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Did George Washington ever sleep here?
Brophy. Is Lieutenant around?
We mustn't be angry with Mortimer
You know I'm not a swearing man
Stop the nonsense! I won't be a minute
Now don't do that again. Do you hear me?
The Army and Navy are ready for action
What's this? The Oregon?
The stairs are always San Juan Hill
Splendid idea! A very pleasant place
That's bully! Just bully!
Abby! While I was out?
Wait a minute. And her brooch
He did? What did he say?
Please! For heaven's sake!
Let everyone in Brooklyn over 16 look
You'll see it often. It goes just before this
I can handle Father. He's a dear
Niagara Falls?
I wonder what Mary's doing now?
What? Now?
We're married. Elaine and I are married
Isn't it wonderful? They're married!
It's all ready. It's been ready since--
You mean Mind Over Matrimony?
Let's find them before Elaine sees them
Just the thought of Jonathan frightens me
He's a Mr. Hoskins. Adam Hoskins
He's a Methodist? lsn't that nice
Wait! Stop all this
...because Reverend Harper was coming
Then I must be here
Twelve. Twelve!
Never mind about that. Just sit down
Mr. Midgely. He was a Baptist
Old Judge Cullman!
I wonder if I got his number
What am I doing with tickets?
What's wrong? Look at your hair
What color is it? Has it turned?
Who? Judge Cullman?
But it's a matter of life and... Elaine!
How do you do? Come in
Are your family Brooklyn people?
I can see the headlines now. Please
Hello! Hell--
What I mean is
Mr. Witherspoon speaking
Bonaparte. And if--
Where's my hat? There it is
Stop that. What is it?
Mr. Hoskins' hat!
Wait a minute! What am I doing?
Shame! Such a nice hat
What were you saying about Mortimer?
Yes. The poor dears
Now I'm glad to escape back into it
Aunt Abby. Aunt Martha
It's Jonathan
Dr. Einstein is responsible for that
But I've seen that face before
We have no hotel. We came here directly
Come here. Quick
The Panama Canal
And it just fits Mr. Spenalzo
Mr. Hoskins!
I've never even seen Mr. Hoskins!
But you must be very tired. Both of you
-It's time I came home to take care of you
Now! Turn out the lights
Aunt Abby
Help me. He's so heavy
Now I have him. Now I got him
Now I've got him!
Aunt Abby!
Aunt Martha!
I'm Elaine Harper. I live next door
Why did you say your name was Harper?
It's all right. It's okay
May I present Dr. Einstein?
Dr. Einstein?
I see. Is that why you came over here?
Holy... What's that?
It is Jonathan!
How could I forget you?
Where'd you get that face? Hollywood?
Mr. Spenalzo
What's going to happen to Mr. Spenalzo?
Wait! Who's this Mr. Spenalzo?
A friend of ours Johnny was looking for
No! It was Jonathan!
Windowseat. Witherspoon
But didn't you hear what I was just saying?
What kind of a doctor? A family doctor?
Ye gods! There's another one!
Aunt Abby! Aunt Martha!
We told you. Mr. Hoskins
It is not Mr. Hoskins!
A total stranger. How can I believe you?
No. Don't
Officer O'Hara!
You got company? Sorry I disturbed you
Now get going! All three of you
I never did like Mortimer
Of course. She was my mother
I thought I told you
Now what are you going to tell O'Hara?
How about the backroom at Kelly's?
You ring in and I'll meet you at Kelly's
Where are those papers? There they are
The moment I get Spenalzo
He must mean Mr. Hoskins
Mr. Hoskins?
Crowded? With what?
Three in Chicago and one in South Bend
All I need is one more
That's all. Just one more
And I've a pretty good idea who it is
What? Did I say
I'll bring Teddy out
It's Halloween
Certainly. Welcome to Washington
That's the way I love you
You see? Didn't I tell you?
Martha and I are going for the police
You know what Jonathan's doing?
No! I am tired
We'll do it tomorrow. Or the next day
A secret proclamation? How unusual
So I have. Wait here
Johnny's in a bad mood. Get out!
And then things happen. Horrible things
Please. Only for dramatic critics
There's a man... Now listen to this
All right. Let's get it over with
But I cannot see this without the drink
We have to work fast. The quick way
Mayor Fiorello La Guardia!
The scene changes. It's an evolving stage
I better let them know that I found you
At the Brewster house
The Lieutenant is on his way over
So I've been turned in?
Now I'll do some turning in!
Don't! Sarge!
Fight. Go on and fight
I got something better. Let me tell you--
The papers are all signed. What do I care?
It did. Isn't that amazing?
Boris... Turn him over
Now go on. Report in
No wonder Brooklyn's in the shape it's in
Dear me! Another yellow-fever victim?
Teddy's going to go to Happy Dale tonight
He signed it Theodore Roosevelt!
Mr. Brewster?
Mr. Witherspoon is here
Take away the "B" and what have you got?
That's all right! Do that again for me
Never mind! Give me that pen
You will take good care of Teddy?
Something I've been working on
Captain! Captain!
Now I go on my hunting trip to Africa!
Bully! Bully!
And Happy Dale is full of staircases
How can you allow this? You promised
"There is a Happy"
He got it. It's amazing
Teddy committed himself. Couldn't they?
Aren't you going to wait for Jonathan?
Talks with a German accent
But Dr. Einstein!
You'll both be very happy at Happy Dale
You mean I'm not really a Brewster?
It's true! I saw them. It's true
It's true! There are 13 bodies down there!
But I saw them--
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Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Movie Script

Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Movie Script

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Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Movie Script
Arsenic and Old Lace 1944 Movie Script

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Published by: vanveen1967 on Sep 03, 2013
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