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Expo Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (Pass for Publication)

Expo Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (Pass for Publication)

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Published by NorthSacBeat
Expo Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (Item on Consent Calendar).
Expo Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (Item on Consent Calendar).

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Published by: NorthSacBeat on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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James Sanchez, City AttorneyShirley Concolino, City ClerkRussell Fehr, City Treasurer
John F. Shirey, City ManagerMeeting Date
9/3/2013Report Type:
Report ID:
Title: (Pass for Publication) Expo Parkway Behavioral Healthcare HospitalLocation:
District 3
Only the City Council can take final action on a Rezone and this request to allowthe development of a 70,860 square foot acute carepsychiatric hospital includes aRezone of approximately 6.78 acres from the General Commercial, Labor Intensive,Parkway Corridor (C-2-LI-PC) Zone to the Hospital Parkway Corridor (H-PC) Zonelocated on Expo Parkway south of Slobe Avenue.
1) Review a) a Resolution adopting the Mitigated NegativeDeclaration Addendum an the Mitigation Monitoring Plan for the Expo ParkwayBehavioral Healthcare Hospital Project, b) a Resolution approving the Expo ParkwayBehavioral Healthcare Hospital, c) an Ordinance rezoning 6.78 gross acres from GeneralCommercial Labor Intensive Parkway Corridor (C-2-LI-PC) Zone to the Hospital ParkwayCorridor (H-PC) Zone; and 2) pass for publication the Ordinance title as required bySacramento City Charter 32c.
Gregory Bitter, AICP, Principal Planner (916) 808-7816; Lindsey Alagozian,Senior Planner; (916) 808-2659; Antonio Ablog, Associate Planner (916) 808-7702,Community Development Department
Community Development Dept
Dept ID:
City CouncilReport
915 I Street, 1
James Sanchez, City AttorneyShirley Concolino, City ClerkRussell Fehr, City Treasurer
John F. Shirey, City ManagerAttachments:
 _______________________________________________________________ City Attorney Review
Approved as to FormJeffrey Heeren8/29/2013 11:41:42 AM
City Treasurer Review
Reviewed for Impact on Cash and DebtJohn Colville8/27/2013 10:38:37 AM
Department Director or Designee: David Kwong -8/28/2013 11:32:57 AM
The applicant is requesting approval of a single-story, 70,860 squarefoot acute carepsychiatric hospital. The facility will provide approximately 120 patient beds and will operate as a24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week secured inpatient facility. The hospital will primarily serve as atransitional care facility for the short-term treatment of psychiatric illness. Patient visits will typicallylast betweenthree days and two weeks. The facility will also provide outpatient services for patients who have transitioned out of direct care. This request requires a Rezone of approximately6.78 acres from the General Commercial, Labor Intensive, Parkway Corridor (C-2-LI-PC) Zone tothe Hospital Parkway Corridor (H-PC) Zone, a Special Permit to construct a new 70,860 squarefoot hospital, and a Design Review for new development in the North Sacramento Design ReviewDistrict.
Policy Considerations:General Plan:
The subject site is designated as Suburban Center onthe General Plan Land Use and Urban Form Diagram. The Suburban Center designation isreserved for primarily non-residential, lower-intensity single-use commercial development at aFloor Area Ratio(FAR)between 0.25 and 2.0. The proposed acute care psychiatric hospital isclassified as a public/quasi-public use that is allowed within the Suburban Center designation andthe proposed FAR of 0.35 is consistent with the target FAR for the site. Additionally, the proposedproject is consistent with the following General Plan Goals:Design Review
The City shall require design review that focuses on achieving appropriateform and function for new and redevelopment projects to promote creativity, innovation, and design quality. (LU 2.7.1)
Development Review
The City shall continue to include the Police Department in the review of development projects to adequately address crime and safety, and promote theimplementation of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles. (PHS 1.1.7)
 Adequate Community Supporting Uses
The City shall seek to ensure that all manner of public and private community-supportive facilities and services are located throughout the city to provide places that serve the varied needs of the community, provide for community meeting  places, and provide community and neighborhood landmark buildings and places (LU 8.1.2).
Expanded Emergency Care Facilities
The City shall support the efforts of the health caresector to provide expanded emergency health services throughout Sacramento, especially north of the American River (LU 8.2.6).
Environmental Considerations:California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA):
The Community Development Department,Environmental Planning Services has reviewed the project and modification of development of a 70,860 square feet, approximate 120 beds, single-story acute care psychiatric inpatienthospital facility, which will primarily serve as a transitional care facility for the treatment of short-term psychiatric illnesses and has prepared anAddendum to the previously adoptedExpo Parkway Offices Mitigated Negative Declaration in accordance with the CEQA

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