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Sanggu1314 Minutes CB 080213

Sanggu1314 Minutes CB 080213

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Published by AJ Elicaño

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Published by: AJ Elicaño on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
August 2, 2013
MVP 217-218
6:00pm to 7:30pm
AGENDA (underlined = to be continued,
= postponed/deferred):
Approval of 072613 minutes2)
Nutrition Week report3)
NUSP Presentation5)
Privilege Speech 
ATTENDANCE (underlined = absent,
= late/early departure, * = non-voting):
Proxied by Larisse Mondok, 4 JGSOM CB Rep.
Daniel Antonio S. Remo
Redentor John R. Dimla*
SOH Chairperson
Jose Javier V. Poe IV
JGSOM Chairperson
Ryan Carl Y. Yu
Jose Norberto V. Reyes
3 SOH Central Board Rep
Larisse Jem H. Mondok
4 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Antonio Rafael N. Elicaño
Pamela Anne M. Gaerlan
2 SOSE Central Board Rep
Luis Miguel D. De Jesus
3 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Kristine Mae B. Andujare
Finance Officer
Von Vincent Rene A. Cruz
ARSA President
Ray Cristofer C. Gomez
2 JGSOM Central Board Rep
Michaella Paula M. Aldea
COA President
Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
 Approval of Agenda
Yu: Point of inquiry
is the sequence okay?Elago: It's fine.Motion to approve agenda by 2 SOSE CB, seconded by VP. Motion approved unanimously.
 Approval of 072613 Minutes
Motion to approve minutes by 2 SOM CB, seconded by 3 SOH CB. Minutes approved unanimously.
Nutrition Week Report 
Mondok: We had Nutrition Week last week, this is the post-doc as requested by the president.Important because Nutrition Week will be a yearly thing.Flow
overview of events, achievements and improvements from last year, recommendations.Opening
formal ribbon cutting. Lunch at Faber Hall, initiative of AMPC and Blue and Gold to treatthe various admin.Weeklong voting
students could vote on whether the meals per stall were in line with thetheme, appropriate.Weeklong acoustic performances, AMPC, Blue and Gold.Healthy Plate Contest.Culminating was at MVP Roofdeck, awards, etc.Achievements
increased visibility in Gonzaga Cafeteria, more efforts from various organizations,collaborative.Points to Improve On
better coordination with food outlets
themes not always implemented properly
better if JSEC was involved
venue for culminating
other ways to incorporate nutrition
involve other sectors and areasWhy
it was actually part of Nutrition Month, the national DOH required everyone to participate.
Room 200 MVP Student Leadership CenterAteneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights0916 750 6661 | sanggusecgen@gmail.com
earlier planning, establish connection and communication with foodconcessionaires, establish that is a student initiative.More collaborative
HEC, aMp.Green Fridays will be sustained for the rest of the year.Asking for feedback.Yu: Larisse deserves a round of applause. Institutionalization and integration. This was a projectthat's new, so we want to keep it alive, work with other people to get it to happen.Gomez: The stalls in Gonzaga
do change every year? And even for JSEC Challenge winners? Brief them on Nutrition Week to make sure they can participate.Mondok: Nutrition value of JSEC stalls is also an issue. Trying to work on it this year.Aldea: Coming from last year, congratulations. Vision of the project is being realized. Look atfollow through. I think the Green Fridays would work. Would like to see the stalls getting thehealthy plates, monitor more strictly what is done year by year.Mondok: We actually had MOAs with the concessionaires, not fully implemented.Andujare: Note what Sir Mallari said, nutritional value will be a criterion for JSEC Challenge.Transition to the next Nutrition Council rep.
NSTP Concerns
Gomez: SOM sophomores mandated to get specialized SOM NSTP. Right now, it's the same. Firstmonth has been rough, rocky, problematic. Most have been addressed, but this is big.Gist
efforts of the students are being wasted in teaching. Biggest problem is that the studentslack [foundation knowledge]. We keep on teaching them new things that they cannot processbecause they do not have the necessary grounding to process. Can make a formal presentation if you want, but the gist is, can't we address foundation first instead of quantity over quality?Know it's mandated by law, but as it is, seems like we're just here to comply. They're not learningas much from us. Can we lobby
focus on lapses rather than the gaps?Yu: Clarification
not all concerns have to go through CB meetings. Can be addressed incommittees. What do you want the CB as a whole to do?Gomez: I want something bigger than just giving concerns to the office. This requiressomething different. Change NSTP in itself. Brought it up as Pam and I are bothsophomores, you've seen more than us. Asking for input.Yu: I hope later on we can distinguish some more. Can be addressed outside.

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