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26 Chat Text

26 Chat Text

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Jun 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*** (01:47:52):Welcome to the True Blood in Dallas Chat Room.True Blood in Dallas says (01:48:01):welcomeRussell Edgington says to (01:48:44):*nods* Miss Dallas, wonderful to see you.EricsTXGal says to (01:48:57):howdy!sookiebontemps says to (01:49:03):Hey, Dallas!sookiebontemps says to (01:49:11):Guess who's bein' Sid Matted as I type?Marleneemm says to (01:49:11):Dallas: I'm going to be the forst one in the que~: look for "0459"VVL09 says to (01:49:39):I have a feeling that this will be a GRAT show!EricsTXGal says to (01:49:40):Hoyt?coal123 says to (01:49:40):Hi Dallas!!VVL09 says to (01:49:42):Great*sookiebontemps says to (01:50:03):HAHAEtainDanu says to (01:50:05):Hello everyoneHoyt Fortenberry says to (01:50:05):Hey y'all!sookiebontemps says to (01:50:07):Hoyt!EtainDanu says to (01:50:14):Hiya DallasEric's Donor says to (01:50:28):hi everyone!EtainDanu says to (01:50:33):Marlene.. how are youEtainDanu says to (01:50:41):Hiya Eric Donor EricsTXGal says to (01:50:46):Hi, EricsDonor!Eric's Donor says to (01:50:51):Hi! :)EtainDanu says to (01:50:55):Hiya Hoytsookiebontemps says to (01:51:04):Hey, everyone!OneCent says to (01:51:07):
Evenin' all!Hoyt Fortenberry says to (01:51:10):Heya Etain!OneCent says to (01:51:15):Hey Sookie!Marleneemm says to (01:51:15):Etaindanu:evening lady!VVL09 says to (01:51:16):Heya, Sook!EtainDanu says to (01:51:19):Hiya SookieChoChoMojo says to (01:51:20):Hey SookieOneCent says to (01:51:21):Hi Etain!EtainDanu says to (01:51:38):Hey OneCentJessicaHamby says to (01:51:43):Hey y'all!alainanoelle says to (01:51:50):Hi all!VVL09 says to (01:51:52):Hey Jess!OneCent says to (01:51:54):Hi Jess!JessicaHamby says to (01:52:01):HOYT! baby!Hoyt Fortenberry says to (01:52:19):Hiya Jess!Marleneemm says to (01:52:21):How many people are going to show up tonight~ yesterday thereEtainDanu says to (01:52:21):So I hear through the grapevine that Alex hasn't confirmed for Comic Con .. and updateson that Dallas?EtainDanu says to (01:52:29):Hiya JessicaMarleneemm says to (01:52:36):was over 69Hoyt Fortenberry says to (01:52:47):75 at one pointJessicaHamby says to (01:52:55):Hey Etain, WL09, OneCent :)sookiebontemps says to (01:52:56):CRAP.alainanoelle says to (01:52:58):
Hi Dallas..fun show last night!sookiebontemps says to (01:53:00):I'll be back in a sec.alainanoelle says to (01:53:07):OK Sook sookiebontemps says to (01:53:13):SID MAT ALERT.Marleneemm says to (01:53:14):Hoyt: Why does that not suprise me??? NJvampgirl says to (01:53:23):Back in NJ!!!JessicaHamby says to (01:53:26):Guess who's back in Bon Temps!Eric's Donor says to (01:53:28):hey NJ!ChoChoMojo says to (01:53:39):MY BVF IS BACK!EtainDanu says to (01:53:49):Hiya NJVamp NJvampgirl says to (01:53:50):hey Eri'c Donor!alainanoelle says to (01:53:57):Hi NJ..I'll be traveling through your neck of the woods in a few weeks!JessicaHamby says to (01:53:59):WOOO! Sure am!VVL09 says to (01:54:00): NJVG!!!!!Marleneemm says to (01:54:07):AB really pulled a "fast one on us last night" NJvampgirl says to (01:54:20):Hi Elain, VVG!!! I had a rockin timein ShreveportEric's Donor says to (01:54:20):AB loves doing that!EtainDanu says to (01:54:26):I use to live in Madison NJ, such a sweet little townLouisianagirl29 says to (01:54:30):Hey guys I made it!luvvampirebill says to (01:54:33):God the damn trolls and newbies are driving me nuts!!!alainanoelle says to (01:54:39):It was great. I 've watched the episode 3x. NJvampgirl says to (01:54:46):i love madison!! Shop there a lot!Marleneemm says to (01:54:52):Some of the posters of the forum said 'he never do that"EtainDanu says to (01:54:52):

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