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Revolutionary Road...

Revolutionary Road...

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Published by: api-13883846 on Jun 17, 2009
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Revolutionary Road...
Revolution Or Not?
Will Be Continued...
Refresh every second !
TI MESONLI NE:17.35 Saeed Valadbaygi, a blogger who

writesRevolutionary Road from inside I ran, has posted a num ber of videos apparently from I sfahan University where student protesters were targeted. I f you ask to befriends

w ith him on Facebookyou will be able to see footage of
injured students receiving treatm ent.
BBC:Saeed Valadbaygi's"Revolutionary Road" blog puts

together pictures and videos which have been posted on
blogs, YouTube and Facebook. Warning: this website m ight
contain graphic im ages.

LE MONDE:Sur les sites de partage de vid\u00e9os ou de photos,
sur des blogs ou sur des sites I nternet publi\u00e9s depuis
l'\u00e9tranger, les I raniens oppos\u00e9s \u00e0 Mahm oud Ahm adinejad
t\u00e9moignent des manifestations et publient des documents
am ateurs. Des docum ents \u00e0 consid\u00e9rer avec le recul im pos\u00e9
par l'incertitude concernant leurs sources.Les blogTehran
24ou Revolutionary Roadcollectent des clich\u00e9s sur les
\u00e9m eut es
NOTI CE:Go to the past post for watching all pics and videos
Unfortunately som e of our videos are on the Facebook and
we can't m ove here
m ore news over theFacebook:
Latest new s from iran
> > >Tehran bazaar strike against killing of protestors:

Many m erchants in the bazaar in Tehran, including textile
traders, on Monday went on strike, and parts of the bazaar
were closed down.Merchants had on Monday said in a
statem ent they would go on strike on Tuesday.

Since this m orning large sections of the bazaar have been
closed. The m erchants are on strike against the barbaric
killing of people who took part in the courageous uprising
about me...
saeed valadbaygi
View m y com plete
Ju n e(18)
Rev olution Or Not?
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specter of Rev elot...
I nterview with keren betzalel
from Channel 2 New s ...
A specter is haunting I ran: the
specter of Rev elot...
A specter is haunting I ran: the
specter of Rev elot...
Interview with Dom agoj
Margetic from :w eb m agazine
I ran:Riot in tehran streets after
election day( 4) ...
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election day( 3) ...
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election day( 2)
I ran:Riot in tehran streets after
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On today 's presidential
'election' in I ran: Prosec...
9 reasons w hy the 'presidential
election' in I ran ...
I RAN:Holy w ar against the
hum anity in kurdistan 19...
Colour- coded cartoons poke
fun at I ran's election ...
Iran: Highlights from Islamic
Republic' election T...
Iran: Highlights from Islamic
Republic' election T...
W PI protests attendance of the
I ranian regim e at I ...
Revolutionary Road...
against the I slam ic Republic.
Sim ultaneously on Tuesday, I ranians in Paris, London,

Washington DC, Berlin, Stockholm , Gothenburg, The Hague, and Trondheim (Norway) will hold protests in solidarity with the I ranian people s nationwide uprising.

> > >120 professors resign and join sit-in by students in
Tehran University:

A sit-in by students from the Tehran University in protest to the brutal suppression of fellow students, in particular during the recent dorm itory raid, continues in the university

m osque. Farhad Rahbar, an agent who was appointed by
Mahm oud Ahm adinejad as dean of the university attem pted
to join the students in order to prevent any escalation of
their actions, but his presence was m et with further protests.
Agents of the Revolutionary Guards late on Sunday raided
the university dorm itory and assaulted and arrested m any of
the students.
I n another developm ent, m ore than 120 university
professors collectively resigned in protest to the killings of
students by suppressive forces, and they joined the
protest ers.
> > >Thousands of protestors arrested in I ran:

The widespread arrest of young protestors and opponents of the regim e in Tehran and m ost other cities which began on Saturday has gained new dim ensions. Thousands have so far been arrested.

