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Published by callmeastha

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Published by: callmeastha on Jun 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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******************** A **************************abandon(v.; n) freedom; enthusiasm;impetuosityabase(v.) to degrade; humiliate; disgraceabdicate(v.) to reject, renounce, or abandonabnegation(n.) a denialabominate(v.) to loathe; to hateabsolve(v.) to forgive; to acquitabstinence(n.)self-control; chastityabstruse(adj.) deep; reconditeacrid(adj.) sharp; bitter;addled(adj.) rottenadept(adj.) skilled; practicedadroit(adj.) expert or skillfuladverse(adj.) inimicalaffable(adj.) amiable;aghast(adj.) astonished; amazed; horrified; terrified; appalledaloof(adj.) reserved; coolambivalent(adj.) undecidedamiss(adj.; adv.) wrong; awry;anoint(v.) to crown; ordain;
antipathy(n.) repugnanceapocryphal(adj.) counterfeit;apposite(adj.) suitable; apt; relevantarcane(adj.) obscure; secret; mysteriousarduous(adj.) laborious, difficult; strenuousasperity(n.) harshnessaspersion(n.) slanderassiduous(adj.) carefully attentive; industriousassuage(v.) to relieve; ease;astringent(n.; adj.) tightening; stern, austereastute(adj.) cunning; sly; crafty##############################abandoned adj.(of a person or behaviour) unrestrained,profligateabate v.quash (a writ or action).abet v.tr. (abetted, abetting) (usu. in aid and abet)encourage or assist (an offender or offence).abide v. (past abided or rarely abode)tolerate, endure (can't abide him)abiding adj.enduring, permanent (an abiding sense of loss).abject adj.1miserable, wretched.2degraded, self-abasing, humble.3despicable.abode 1 n.sojourn.abominable adj.detestable; loathsome; morally reprehensible.
abridge v.tr.curtail (liberty).abrogate v.tr.repeal, annul, abolish (a law or custom).abrupt adj.hasty (his abrupt departure);curt.steep, precipitous.absolve v.tr.acquit;pardonabstracted adj.preoccupied.abstruse adj.obscure; profound.absurd adj.ludicrous, incongruousabut v. (abutted, abutting)1intr. (foll. by on) (of estates, countries, etc.) adjoin (another).abysmal adj.profound, utter (abysmal ignorance).a cappella adj. & adv. (also alla cappella) Mus.(of choral music) unaccompanied.accidie n.laziness, sloth, apathy.accommodating adj.obliging, compliant.accost v.tr.1approach and address (a person), esp. boldly.2(of a prostitute) solicit.accouchement n.1childbirth.accountable adj.1responsible; explicable, understandable.accoutrement n. (US accouterment) (usu. in pl.)1equipment, trappings.acetous adj.sour.acharnement n.1bloodthirsty fury; ferocity.2gusto.acolyte n.

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