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20090617 Debbie Chaplin Email Permission

20090617 Debbie Chaplin Email Permission

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Published by Mario

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Published by: Mario on Jun 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mario Koppers
Debbie Chaplin [debbiechaplin@telkomsa.net]
17 June 2009 08:36 AM
Marc Ashton
edwafinclass@chromatique.com; myrle
Fw: Myrle & Debbie - my apologies
D Chaplin.pdfHi Marc/Mario
I emailed you both last week regarding who the directors of Edwafin were. I am forwarding you email correspondencethat took place between myself and Patrick Stapletonduring March this year, 3 months after I had left. I was an equity consultant for Edwafin for 2 years before resigning.
I have also attached a letter of appology received from all the Directors as at the 12 March 2009. This letter ofappology I believe was to try and stop us(Myrle Winchester and Myself) and others from investigating Edwafin/Patrick any further, it did little but increase ourdetermination to expose Patrick for the despicabale human he really is.Marc/Mario I am emailing you because of Patricks response on the latest write up on fin24 where he states thatWinchester was responsible for the Puritan Derivatives!This is a blatant lie!!...He was the only person who ever had access to the investment, Patrick was still recieving "socalled" statements from Puritan as of the end of March.(How is thatpossible when Putitan liquidated in 2007? In the last investors meeting held at PMB, he catagorically stated that theyhad called for early redemtion of the investmentand would be receiving the funds shortly!!I also want to state that Patrick (and we have a copy) had the 4 Directors sign a document stating that Edwafin wouldrelease and sign over the Putitan Investment back to him upon Maturity,
this I strongly believe was a facade covering the fact that he had already redeemed the Puritan Investment earlier, hedidn't expect Edwafin to fold, and no one would have been the wiser!!
Marc/Mario I previously asked you not to publish anything, please go ahead and feel free to publish any and allcorrespondence I have sent to you, this man must be exposed for who he
really is. One thing I am finding very difficult to comprehend is the fact that this man, the supposed CEO has not takenany responsibility whatsover and is still pointing fingers atothers and trying to divert the focus off himself and to anyone else. You both have no idea what this man is capable ofand the things he has done. If there was ever a COWARD this is he, If there ever
was a MANIPULATOR this is he. I am actually feeling ashamed at the animosity and immense loathing I havedeveloped for a fellow human being. All I can
say is please don't trust a single word that passes that mans lips, it will be the furtherest from the truth than you canimagine! My single hope, is that justice will suit the crime and he is jailed and exposed.
warm regards
----- Original Message -----
 Dustydeb justme 
Wednesday, June 03, 2009 6:59 AM
FW: Myrle & Debbie - my apologies
From:debbiechaplin@telkomsa.net To:dustydeb@hotmail.com Subject: Fw: Myrle & Debbie - my apologiesDate: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 07:05:20 +0200
----- Original Message -----
 Patrick Stapleton 
 Debbie Chaplin 
Sunday, March 08, 2009 3:21 PM
RE: Myrle & Debbie - my apologies
Thank you for your thoughtful email – I want to think about what you have said. Incidentally I can’t look intoyour bedroom window in fact I can’t even see your house except for the jetty, as trees are in the way. So thatis a new one. And may I add I have no interest whatsoever in what goes on in your bedroom. The rest I wantto think about.
Best regards
Debbie Chaplin [mailto:debbiechaplin@telkomsa.net]Sent: 08 March 2009 13:46To: Patrick StapletonSubject: Re: Myrle & Debbie - my apologies
Hi Patrick
I am not going to thank you for your email, because, firstly let me say I do not believe for one second that you aresincere
To put your mind at ease, no offence was taken, you have just compounded an already fragile and delicatebalance betweenmy integrity and personal opinion and insightful knowledge I have of yourself. I need to thank you for making
a decision for me.
Patrick I have said this before, there is "gossip" and there is "gossip". Let me simplify for you, there is "good" gossipand there is "bad" gossip, I am sure you are capable of distinguishing between the two! As I have previously stateddirectly to you,the bad gossip emanates straight from your office, you entertain it, start it and revel in it, if it is not juicy enough foryou,
you have no hesitation in spicing it up, this has become second nature for you.
Amazingly enough the bad gossip is still rife, even after the "so called" gossip mongers have left, in my eyes there isonly onecommon denominator here and unfortunately it's YOU.
