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Immortal Mechanism.

Immortal Mechanism.

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Published by glennpease

2d Cor. v, 5 — " Now he that hath wrought us for the self-same
thing, is God."

2d Cor. v, 5 — " Now he that hath wrought us for the self-same
thing, is God."

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IMMORTAL MECHAISM.BY REV. B. POMEROY2d Cor. v, 5 — " ow he that hath wrought us for the self-samething, is God."That we may speak and hear understandingly, Iwill first briefly state what is meant by the self-samething for which the Christian is said to be wrought.This, as may be gathered from the context, con-sists in the pre-eminent enjoyment of heaven inreunion with a glorified, immortal body. This, if Iunderstand the Apostle, is not only the final stateof salvation, but this constitutes the object of thepresent groaning desire of the saints. ot but thatChristians will be happy in paradise, directly afterdeath, for the very good reason that they are pre-sent with the Lord. But their happiness will bemore full, more perfect, when mortality is swallowedup of life.I say paradise, or heaven even , for I have nosympathy with the popish idea that we are to bestopped somehow or somewhere this side of heaventill after the resurrection — in some state or place of dreamy existence, not sufficiently real to be worthyof a location. I believe in saints going to heavenwhen they die — to real heaven — to the right handof God, where Christ is gone — to a reality andlocality.IMMORTAL MECHAISM. 59
I. I shall now proceed, first, to notice the placein which the Christian is wrought for this self-samething.The text contains the very interesting truth, thatcertain beings are made in this world with specificreference to another. And to a thinking mind inqui-ries may arise with respect to the facilities and gen-eral adaptations of our world to such an object.What the arrangements were originally, or whatthe results would have been, had the world remainedas in the beginning, — all green and blooming, roll-ing out of chaos under the smiles of its Creator — when all things were pronounced good, and manwas seen walking with his God in holy rectitudeand intimate fellowship, — what the results wouldhave been, had all things remained in their originalperfection, we cannot say. But since the days of briars and thorns, of tare-sowing and tare-growing,have come with the sinning and sweating, the cryingand dying — since the great changes which have dis-turbed the harmony and equilibrium of elementsand relations — tipping the poles, and unbalancingcreation (as it were). Then the drifting of theworld in oah's flood, marring its fair surface, pilingthe continents into the clouds a perfect wreck, asthough suddenly boomed iu the mighty rapids.Since these great changes have taken place, thisworld can hardly be called a favorable place for theproduction of Christians.Should a stranger, in his distant wanderings, pass60 IMMOETAL MECHAISM.this world, ignorant of its origin and purpose, be
inquired of concerning its use, would he be likelyto call it the cradle of heaven, where souls are nur-tured and trained for angelic society ? Would hesay it was the dressing-chamber for the upper palace,where robes are washed and made white ? Wouldhe not rather look upon it as the rendezvous for thediscordancy of the universe, where the hostile, un-manageable elements meet for battle and death ?What an exhibition of spoiled beauty ! What dis-proportions and what collisions are witnessed here !Even the very face of the globe has the appearanceof having been plowed by awful tempests ; as if anocean, in its mighty swell, had stood still, with itsbillows fixed and motionless ! Devils, like roaringlions, devouring souls ! Men drunk and swearing !Others digging graves or murdering their fellows !Thunders hoarse with bellowing ! Lightnings redwith wrath, and creation groaning! Wherever welook, signs unheavenly appear !As though God had consigned this world over asa great plowfield for ruin to try her shares in !Where earthquakes are thrown into spasms, as if totrain their jaws for coming desolations ! Destruc-tion and sword walking through the earth, and lean,lank famine blowing malady through its shrivelledlips ! A graveyard ! Golgotha of the universe withopen gates ! ! Death's great skeleton warehouse ! ! !We should not be likely to select a location sonear the dark abode as this world lies, in which toIMMORTAL MECHAISM. 61give a soul communion with God. We should notselect the thoroughfare of devils, where Satan holdscourt and has established his seat, for the purpose

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