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Software Pipelines So A

Software Pipelines So A

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Published by granitoblu

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Published by: granitoblu on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Praise for
 Software Pipelines and SOA
Software Pipelines
uncovers a new and unique way of software design for high-performancedevelopment. Where other methodologies and frameworks have previously been describingthe problem,
Software Pipelines
is focusing on the solution. Simply put,
Software Pipelines
addresses the developer’s needs for parallel computing and uncovers the throughput offeredby multi-core processors.”—Filip Hanik, Senior Software Engineer, SpringSource, Inc.“There are some books that tout vision but provide no pragmatic, hands-on details.
Software Pipelines and SOA
offers a dose of both. Isaacson is an authority and practitioner, who under-stands that the promise of SOA is not fulfilled simply by embracing an architectural style of loosely coupled, network-based services but in how the applications and services that supportthis architectural style are developed and deployed. This book will help support a pragmaticapproach to SOA.—Dan Malks, Vice President, Partner Engineering, JackBe“. . . it provides insights on how to efficiently realize scalability on and across multi-coremachines in a predictable manner using patterns derived from the best practices in distributedcomputing and SOA. Written in a conversational manner, one of the pioneering technology leaders of our time provides keen insights on how to build scalable software solutions.”—Ravi Palepu, SOA Consultant and Founder of PREDICT
Software Pipelines
paves the road in distributed, SOA, high-performance computing in the-ory and practice with strong technical background, elegant architecture, and a usable imple-mentation. A revolution in grid computing and service-oriented architecture.—Nicole Nemer, Ph.D., Superior Consulting“Multi-core computing offers a unique opportunity to deliver dramatic scalability in modernbusiness applications; but the task is not an easy one, presenting significant challenges to thesoftware developer.
Software Pipelines
provides an easy-to-implement, concrete strategy thatenables service-oriented applications to really deliver on the promise of this new hardwareparadigm. A must read for any developer or architect stepping up to the challenge of high-performance business transaction processing.”—Henry Truong, Chief Technology Officer, TeleTech, Inc.
 “Isaacson offers a fresh approach to componentize and parallelize software applications in away that is easy to debug and easy to maintain. Using the high-level abstraction of SoftwarePipelines, development managers need not worry about the complexities of concurrent pro-gramming or the challenges in dealing with maintaining threads, interprocess communicationor deadlocks. Any software architect dealing with performance and scalability issues withcomplex transactional flows must consider the Software Pipelines design paradigm.—Venkat Pula, Field Application Engineer, Telelogic, an IBM Company “Cory has captured the power of simplicity, enabling business software applications to expo-nentially leverage the capacity and capabilities of today’s advanced chip architectures. UsingSoftware Pipelines, corporate IT groups are able to manage, control and fully utilize the powerof multi-core computing to improve scalability and reduce long-term costs.—Jim Hogan, Cognify, Vice President, Managed Services“Having projects architected to gracefully scale from a single multi-core box all the way to acluster of thousands of machines is the new reality. With Software Pipelines, the developmentorganization can easily architect every project—from the summer intern’s toy prototype to your flagship technology—as though it might need to scale for worldwide consumption.Embrace this change now and the day you need that scalability will be your biggest success.Ignore it and it will likely be your greatest failure.—Jackson Gibbs, CTO, Strands

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