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Reasons for Embracing the Gospel.

Reasons for Embracing the Gospel.

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" Come, for all things are now ready." ST. LUKE xiv. 17.

" Come, for all things are now ready." ST. LUKE xiv. 17.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REASOS FOR EMBRACIG THE GOSPEL.BY REV. ERSKIE MASO, D.D.," Come, for all things are now ready." ST. LUKE xiv. 17.IT is not so much upon the nature of the invitation presented in the text, as upon the reasons forembracing it, that we design to insist this morning.We take it for granted, as a point not now in dispute, that the offer of the Gospel is full, free,universal no terms could be used to express itmore general and unrestricted. Whatever theGospel may be, whatever it may involve, it is amessage for all " Go, preach my Gospel to everycreature," is the commission under which it is announced to the world. It is meant for man where-ever he may be, in whatever circumstances placed,whatever may be his character, his experiences,his hopes, or his fears for man, as man for manas a creature of time for man as an heir of immortality for man as a sinner, who needs forgiveness for man as lost, who needs recovering andrenewing influences. If there is a human beingwho has never sinned, the Gospel is not for him.REASOS FOE EMBRACIG THE GOSPEL. 59If there is one who is perfectly satisfied with, himself, who has no trials, no weaknesses, no wants,the Gospel is not for him. It goes upon the presumption that we are a race of fallen creatures, whohave sinned against God, and have forsaken the fountain of living waters, and makes a provision for usas such, and it is our want which brings us within itsscope and under its blessed influence ; and amongthose to whom its message has come, the first
human being is yet to be found who is excludedfrom its offers. " Whosoever will, may come andtake of the waters of life freely," is the free and untrammelled invitation we are commissioned to utter.It is worthy of remark, moreover, that the Gospeldeals with men, not in the mass, but as individuals.It is a message for the world, only as it is a messagefor each and every man in the world it is a provision for you and for me, as truly as though therewere no other beings in existence to whom it couldhave any reference, and then only do we understandit, when we look upon it and listen to it as an invitation addressed to us individually. These positionsI take to be incontrovertible. If I had doubtshere, I should be at a loss how to preach the Gospel. If it was not certain to my mind, that its provisions were meant for each and every one of you,and were tendered to each and every one of you, Ishould not dare to preach it to any of you, for insaying " Come, for all things are now ready," Imight be uttering an untruth.It is upon the ground then of this doctrine, thatI come this morning to speak to you, my hearer,60 REASOS FOE EMBRACIG THE GOSPEL.as an individual, and I wish you to isolate yourself from all others, and listen to my text, as addressedto you personally. Sinful, weary, dissatisfied, unhappy man, Christ says, there is pardon, and rest,and fulness of joy for you. " All things are ready ;"come, embrace his offer, and receive his blessings.To urge this invitation upon your acceptance is mypresent design, by simply setting before you someof the reasons by which it is enforced. If the Gospel is true, if it is what it proclaims itself to be,if you are what it represents you to be, if you
must be what it commands you to be, then youhave in the Gospel itself, in the principles which itunfolds, in the provisions which it makes, in thestern necessity of obedience which it imposes, overwhelming reasons for embracing it. othing, Icare not what it is, commends itself so strongly toyour mind almost any thing else you can dispensewith fix your mind upon any thing, I care notwhat it is, however strong your attachments to itmay be, you can do without it ; but you cannot dowithout the gospel. If the Bible is true, you cannotdo without an interest in Jesus Christ ; and this isthe great reason why you should embrace it.oWj in unfolding this reason, it is no part of mydesign to enter upon an extended argument toprove the truth of the gospel, nor upon an extended illustration of its principles, its provisions, andits claims. I shall find the materials of my appealto-day in your own clearly settled views and convictions upon these points, in your experiences, inyour conscious need of something which you do notREASOS FOB EMBEACIG THE GOSPEL. 61now possess, and which you are satisfied you canfind in the gospel.1. First, then, you believe that the gospel istrue ; perhaps upon no one point are your convictions so full, and clear, and decided. Youavow yourself a believer in the Bible ; you couldnot, with your present views and feelings, bringyourself to take the position of the Atheist, orthe Infidel, or to "sit in the seat of the scornful ;" you would not wish that your nearest friendshould suspect even that your sympathies mighthave such a tendency. It would injure your repu

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