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Lighthouse September 5, 2013

Lighthouse September 5, 2013

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Published by VCStar
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County
Official newspaper of Naval Base Ventura County

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Published by: VCStar on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 13, No. 18 | Thursday, September 5, 2013www.thelighthousenews.com
A1C Scott Hitchner is up to hisneck at Family Beach Day, courtesy of fellow Air Force students at theNaval Construction Training Center,Naval Base Ventura County, PortHueneme.
Thecommandingofficerof NavalBaseVentura County (NBVC), Capt. LarryVasquez,andtheRetiredActivitiesOffice(RAO) are inviting all local military retir-ees to the first-ever NBVC Retiree TownHall meeting.TheeventwilltakeplaceTuesday,Sept.10, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Duke’s Place,NBVC Port Hueneme.Localretireeswillhearstraightfromthecommanding officer and other speakersabout a variety of issues, including healthcarepolicies,VeteransAffairsbenefitsandservices provided by the RAO, the com-missary, Morale, Welfare and Recreation(MWR) and other services that are avail-able on base.An estimated 4,600 retirees, plus an-other 1,000 surviving spouses, live in theNBVC area.Light refreshments will be served. Formore information, call 982-1023.
About the RAO, Page 20.
CO inviteslocal retireesto town hall
By Andrea Howry
More than 50 companies that have cur-rent job openings for service memberstransitioning out of the military will be atthe Wednesday, Sept. 18, career fair atNaval Base Ventura County, Port Huen-eme.Many of the companies also have open
Career fair set forSept. 18 at Duke’s
By Andrea Howry
As the marine layer lifted and the sun took over, doz-ens of people flocked to the Naval Base Ventura Coun-ty (NBVC) Point Mugu shoreline for Family Beach DaySaturday, Aug. 24 — a free end-of-summer opportunityin a year that has seen the surf contest, the battle of commands and other beach events canceled due to lackof funding.Morale, WelfareandRecreation(MWR) workedwith
Surf and turf 
Family Beach Day, surf clinictaught by pros wrap up summer
See JOBS, PAge 23See BeACH, PAge 16
Newly deployed Naval Mobileonstruction Battalion 3 wasted noime getting involved in community relations project in Japan. Here, inhis photo by EAC Jeanna Carlock,EOC Select Chris Vicory and otherhief selectees help feed thehomeless in Okinawa Aug. 9.
MoreNMCB 3 news, Pages 13-15.
The once-glamorous marquee of theMayfair Theater in downtown Venturais one step closer to becoming partof a World War II homefront exhibitat the Seabee Museum.
Page 18.
Savannah McAnally, 10, daughterof Cassandra and ATCS PatrickMcAnally of VAW-112, gets her armpainted by clerk Gladys Rodriguezuring a Point Mugu NEX customerappreciation event.
Page 11.
Photos by AndreA howry / Lighthouse
Ryan Maldonado, 10, takes part in a surf clinic Saturday, Aug. 24, part of Family Beach Day atNaval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu. Ryan, the son of Bridget and BUC Patrick Maldonado of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4, was one of 12 youngsters to sign up for the clinic.
