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Sanggu1314 Minutes CB 072613

Sanggu1314 Minutes CB 072613

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Published by AJ Elicaño

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Published by: AJ Elicaño on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
July 26, 2013
MVP 217-218
6:00pm to 7:30pm
AGENDA (underlined = to be continued,
= postponed/deferred):
Approval of 071913 minutes2)
DRS Survey3)
Report on Youth SONA LettersTurnover4)
Assembly Tie-Up5)
Budget Hearing
ATTENDANCE (underlined = absent,
= late/early departure, * = non-voting):
Proxied by Alex Tanjangco, JGSOM Sec-Treas.
Proxied by Alex Tanjangco, JGSOM Sec-Treas.
Daniel Antonio S. Remo
Redentor John R. Dimla*
SOH Chairperson
Jose Javier V. Poe IV
JGSOM Chairperson
Ryan Carl Y. Yu
Jose Norberto V. Reyes
3 SOH Central Board Rep
Larisse Jem H. Mondok
4 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Antonio Rafael N. Elicaño
Pamela Anne M. Gaerlan
2 SOSE Central Board Rep
Luis Miguel D. De Jesus
3 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Kristine Mae B. Andujare
Finance Officer
Von Vincent Rene A. Cruz
ARSA President
Ray Cristofer C. Gomez
2 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Michaella Paula M. Aldea
COA President
Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
 Approval of Agenda
Motion by Sec-Gen to move Youth SONA before budget hearing, seconded by 2 SOSE CB. Motionapproved unanimously.Motion to approve agenda by 2 SOSE CB, seconded by 3 SOM CB. Agenda approved unanimously.
 Approval of Minutes
Motion to approve minutes by 4 SOM CB, seconded by ARSA. Objection by FO.Andujare: I was proxied by JV.Elicaño: Noted, will edit.Minutes approved unanimously.
DRS Survey 
Chan: As per request of FO, did a physical improvements study. Objectives
present clear andinformed requests of the student body for improvements, streamline process, etc.Categorized physical improvements into four
breakthrough (new facilities, equipment,infrastructure), renovation, expansion, removal.Defined demand as tally of recurring suggestions.Scope and limitations
sample size, time, response bias, seasonality and coincidence (Internetconcern), university and department-wide, feasibility not reported (pending deliberation bySanggu).Tan:Methodology
Survey 1 crafting
Survey 1 data gathering
Pre-analysis data organization
Survey 2 crafting and data gathering
Survey 2 analysisDissemination
Mostly from SOM
Issues with dissemination by block and course reps for first wave
Even distribution by batch
Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
Repair parking, covered walks, expand parking, add electric fans, expand Internetcoverage, expand GonzagaAndujare: Next step is that Ray and I go to different offices and departments. Was not able toreach sample size needed, but verified results from last year
same problems were mentioned.Departmental concerns were not collated; these wereLee: Are we going to release results?Andujare: No. We'll try to address the concerns first. This is priority.Reyes: Why can't we release results first?Andujare: Honestly, the document I posted, if we release it, it's something they'll disregard.Not readable, not reader-friendly. If we do this, it's going to require so much effort. If thebody insists that we do, it's okay, but what I'm suggesting is that instead of use energy onthat, we use it to address the concerns.Unana: Survey for second wave included questions on microscopes and wi-fi; why couldn't we skipif not relevant to our courses? Might have affected answer bias.Chan: Pressed for time. Wanted to make specific per department, but didn't have time.Andujare: If we made items optional, people might not answer.Lee: What we're doing is extra things. Should be basic, addressed na.Chan: First wave was open-ended. Got questions for second wave from the first.Mondok: Follow-up?Andujare: Do something first before we release about it.Mondok: Even as follow-up from last year's promos? Dapat may follow-up.Aldea: Did you get help from A-STAT.Andujare: Pressed for time. Just needed to make sure that concerns last year were stillvalid this year. For next studies, we will definitely get help from orgs should we need.Motion by 2 SOM CB to amend agenda to move Assembly partnership before budget hearing,seconded by 3 SOH CB. Motion approved unanimously.
Report on Youth SONA Letters Turnover 
Lee: Delivered letters to Malacañang. Made survey for the top feedback from students, opinions,made a summarized version for submission.A lot of issues, including FOI, Zamboanga Issue, UP Manila funds, RH Bill, Youth Health Budget,Youth Development, K-12, Students
Magna Carta.Frequent
Youth Development. In attendance were SCAP, Anakbayan, people from non-profitorganizations with speakers who teach public school students.

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