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The Devolution of Post-secondary Education in Western Society

The Devolution of Post-secondary Education in Western Society

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Published by Xinyu Hu
my essay on Helium.com about post-secondary institutes in the West and its corruption.

A short history is included in the introduction...plesae comment!

my essay on Helium.com about post-secondary institutes in the West and its corruption.

A short history is included in the introduction...plesae comment!

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Published by: Xinyu Hu on Jun 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The devolution of post-secondary education in Western society
Since antiquity, education has always been the most enlightening aspect of every society,whether democratic or despotic. Education is the essence of a state, a society, and the reflectionof each individual’s self. When people first began thinking, they have began educatingthemselves, from the first people who used fire, and the first group of people who made, used,and understood how early stone tools and weapons worked in the hunt, at war, and daily use.From those early days, thousands of year ago, those with experience educated the young in howtheir society or clique operated, especially the hunting adventures and how they catch game for food.Eventually, through sudden advances in technology and social networking, people formedstates, and out of those states, schools and academies were formed to teach all kinds of peoplemany different forms of art. Such art includes agriculture, weapons systems, philosophy, politics,sophistry, and other more complex systems of thought. The Ancient Greeks and Romans madethe most progress in this respect because the students were taught by wise elders and more noble people who had both the practical and the theoretical experience. Others learnt importantsubjects like philosophy by themselves or through an academy by means of debate, lectures, andthe earliest universities, like Plato’s Academy in Ancient Greece.After the fall or Rome’s Empire in the West, the Western Empire was fragmented and fellto a period of dark ages. During these dark ages, many innovations and philosophies wereforgotten and lost, it was a period of barbarism and warfare. Still though, people learned andrediscovered what was lost through the centuries. The ancient Roman system of aqueducts,sewage, government, religion, mathematics, politics, and thought were rediscovered during theRenaissance and the Black Plague that caused an epidemic throughout Europe during the 1500s.the Arabs also rediscovered the lost Greek works of its most famous philosophers and sages suchas Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar, Homer, Hippocrates,and many others. The Renaissance was when the most developments in education was advancedsince the discovery of old knowledge and newer technologies such as gunpowder and other Eastern technology helped the Europeans to advance significantly as they absorbed and adoptedand adapted to their conditions. Hence, the Europeans were able to make huge advances inastronomy, the hermetic arts, alchemy, astrology, religion, weapons systems, and politics as theycome to rediscover Plato. It was a period of self-taught education, patrons and huge progress dueto the lack of any restrictions on knowledge, although the Roman Catholic Church tried to usethe printing press to limit knowledge by allowing only certain guilds to own a printing press andonly people with a license to print. The age of censorship was near, but it was probably not as pervasive as it is today through the mass media that is owned by massive global corporationswho are not ever held accountable for their actions and profit-seeking greed.When education was handed over to the state by the people themselves in England andthen throughout Europe, the system of education slowly began to devolve rather than evolve. Thestate, we must realize, does not necessarily have the best interests of the people in mind. Thestate can be owned by huge corporate owners and CEOs who have no interest in allowing the people the freedom of speech and innovation as they would prefer. Instead, when the state ishanded control of early public education (especially in America in the 1800s and in Great Britaintoo), the system of education has become more and more corrupt. This is because when the statefell into debt to private interests, such as privately owned central banks and the corporations thatgrew around them, and still do to this day, the bankers would preferably take over all forms of  public discourse such as media and education. During the 1800s after the AmericanRevolutionary War, the private Bank of England had tried to gain control of the nation of theUnited States many times, at least eight times, according the documentary
The History of the
Money Changers
on Google Videos. The documentary explains in more detail how the eventualFederal Reserve came into the United States and took control of every aspect of her society frommedia to education and industry. The coming of central banks significantly impacted educationin western society as a whole, not only in America, because once the press and the media fellunder the grasps of the bankers and their corporate owners, the state gradually moves toward becoming a totalitarian state as its people become collateral to the bankers, in other words, the people and their assets, and values have become property and liability or assets to themultinational privately owned central banks.In the 1920s, education fell into private hands, especially in the United States when theCouncil on Foreign Relations took control of American domestic and foreign affairs by therecruitment of the most corrupt and ambitious thinkers in America to join them in their quest for global domination. To do so, one requires the control of media and education. This wasaccomplished by the Rockefellers and their Carnegies, Brown Brothers Harriman, Kuhn Loeband Company, and many other powerful titans of industry and finance who monopolized notonly the industries of American capital, but also its financial competitors.Ever since public education fell into these private hands, education in America and Canadahas become more and more corrupt. By corrupt I mean that any innovations in public education,in the post-secondary level and the basic level of education has become a form of indoctrinationin that most of the history of the past has been stifled and censored in the name of, “nationalsecurity.” For example, in the most basic history education, the students are always told thathistory is an accident, and that things, “just happen.” The students are also taught that WesternSociety is mostly benign, benevolent, and civilized, despite its history of abuse, power strugglesand pride for domination over other people. Not that the crimes of Western society are right, butthey should at least be taught alongside the benefits of western civilization. I am not an advocateof political correctness, in fact, I personally am an opponent of political correctness, what I amsaying is that we should be taught the truth about our society, in its truest form. We should not belied to in our education by the doctrine that history is just an accident.A similar allegation can be made against science in western public and post-secondaryeducation, in that it is incomplete. Anything that does not match its predetermined doctrine oatheism and evolution is simply discarded, in spite of the evidence to the contrary that there is aGod, or at least a cosmic intelligence, and that we humans did not evolve out of nothing, and thatthere have been interventions by aliens throughout human development on this planet Earth. Themodern student is also taught that our monetary system should be accepted, even as it has provenitself to be ineffective. Students of economics, finance, accounting, and business are simplytaught that the goal of any business is to maximize profit, but its attitude towards human life inthe process of making profit is complete and utter indifference as it completely ignores anycontraventions to its stated doctrines. I can also emphasise further that history is by no means anaccident or a series of chaotic events that led to where we are today; it is a purposefully craftedgame of deception by a few elites at the top of the chain of the human hierarchy who controlevery aspect of western society through compartmentalization and ignorance. There is a purposeto history and a reason why life is what it is today, instead, its purpose is ignored, and we told todeal with the symptoms not the causes of our demise as a society.The Truth, the real Truth of life and the world is ignored or ridiculed in public and post-secondary education. Any attempt to question, innovate or individualize education for the purpose of making the students better is not on the agenda. The Truth is ignored by themainstream education because if it did, public education would cease to exist as it would becomeunreliable and a con. When professors in universities try to use a different method of teaching or 

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