Injury *Arnica 30, Ledum P 200 [Prevent Tetanus]Fatty Abdomen [Female] Sepia 200Fatty Abdomen [Male] Amonium Mur 30Fever Aconite 30, *Bio No.11Fissure Acid Nit 30 [Morning], Ratanhia 30 [4 Pill]Fissure & Piles FP 200 [Tab/Ointment] [4tab 4tds,Ointment 2tds]Fracture Calc Carb 30 [Morning], Sympthytum 30 [Evening], Calc Phos 6x [3 Pill 3Tds]Green Spot Conium 30Growth [Retarded] Calc Phos 30, Rite-Hite [2 Tab Once In A Week]Hair [Brittle] Kali Carb 30Hair [Curly] Mezerium 30Hair [Dry] Ambra Gr. 30Hair [Greasy] Bryonia 30Hair [Lusterless] Thuja 30Hair [Sticks Together] Nat Mur 30Hair [Tangles Easily] Borox 30Hair [Unwanted Facial] Oleum Jac 6, Thyroidinum 200, Medorrhinum 200 [History Of Gonorrhoea], AshokaristHair Falling / Graying Lycopodium 30 [Morning], Siliea 6x [5-6 Mth], Phos 30 [Falling] / Jaborandi 6x [Hair Oil], [Graying], Phos Acid 30 [Evening], Silica 12x, All Hair ProbMontana Oil & ShampooHairy Body Female Thyroidinum 30Headaches [All Type] Relaxhed [5-6 Drop/3-4tab 4tds]Heart Problem Tonicard* Gold Drop [20-30 Drop 3 Tds]Height [Increase] Calc Phos 1000 [Every Week], Thyroidinum 200, Pitutarin 200[Once In Mth]Hemorrhoids [Piles] Fer Phos 6x, Calc Flour 6xHiccoughs Mag Phos 6x [4 Tab/Hr In Warm Water]Hormonal Obesity [Female] Cimicifuga 30Hypermetropia Sepia 200Ill Effect Of Grief & Tension Kali Phos 30Ill Effect Of Pollution Ambrs Gr.30 / Echinacea 30

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