I will revert back to your email, I honestly have better things to do with my time on a Sunday morning than writing youan email,hoping you will get a little direction, and grow into a better person who has learnt from his previous mistakes, and toput it plainlyand simply having a good, clean heart and conscience, but it is very clear, that you have not and will not see andaccept the
error of your ways, this I do believe is one of the reasons for the current demise Edwafin finds itself in. You may bethinking who the hell am I
to be making such statements and there are more to follow, but, It's very simple,I am not scared of you or the truth, orwhat I believe in, or what I know.Someone should have told you what I am saying a long time ago, maybe they have, and you just haven't listened, it isyour choice after all,your ego has cast an enormous shadow which is preventing you from seeing any light. Only you are capable ofreducing the size of the shadow. People
are scared of and tired of trying to help you, they have given up on you. Not good to hear, but the truth.
Patrick,sadly your ego has blinded you.
Please answer me this, why should I be loyal to one CEO who is definitely not who he makes out to be or seems tobe, and avoid 200 investorswho simply had trust in me and Edwafin. The answer for me is very clear, I know where I need to be.
I can count 4 apologies I personally, have had from you in the past year, and basically they have all been over thesame issues,which I think is unacceptable considering you are the Chairman of Edwafin. I had an enormous amount of respect foryou at one time,
unfortunately I didn't really know you then. I can say now though, I find it difficult to have any respect for you.I do respect the resilience you have shown in trying to make Edwafin profitable once again, with a good name in themarket place,perhaps you should take a long/hard look at yourself and the good person you were only a few years ago, I onlyheard great things then!Sadly you are currently trying to revive Edwafin without ethics/ morals and integrity, you have forsaken these thingsand many people inyour determination, but at what cost and to whom.Patrick, I am not wanting or asking for justification from you, what is done is done, and you are the only person whohas to answer for his actions. I
believe you are forsaking all for money!
I would like to reiterate and now make it very clear, that my obligation is not with you Patrick or Edwafin/Edwabond,my obligation is to my clients.You are all very quick to inform clients that I still consult for and on behalf of Edwafin, and inform Clients that you can'tunderstand why I am not taking their calls,
and yet you say you are mystified as to why I am still interested in Edwafin's business? This is self explanatory initself don't you think, in saying this,Patrick, don't you think that you have made it my business to know what is going on at Edwafin? and how thebusiness is being run?
As you yourself have stated, besides me being responsible for over 20million rands of clients funds, my family alsohave millions invested in Edwafin,of which you were still taking in December knowing full well that your intentions were not going to be honorable, so Iwill continue to make every
effort possible of finding out as much as possible about the business of Edwafin.May I add that the information I have gathered and am still gathering does not come directly from the Edwafin offices,Edwafin has made quite a name for itself in the market place! I, unlike you though, am not so gullible and do notbelieve everything I hear.I get my facts straight and go directly to the source. Some of this information, is given to me freely, some frombrokers, from clients,from attorneys, from accountants and some believe it or not, anonymously. Patrick, let me give you a littleadvice, never underestimate people and who or what
they may know!To answer you statement concerning
Hillcrest High School
, we have 2 clients there who are in fact teachers,they are monthly income clients who have been made promises by Edwafin which have not yet been kept. One ofthem is a client of mineand a Family member. I don't have to remind you that teachers don't earn good salaries and are underpaiddramaticallyconsidering they are the educators of our future. Patrick do you honestly believe that when investors are madepromisesof interest payments and don't receive them, that they will just sit back and just keep quiet, of course not, they aregoingto warn others of not investing, and why? not because Edwafin has a bad reputation, but because people arehumanitarian,they know what it feels like to be made promises of funds which don't materialise, and simply do not want others tosuffer the same predicament.

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