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Foundation of Nursing Comprehensive Exam

Foundation of Nursing Comprehensive Exam



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Published by Banthracis

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Banthracis on Jun 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Foundation of Nursing -Comprehensive Test Part 1
Using the principles of standardprecautions, the nurse wouldwear gloves in what nursinginterventions?a.Providing a back massageb.Feeding a clientc.Providing hair cared.Providing oral hygiene
The nurseis preparing to takevital sign in an alert clientadmitted to the hospital withdehydration secondary tovomiting and diarrhea. What isthe best method used to assessthe client’s temperature?a.Oralb.Axillaryc.Radiald.Heat sensitive tape
A nurse obtained a client’s pulseand found the rate to be abovenormal. The nurse document thisfindings as:a.Tachypneab.Hyper pyrexiac.Arrythmiad.Tachycardia
Which of the following actionsshould the nurse take to use awide base support when assistinga client to get up in a chair?a.Bend at the waist and placearms under the client’sarms and liftb.Face the client, bend kneesand place hands on client’sforearm and liftc.Spread his or her feet apartd.Tighten his or her pelvicmuscles
A client had oral surgery followingamotor vehicle accident. Thenurse assessing the client findsthe skin flushed and warm. Whichof the following would be the bestmethod to take the client’s bodytemperature?a.Oralb.Axillaryc.Arterial lined.Rectal6.A client who is unconscious needsfrequent mouth care. Whenperforming a mouth care, the bestposition of a client is:a.Fowler’s positionb.Side lyingc.Supined.Trendelenburg7.A client is hospitalized for the firsttime, which of the followingactions ensure the safety of theclient?a.Keep unnecessary furnitureout of the wayb.Keep the lights on at alltimec.Keep side rails up at all timed.Keep all equipment out oview
A walk-in client enters into theclinic with a chief complaint of abdominal pain and diarrhea. Thenurse takes the client’s vital signhereafter. What phrase of nursingprocess is being implementedhere by the nurse?a.Assessmentb.Diagnosisc.Planningd.Implementation9.It is best describe as asystematic, rational method of planning and providing nursingcare for individual, families, groupand communitya.Assessmentb.Nursing Processc.Diagnosisd.Implementation10.Exchange of gases takes place inwhich of the following organ?a.Kidneyb.Lungsc.Liverd.Heart11.The Chamber of the heart thatreceives oxygenated blood fromthe lungs is the?a.Left atriumb.Right atriumc.Left ventricled.Right ventricle
12.A muscular enlarge pouch or sacthat lies slightly to the left whichis used for temporary storage of food…a.Gallbladderb.Urinary bladderc.Stomachd.Lungs13.The ability of the body to defenditself against scientific invadingagent such as baceria, toxin,viruses and foreign bodya.Hormonesb.Secretionc.Immunityd.Glands14.Hormones secreted by Islets of Langerhansa.Progesteroneb.Testosteronec.Insulind.Hemoglobin15.It is a transparent membrane thatfocuses the light that enters theeyes to the retina.a.Lensb.Sclerac.Cornead.Pupils16.Which of the following is includedin Orem’s theory?a.Maintenance of a sufficientintake of airb.Self perceptionc.Love and belongingd.Physiologic needs17.Which of the following cluster of data belong to Maslow’s hierarchyof needsa.Love and belongingb.Physiologic needsc.Self actualizationd.All of the above18.This is characterized by severesymptoms relatively of shortduration.a.Chronic Illnessb.Acute Illnessc.Paind.Syndrome19.Which of the following is thenurse’s role in the healthpromotiona.Health risk appraisalb.Teach client to be effectivehealth consumerc.Worksite wellnessd.None of the above20.It is describe as a collection of people who share some attributesof their lives.a.Familyb.Illnessc.Communityd.Nursing21.Five teaspoon is equivalent tohow many milliliters (ml)?a.30 mlb.25 mlc.12 mld.22 ml22.1800 ml is equal to how manyliters?a.1.8b.18000c.180d.280023.Which of the following is theabbreviation of drops?a.Gtt.b.Gtts.c.Dp.d.Dr.24.The abbreviation for micro dropis…a.µgttb.gttc.mdrd.mgts25.Which of the following is themeaning of PRN?a.When adviceb.Immediatelyc.When necessaryd.Now26.Which of the following is theappropriate meaning of CBR?a.Cardiac Board Roomb.Complete Bathroomc.Complete Bed Restd.Complete Board Room27.1 tsp is equals to how manydrops?a.15b.60c.10d.3028.20 cc is equal to how many ml?a.2b.20c.2000d.20000
29.1 cup is equals to how manyounces?a.8b.80c.800d.8000
The nurse must verify the client’sidentity before administration of medication. Which of the followingis the safest way to identify theclient?a.Ask the client his nameb.Check the client’sidentification bandc.State the client’s namealoud and have the clientrepeat itd.Check the room number
The nurse prepares to administerbuccal medication. The medicineshould be placed…a.On the client’s skinb.Between the client’s cheeksand gumsc.Under the clients tongued.On the client’s conjuctiva
The nurse administers cleansingenema. The common position forthis procedure is…a.Sims left lateralb.Dorsal Recumbentc.Supined.Prone
A client complains of difficulty of swallowing, when the nurse try toadminister capsule medication.Which of the following measuresthe nurse should do?a.Dissolve the capsule in aglass of waterb.Break the capsule and givethe content with anapplesaucec.Check the availability of aliquid preparationd.Crash the capsule and placeit under the tongue34.Which of the following is theappropriate route of administration for insulin?a.Intramuscularb.Intradermalc.Subcutaneousd.Intravenous
The nurse is ordered toadminister ampicillin capsule TIPp.o. The nurse shoud give themedication…a.Three times a day orallyb.Three times a day aftermealsc.Two time a day by mouthd.Two times a day beforemeals36.Back Care is best describe as:a.Caring for the back bymeans of massageb.Washing of the backc.Application of cold compressat the backd.Application of hot compressat the back37.It refers to the preparation of thebed with a new set of linensa.Bed bathb.Bed makingc.Bed shampood.Bed lining38.Which of the following is the mostimportant purpose of handwashinga.To promote hand circulationb.To prevent the transfer of microorganismc.To avoid touching the clientwith a dirty handd.To provide comfort39.What should be done in order toprevent contaminating of theenvironment in bed making?a.Avoid funning soiled linensb.Strip all linens at the sametimec.Finished both sides at thetimed.Embrace soiled linen40.The most important purpose of cleansing bed bath is:a.To cleanse, refresh and givecomfort to the client whomust remain in bedb.To expose the necessaryparts of the bodyc.To develop skills in bed bathd.To check the bodytemperature of the client inbed41.Which of the following techniqueinvolves the sense of sight?a.Inspectionb.Palpationc.Percussiond.Auscultation42.The first techniques usedexamining the abdomen of aclient is:

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