By Captain Larry Vasquez
NBVC Conn Oc
The LighThOuse is puBLished aT NO COsT TO The gOVerN-meNT eVery OTher Thursday By The sTar, Of CamariLLO,Ca. The sTar is a priVaTe firm iN NO way CONNeCTed wiThThe deparTmeNT Of defeNse Or The uNiTed sTaTes NaVy,uNder wriTTeN CONTraCT wiTh NaVaL Base VeNTuraCOuNTy. The LighThOuse is The ONLy auThOrized CiViLiaNeNTerprise Newspaper fOr memBers Of The u.s. NaVy,CiViLiaN empLOyees, reTirees aNd Their famiLy memBersiN The VeNTura COuNTy area. CONTeNTs Of The paper areNOT NeCessariLy The OffiCiaL Views Of,NOr eNdOrsed By,The u.s. gOVerNmeNT, aNd The deparTmeNT Of defeNse,Or The deparTmeNT Of The NaVy aNd dO NOT impLy eN-dOrsemeNT ThereOf. The appearaNCe Of adVerTisiNg iNThis puBLiCaTiON iNCLudiNg iNserTs aNd suppLemeNTs,dOes NOT CONsTiTuTe eNdOrsemeNT Of The deparTmeNTOf defeNse, The u.s. NaVy Or The sTar, Of The prOduCTsOr serViCes adVerTised. eVeryThiNg adVerTised iN ThispuBLiCaTiON shaLL Be made aVaiLaBLe fOr purChase,useOr paTrONage wiThOuT regard TO raCe,COLOr,reLigiON,sex, NaTiONaL OrigiN, age, mariTaL sTaTus, physiCaLhaNdiCap, pOLiTiCaL affiLiaTiON, Or aNy OTher NON-meriTfaCTOr Of The purChaser, use, Or paTrON. if a ViOLaTiONOr rejeCTiON Of This equaL OppOrTuNiTy pOLiCy By aN ad-VerTiser is CONfirmed, The puBLisher shaLL refuse TOpriNT adVerTisiNg frOm ThaT sOurCe uNTiL The ViOLaTiONis COrreCTed. ediTOriaL CONTeNT is ediTed, preparedaNd prOVided TO The puBLisher By The LOCaL iNsTaLLa-TiON puBLiC affairs OffiCes uNder The auspiCes Of TheNaVaL Base VeNTura COuNTy puBLiC affairs OffiCe.
COmmaNdiNg OffiCer
Chief sTaff OffiCer
CmdR. SCott LoESChkE
COmmaNd masTer Chief 
puBLiC affairs OffiCer
LighThOuse ediTOr
aNdREa howRY
fiNd us aT:
adVerTisiNg deparTmeNT
N aVa L B a s e V e N T u r a C O u N T y
pl bt o qton o cont to Lto eto an how t lto@nv.l
800-221-sTar (7827)
     T     h    u    r    s     d    a    y  ,     S    e    p     t    e    m     b    e    r     5  ,     2     0     1     3
     T     h    e     L     i    g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e
    w    w    w .
     T     h    e     L     i    g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e     N    e    w    s
 .    c    o    m
Question: Last month, I noticed the ags y
ing at half-staff. When I asked why, I was told it was because a retired general had passed away. I thought we only lowered the ag to honor fallenheroes or mark tragedies? Why lower it at a Navybase for a retired non-Navy ofcer? Answer: The U.S. ag is own at half-staff (or in our case, half-mast) for several very specicreasons, all laid out in detail in the U.S. Flag Code(36 USC Chapter 10, Article 175, section m). At its core, the code grants the U.S. president and state or territorial governors the authority toorder the ag to half-staff in their jurisdictionsto mark the death of principle gures within their  government. Certain key gures, such as sitting or  former presidents, chiefs of staff, cabinet secretar 
ies or Supreme Court justices have specic time
lines regarding when the ag is lowered and for how long. In the case you cited, retired Air Force Gen. Da
vid C. Jones was honored at his passing by ying the ag at half-staff, not because he was a general,but because Jones was the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, serving under President Jimmy Carter and President Ronald Reagan.The president can order the ag to half-staff tomark tragedies or holidays as well. For example,the ag is always own at half-staff the morning of Memorial Day and generally is ordered ownat half-staff for Police Ofcers Memorial Day in May. Last April, it ew at half-staff in honor of thevictims of the attack during the Boston Marathon. Keep sending your questions and feedback viathis forum at lighthouse@navy.mil, online using the CO’s Suggestion Box at http://cnic.navy.mil/ ventura/index.htm or at www.Facebook.com/Na
valBaseVenturaCounty. You can also follow us onTwitter at www.twitter.com/NBVCCalifornia and keep up on the latest news and events.
When are base ags own at half-mast?
