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Saints, The Lord's Portion

Saints, The Lord's Portion

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Psalms, iv, 3 — " But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is
Godly for Himself!"


Psalms, iv, 3 — " But know that the Lord hath set apart him that is
Godly for Himself!"

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAITS, THE LORD'S PORTIOBY REV. B. POMEROYPsalms, iv, 3 — " But know that the Lord hath set apart him that isGodly for Himself!"My subject admits of a broad range, — it involvesdirectly or indirectly all things and all worlds. Itincludes also a personal transaction. It presup-poses conviction, repentance, faith, conversion, con-secration, sanctification, adoption and glorification.My object on the present occasion is to trace outits more remote relations, with a view of enforcingthe importance of the personal and practical dutieshere presupposed:The Godly set apart for the Lord !And is this all ? Does this comprise the whole of the appropriations of the Lord, made to Himself of all the infinitude of His productions ? This is all.We have no intimation, either in nature or revela-tion that I know of, that any, of all the works andworlds which confront us at every turn, will finallyaccrue to God, and be garnered to eternity as aresult, but the saints.Could we read up the records of eternity past,we should probably find that only two great leadingideas have been developed up to the present time.The first, which related to the production of angelicspirits, has been consummated long ago. TheSAITS, THE LORD'S PORTIO. 85
second which relates to holy human beings, is thepresent all-engrossing thought of heaven and earth.Even one idea, such as the infinite God, can origi-nate is enough to freight one universe !Whether the first of these two ideas, viz : Theproduction of angelic spirits was originally designedas an independent and separate interest is doubtful,but the present fact is that it is subordinate to thesecond. An emergency on earth, involving theperil of a godly man takes precedence of heavenlyservice. A saint in this vale of tears — persecuted,tempted, dejected, — requiring angelic ministrations,if need be, would adjourn the highest anthemheaven ever knew — in fact all heaven might be post-poned for a time for aught I know, without calamity — but to neglect a saint in this region, and shadowof death wrestling with principalities and powersone hour too long, might wreck an interest vast as aworld.Do you suspect the economy of the world — thewisdom of an arrangement so vast with an incomeso small ? (It is natural at least to inquire if itpays.) I confess it has often occurred to myself that with the rate of the present income the systemhad better be closed up. But this is the thoughtof a fool, or, at least of one who knows nothingabout it. To talk intelligibly on the question of pay, we should be able first to comprehend theincome. I acknowledge for one, that a saint evenhere in his low estate is beyond my comprehension.886 SAITS, THE LORDS PORTIO,I graduate his importance more by the outlay which
has been made for him, than by what I know of hisrank or destination. I look out into the vastitudeof creations. I stand before the minute and thehuge — the lofty and the low, and ask myself whereis the product ? Where is the outlet of this system?What does all this mean ? Something must beproduced somewhere by this vast concern.Contemplate this vast system of revolving spheresand changing seasons worked by an Almighty hand — along Avith the ministry of angels, the providenceof God, the death of Christ, the gift of the HolyGhost. I ask where is the outlet — what accrues toGod from all this ? O ! if we could rise so high asto obtain a clear outlook upon the highway of holi-ness — that up-grade of life eternal, — could we seethe ransomed of the Lord returning to upper Zionwith songs and everlasting joy upon their heads — could we see the everlasting doors give way, andthe pearly gates lift up their heads to admit thisinflux of rarest glory — these trophies from deathand hell — we might conclude to let the system runon. The outlet of God's great redeeming harmo-nies face the " ew Jerusalem" gates.My hearers, have we a tolerable idea of theworld in which we exist ? Have we so much as afaint conception of the high rank which this rollingglobe occupies in the universe ? In human affairswe judge somewhat of a man by the number andrank of his attendants, and if this be a correct ruleAD THE REASO OF WORLDS. 87here, what shall we say ? I walk out under thishigh archway at times bewildered, amid the surgeof worlds in muffled march around this gorgeousman-home. How thick the ranks are !

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