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Seven Steps

Seven Steps

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Published by Khaled Hijazi

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Published by: Khaled Hijazi on Jun 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hello Internet Friend,
Welcome to
This guide is also available as a downloadable MP3 audio file.The Rational – http://www.lifeintuition.com/mp3/sevensteps_intro.mp3 The First Meditation - Stillness – http://www.lifeintuition.com/mp3/sevensteps_meditation.mp3 
I have designed this program as a seven week course to cause a deliberate and gradual shift inyour consciousness, giving you time to integrate the change into your everyday life so that it hasa lasting effect. Of course some of you will need to revisit it many times to create the amazingchange you want.
This change causes you to take on a new awareness and you realize that:
You are the one who controls your life.
You are the one who can make a choice to make all your experiences work foryou.
You are the one who decides to draw a powerful gift from each moment you live.
You are the one who can create your bigger and brighter future.
The secrets that are revealed in this program will enhance your life and support you to…
Free yourself from the past
Empower you in your present moment
Enrich your future
The Layout of each Step:
I first define what is involved in each step and explain the rationale behind the exercise. I thenprovide specific instructions and set-up procedures for doing the exercise along with avisualization meditation, where applicable.
The parts of a Step are presented under the following headings:
The Wisdom behind the Exercise
The Exercise
The Meditation
The Inspiration for my work
There have been many people who have inspired this work and my life. During my travels allthose I have encountered whether for a brief period or an extended period have added to theamazingly rich matrix of my life.
I have been guided and inspired by many teachers, through books, workshops and courses.Some of my greatest inspiration for this work has come through my students and clients and myparents, children and grandchildren.One of my teachers who I acknowledge for his contribution to my life’s journey is William WhiteCloud, my Friend, Life Coach and Motivator and author of “The Magician’s Way”. Another whospeaks about love and truth in a way that simply rings for me is Neale Walsh author of the“Conversations with God” books. Wayne Dyer has always inspired me with his humility, sense ofhumor and ability to connect with each person as though they are the only one in the room whenthere are hundreds.
Enjoy your journey through this Program as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.
Dale Symons
State of Stillness
in your mind and body
by making a Choice for the desired outcome
Higher Wisdom
through the State of Innocence
in the State of Innocence (awake dreaming)—expands your awareness
    
in your journal (Rules) for written intuition
on the
of your choice to send a strong message to yoursubconscious that you want it
 —acknowledging how you are going opens you to createmore of what you want.
Note: when you are practiced in all the steps of this program go to the summaryof the meditations at the end. It is designed to take you through the wholeexercise as one process.
the State of Stillness
Definition: Stillness is the State Of Being 
Stillness means, stillness of mind and body. It is in this state of stillness that you willaccess that expanded part of your being.The State of Stillness for most of us is difficult to achieve. We live in a world where themajority of human beings are busily doing. In fact there exists an ethic that is hard to killand that is “we are worthless if we not doing something”. In reality, the majority of us findourselves running around reacting and responding to outside influences and rarelyachieving what we want.
If you ask people what they really want in life, most will answer “I just want to be happy”.When you are happy any way you want to describe yourself is already there. If you say Iwant to have peace or harmony, when you are happy they are already part of yourhappiness. Anything you desire in your happiness exists in the “State of Bliss”. Bliss isthe state of being free from cares, worries and fear. And the irony is that Bliss can only beachieved by stopping, living in the void and not knowing what might happen next. Scary?Yes, but it is more scary to live the life you have been doing.Being in The Void is the state of being empty and free from anything you have previouslyknown. Once you have reached this state of being empty you can then fill it withsomething new and supportive of how you want your life to be. The void is the place weall have to step into to create change. Once you are empty of all the fears and worriesthat make you unhappy you can then fill up with all that makes you happy.It takes the application of your will to sit still, do nothing and just notice. The key toactivating your
is to make a
. To be a great creator of your circumstances youmust develop a space to
information from another source of self. Do this andyou will simplify your life and bring more happiness in.
Stillness is the place where all higher messages come to us and are received. Oursociety has trained us to become a doing person rather than a being person. This state offrantic “doingness” does not nurture our need to be in contact with our inner self thathelps us to communicate with our higher-self. In fact it is the very thing that causes us tobecome disconnected from our intuition and therefore our wisdom.
To support you to practice Stillness, here is a guided meditation that is short and simpleto remember. It will help you still your mind and body and slip into the STATE OFSTILLNESS. Once this Stillness is achieved on a regular basis you will then begin tonotice other forms of information coming to you. These will be expanded on later.

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