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T.R.A.C.E.R. files: Rooftop Battle

T.R.A.C.E.R. files: Rooftop Battle

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Published by Mathew R Wimot
The T.R.A.C.E.R. Team find themselves face to face with an old enemy. The Omega Warriors and their leader. Prepare for a superhero throw down.
The T.R.A.C.E.R. Team find themselves face to face with an old enemy. The Omega Warriors and their leader. Prepare for a superhero throw down.

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Published by: Mathew R Wimot on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Rooftop Battle
They had come out of nowhere, literally nowhere, standing on top of a skyscraperwith no cover except the roof access but they hadn't emerged from that door they were justthere now. Four of them at first, Impact had managed to take down two of them before thesecond four came. Ignition was a skilled fighter, mixed martial arts and champion levelboxing usually did the trick but he struggled taking down the first one. It was times like thiswhen he admitted it wasn't always how you hit, even though he spent most of their trainingsessions telling that to his partner, her super strength was doing the job right now.
"Do you need a-" Impact turned just in time to see Ignition slam his secondopponent to the ground, the light in its cybernetic eye quickly faded. "Never mind." Shereturned her gaze to the cyborg in her grasp and crushed what used to be its windpipe.She tossed the body away and launched forwards into the fray grouping three of themtogether and forcing them to the ground. The last of them marched towards Ignition flexingits clawed fingers.
"This is Alpha to Control, we need immediate back up. Infinity Warriors are 'portingat our location." Ignition moved his hand away from his earpiece and took a deep breath.The cyborg was getting closer, he could see the static electricity dancing around the claws.They had made some upgrades since the last time they were here, each time they showedup they were tougher than before. Ignition clenched his fist, the leather in his glovescrunched under his grip.
"We will not be stopped. We will never end." The digital recording blurted out of thecyborg from a speaker in its throat, it's mouth opened wide showing rows of metal, needlelike teeth. Ignition reached under his trench coat and pulled out one of his billy clubs. Heswung it and contacted with cyborgs jaw knocking it down to one knee.
"You have no idea how tired I am of hearing that." Ignition swung again and it's jawbroke free and skittered across the roof. The cyborg clawed at Ignition who hoppedbackwards out of its reach deflecting its second swing with his billy club.
"We will not be stopped. We will never-" It's speech was cut short by one of itscompanions landing on top of it. Ignition took the opportunity and stomped on its skull, itcrunched and buzzed under his boot.
"Thanks." He looked up and saw Impact breaking one in half over her knee. Thesecond lay headless beside her. A voice filled his head. Control was responding to hisupdate.
"Alpha this is Control, reinforcements en route E.T.A two minutes." Ignition steppedover the lifeless bodies and pressed his finger to his ear.
"Rodger that Control." Ignition moved across the rooftop to his partner. Impactpulled a glove further down tightening the fit around her fingers.
"Only eight of them this time, two shy of their usual probe squad."
"I know, they've an unusual compound in their system too. They're running hotterthan usual." Ignition tapped the side of his goggles and they beeped in response. "I'mrunning a trace now." Behind him another group of Infinity Warriors silently appeared,another eight cyborgs stood and watched them from across the roof. Impact was the firstto spot them and stepped out from behind Ignition. She knew he could handle himself butwould always be the first on the line, not because of her unbreakable skin but because shecould never stand by and watch someone else sacrifice themselves if she was there. Itwasn't in her nature to sit idly by. As ignition turned following her round another eightcyborgs appeared beside the previous set.
"You got anymore tricks in that coat of yours?" Impact asked without taking her eyesoff the cyborgs. Ignition reached under his coat and pulled a second billy club out from theholster at the small of his back rotating it around his wrist join feeling the weight of it in hisoff hand.
"Plenty, you?" He glanced at her out the corner of his eye. She didn't look at himshe looked straight ahead as another group appeared in front of them. A slight smileformed on her face.
"I don't need any, my girls are more than enough for these toy robots." Impactcracked her knuckles and rolled the tension out of her neck.
"You do remember what these things are don't you?" Another group appeared, thirtytwo deadly cyborgs stood silently and watched them. "And they're still coming."
"Don't worry Andy, I'll protect you." She looked at him, the smile still on her face. Hecould not hold the grin back. There was a chance that they wouldn't make it off this rooftopalive but she had a way of loosening him up, he had a habit of doubting his abilities, shegave him confidence.
"I can't believe you still call them your girls." He laughed and rotated the billy clubaround again. In unison the Infinity Warriors spoke their recorded speech.
"We will not be stopped. We will never end."
"You ready for this?" She shook the tension out of her hand and planted her feetready for the first strike.
"As I'll ever be." Ignition spun one of his billy clubs around and took a reverse gripon it. Holding it near the top with the shaft sticking out behind him, he moved his armaround behind himself and prepared for the oncoming attack. The first line of InfinityWarriors stepped forwards, each one brandishing its metallic claws or arm blades, theywere all equipped with slightly different weaponry, variations on a similar theme. Pain. Thecyborgs took another step closer, then another, a rhythmic march moving in for the kill. Asthey reached the half way point between their lines and their prey a powerful spotlightburst into being surrounding them in bright, white light.
"How many times have I told you tin cans you need an invitation for our parties."Awe(some) landed behind the advancing line and sprang back up to his feet. As hereached his full height the rest of the team landed behind him. Oak the enormous treecreature dropped first his thick trunk like legs creaked as he landed. The concrete of theroof fractured and splintered under his immense weight. C.O.G.S lowered itself down withthe thrusters built into its large feet, its head moved slowly scanning the enemies in front ofit. Shock sat on C.O.G.S's shoulder, she looked innocent and delicate sitting on the robotsbroad shoulders soon that image would fade and they would realise how fierce she wouldbe. She slid down and onto the floor as C.O.G.S leant forward after landing. Her skincrackled with electricity as she stepped forward to join her brother.
"You do know we had this right." Impact folded her arms with mock impatience.
"Like you should get to have all the fun? Come on tin man. Some of your brothersand sisters need a talking to!" Oak chucked as he set off at a canter towards the rear line.His deep voice vibrating down and into the building.
"Rodger that!" C.O.G.S set off after his naturalistic team mate. Awe(some) held outhis hand for his sister. She took it and sent energy through his system. His eyes werebright blue orbs and his skin a perfect white light.
"Come on Sis, lets show these old codgers how its done." He shot off at high speedand headed straight for the last line of cyborgs, his body now supercharged with energyfrom his sister who followed him propelling herself along on a wave of static.
"He calling me old or you old?" Ignition dodged out of the way of a metal claw andstruck the cyborg in the neck with a billy club.
"Does it matter? We can't let that punk get away with that can we? Impact grabbedtwo and slammed them together crushing their faces. The transport ship was still hoveringabove them. All of its spot lights were now pointed at the rooftop covering all the action, six

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