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Published by catehutch

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Published by: catehutch on Jun 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Welcome to the inauguralseason of our CSA!We arelooking forward to a greatseason. We are glad that youhave decided to be chartermembers and thank you forsupporting us in this farming venture.
This Week's Share
*Baby Radishes*Baby Leaf Salad*Sage*Strawberries*Pastured Poultry 
 Veggie of the Week 
Crunchy and sometimes a bitspicy, radishes are rich inascorbic acid, folic acid, andpotassium. They also are a goodsource of Riboflavin, VitaminB6, Calcium, Magnesium, andCopper, and a very good sourceof Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C,Folate and Potassium.Great asa garnish in salads or eaten raw  with a little salt.
Trail's End Farm
 Week 1June 6, 2009
Fromthe Farm
This week, we just have a couple of small things for you to enjoy.We were hoping to beable to include more abundance in this first box, but unfortunately, the plants are a bit behind. After inspecting the salad mix on Thursday evening, we decided that it would be best to waitanother week before harvesting. While we can't complain about the rain this past week, the lackof sun seemed to slow the lettuce down.Our field is getting full....Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale,Peas, Corn, Tomatoes, and many more crops are in the ground.So there is a lot to look forwardto.We appreciate your patience as the season starts.While this first share may be small,future shares will make up for it.We are determined to keep our commitment to bring you fresh,locally-grown, natural produce and are hopeful/confident that you will feel that you have made avaluable investment.Since we don't have many crops ready in the field this week, we have included one of our chickens that we raise on pasture.If you have not tried oneyet, we think you are in for a treat.We're including a delicious recipe for Roast Chicken.
Recipe of the Week 
LEMON SAGE ROAST CHICKEN1 3-5pound chicken4-5 garlic cloves, unpeeled1 lemon cut in half Freshly ground black pepper Fresh herbs, such as rosemary, sage or tarragon (optional)Chicken stock, water or wine (approximately one cup) fordeglazing panPreheatovento475-500degrees(usethelowertemperatureifyourovenislikelytosmoke;ovensvarysoideallythetemperature should be checked withan oven thermometer)Rinse chicken and pat dry. Salt and pepper skin (omit salt in brined or saltedchicken).Place lemon, garlic or shallots and herbs inside cavity; do not truss chicken .Preheatanovenproofroastingpanoverstovetop(usethesmallestpanwhichwillaccommodatethechicken).Placechicken into roasting pan and put intopreheated oven with legs facing back of oven, if possible.Checkat20minutes;skinshouldbebrowningandblisteringbutnotburning.Turnovendown20degreesifcharringisobserved.Cooking time should be 45 – 50 minutes (temperature over 175 degrees inthick thigh meat or juices nearly clear)Removefromovenandplacechickenontoaplattertorestfor1015minutes(liftfrompanbyplacingwoodenspoonsinto each cavity; try to tilt largecavity toward roasting pan to drain juices into pan).Spoonordrainfatfromroastingpan,placepanovermediumheatandadd1cupofde-glazingliquid,scrapingupthebrowned bits and boiling untilslightly thickened.Carve chicken* and serve with pan juices.The meat should be juicy and the skin well crisped..Thisishighheatcookingandthetemperaturerisesveryquicklyattheendofcooking,socloseattentionisrequiredthen.Sincecookingcontinuesafterthepanisremovedfromtheoven,trytoremoveit5degreesorsobelowoptimaltemperature(180degreesinthickportionofthethigh).Ifyoudonothaveathermometer,thejuicesatthethighjointshould be barely pink when the skinis slit; with sitting for 10 to 15 minutes they should become clear.
 www.trailsendfarm.orgJanesville, CA*530-253-2809

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