About 900 of the detainees have been transferred to
Tehran s notorious Evin Pr ison. Som e 350 have been put in

solitary confinem ent in Evin and the others are being held in Ward 240 of the prison. A num ber of the detained have been taken to safe-houses of the Ministry of I ntelligence and

Security (MOI S).
Those arrested in I sfahan have been transferred to wards A-I
of the city s central prison, which are run by the MOI S, and
the detainees in Mashhad have been transferred to Vakil-
Abad Prison.

Anti-riot forces attacked protests by hundreds of relatives of those arrested who were dem onstrating outside the regim e s Justice Departm ent office in Tehran.

I n recent days, dozens of protestors have been killed and
hundreds injured.
> > >Uprising in Babol, Babolsar, Am ol, Qazvin, Ahwaz and
Bandar Abbas:

Som e 3,000 students and locals protested in Babol late on Monday. The protest began at 9:00 pm and continued until after the m idnight. Many banks and governm ent buildings were seriously dam aged. Agents of the State Security Force (SSF) and special anti-riot forces, and plainclothes agents attacked the dem onstrators and arrested a num ber of the

students. Suppressive forces used water cannons to disperse
the crowd. A num ber of m otorc
cles belon
to the
Houzan Mahm oud
Religious superstitions, law s
and custom s are a disgrace of
the 21st century- Religious
superstitions, laws and customs
are a disgrace of the 21st century
In the m em ory of Du a Khalil
Aswad and in condem nation of
the flogging in publ...
2 months ago
Maryam Nam azie
I ran: At least 21 killed and
hundreds w ounded- From the
WPI Press Centre: Last night
professors of Tehran University
started a sit-in at the university
in protest to the attacks of
security agents on Su...
2 hours ago
Mouvem ent socialiste m ondial
Bulletin de v ote original-
Trouv\u00e9 dans une urne lors des

r\u00e9centes \u00e9lections europ\u00e9ennes. \u00ab Mon cher et vieux pays, nous voici donc \u00bb (les m outons du troupeau qui \u00e9lisons nos bergers ...

3 days ago
SB new s
Maryam Namazie and Hamid
Taqvaee ( WPI)-
13 hours ago
Syndicalism e de lutte
Rassem blem ent le 10 juin au
TGI de Ly on- Solidarit\u00e9 avec
Alexandre et Tayeb, Syndicalistes
FSE poursuivis pour des faits dont
ils ne sont pas les auteurs! Le
lundi 27 avril, 5 \u00e9tudiants de
2 weeks ago
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Revolutionary Road...
the crowd. A
n u m b e r o f m o t o r c y c le s b e lo n g in g t o t h e
suppressive forces were set on fire. At least 100 people have
in recent days been arrested in Babol, Am ol and Babolsar.
Students of Qazvin University and other young people
protested in various streets in Qazvin, chanting "death to the
dictator". Suppressive security forces attacked the
dem onstrators but encountered resistance. A num ber of
banks and state owned autom obiles were seriously dam aged
in these confrontations.
Ahwaz also witnessed day-long protests and confrontations
between students and youths and the suppressive forces.
Som e 10,000 people rallied in Bandar Abbas in the afternoon

on Monday. Despite the presence of security forces, Resalat Avenue was crowded with dem onstrators who were chanting anti-governm ent slogans. They chanted "death to the

dictator, be it Shah or the doctor (a reference to
Ahm adinejad)".
> > >Students stage sit-ins, chant death to collaborator in
protest to Moussavi's statem ent:
On the third day of a sit-in by students in Sharif University of
Technology, the State Security Force prevented over 1,000
students from entering the cam pus. At noon, students broke
the m ain gate and entered the university.
Meanwhile, in the University of Tehran students reacted
strongly to a statem ent on Tuesday by Mir-Hossein Moussavi
calling on people not to take part in a rally later in the day.

Angry students chanted death to collaborator, No
com prom ise, No surrender, Fight the dictator, They are
shedding blood.

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Revolutionary Road...

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