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e ew s 
. c  om
 eL  i     g  t   o u s  e
 ur   s  d  a  y   , S  e  p t   em b  er   5   , 0  3 
6 p.m., Duke’s NBVCPort Hueneme. MeetCapt. Larry Vasquez, commandingofficer of Naval Base VenturaCounty, and ask questions.Information: 982-1023. See story,Page 1.
11:30a.m. social, noonlunch, Bard Mansion.Speaker is Capt. BurtEspe, commander, NSWC PHD.Cost: $15. Reservations and baseaccess: Jim Cecil Jr., 805-482-8215, or Arlene Fraser, 805-377-0468.
11a.m. to 1 p.m., BardMansion. Annualevent for commandsto honor their ombudsmen.Information: Corey Kendrick, FFSC,989-1682. Story, Page 19.
11:30a.m. luncheon, BardMansion, followedby tour of Self Defense Test Ship.Buffet lunch: $15. Reservations:Gerry Roberts, 642-6504, or TeriReid, 861-6972.
10 a.m.to 12:30 p.m., Bldg.1180, Region Legal Service Office,NBVC Port Hueneme. Sign-uprequired. Information: 982-4548.
9a.m. to 1 p.m.,Duke’s, NBVC PortHueneme. More than50 companies currently hiring willhave booths and will be acceptingresumes. Colleges will be on siteas well. See story, Page 1.
Thehomeof thenine-pattycheeseburg-er called the “Triple Triple,” Jake’s Way-ack Burgers will be joining the newlyopened Panda Express in the food courtattheNavalBaseVenturaCounty(NBVC)Port Hueneme, Navy Exchange.NEXGeneralManagerAnnaEsguerrasaid she hopes the new restaurant will beopen sometime this fall. It will be the sec-ond Jake’s Wayback Burgers in VenturaCounty;thefirstopenedinMarchinVen-tura.In addition to its burgers, Jakes isknown for its chili, hot dogs and milkshakes.ItsspecialtyistheTripleTriple.Accord-ingtotherestaurant’snutritionalanalysis,the burger has 1,980 calories — 1,120 of them from fat — and 2,010 milligrams of sodium.Itdoes,however,provide100per-cent of the recommended daily require-ment for iron.There’s also a veggie burger on themenu.
Jake’s Wayback Burgers coming to NEX
By Andrea Howry
Bard Elementary School on Pleasantalley Road in Port Hueneme got a last-inute sprucing-up Sunday, Aug. 25,hanks to some volunteers from its neigh-or, Naval Base Ventura County(NBVC).The day before teachers showed up forork — and two days before students ar-rived — a dozen Sailors showed up topaint clearancearcs onthesidewalks out-side exterior doors, paint regulation lineson the outdoor basketball hoops, painthopscotch lines on the playground andclean up some earlier stenciling work on“Walk”signs throughout the school.They’d started some of the work theweek before.“We’reblessedtohavethem,”saidPrin-cipal Sue Parsons. “They’re absolutelyfantastic.”She said if the Sailors hadn’t volun-teered,shewouldhaveendedupdoingtheworkherself,withhelpfromherhusband,Andy, and custodians who were alreadyswamped trying to get classrooms readyand doing larger paint projects like fulldoors and walls.AirTrafficController1stClassOsvaldoCampos with NBVC Air Operations saidSchoolLiaisonOfficerMonicaJameshadcalled, saying Bard was requesting somelast-minute help before school started, so
Sailors helpspruce upBard school
AC1 Osvaldo Campos of Naval Base Ventura County’s Air Operations paints warning arcsoutside a classroom door at Bard Elementary School. Campos organized last month’scommunity relations event after Principal Sue Parsons called and said she needed helpgetting the school ready for teachers and students.
They answer principal’sast-minute call for sometouch-up work
MA1 Dennis Lang of Naval Base Ventura County gives a Bard Elementary School basketballhoop a fresh coat of orange paint just before school starts.

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