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Published by maramdi

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Published by: maramdi on Jun 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Now!-BuildYour Own ATV
PECIALIZED vehicles can be a ballbut all of them bring to mind oneimmediate drawback—cost. For some-thing you may not use too often, justi-fying the expense could prevent yourhaving a lot of fun. The MI Marauderlicks this cost problem and adds safetyfeatures not found on other ATVs at thesame time.$1,500 is par for the course for anATV, but you can build this one for lessthan $500. If you have some usablc partson hand, it can cost a whole lot less, butabout $500 is tops.The MI Marauder is built like a tank find has similar controls. Two sticksstart, shift and reverse the six wheels.To go, you push both levers forward.Pull back on them and you reverse.Push one and pull the other to change
What's an ATV? it's anAll-Terrain Vehicle, that'swhat. And the most popularnow fun vehicle on the scene.Here are complete plansfor building your own.
direction in the length of the machineas one set of wheels goes forward andthe opposite set go backwards. Let go of both handles and you come to a stopautomatically.Transaxle Automatic Transmission orTAT as it's called, works this magicwith an infinite number of gear ratiosfrom High to Low. The TATs cone-shaped drive discs hold the secret thatmakes it a clutch, variable speed trans-mission, and differential all in one. Youdon't have to build or assemble the TAT
Mechanix Illustrated
6-5 16
DRILL EXTENSION makes it easy to transferaxle bolt holes from chassis to Marauder'sPlywood body within 1/2-in. of vertical side.
STEEL STRAPS on square steel tubing spac-ers hold dead axles securely in place. Out-board chains make the dead axles possible
Build Your Own ATV
ALLEN KEY tightens axle locating collarworking through access hole in plywood.TAT (left) coupled to engine (right) is con-trolled by rods from hand lever (arrows)
FLEXIBLE COUPLING at rear of TAT hooksup to front of 8-hp engine output shaf 
IDLER SPROCKET keeps drive chain underthe correct tension to prevent slipping.
for your Marauder, you buy it and in-stall it as a unit.Throttle control is only used whenstarting up the 8-hp, 4-stroke engine.The TAT takes care of all speed anddirection change requirements.Chain drive units
the body of the vehicle mean that you can't get ahand or even a pants leg caught in theworks—a safety feature not found on
PLANS AVAILABLEA 30x40-in. plan, describing the con-struction of the MI Marauder is avail-able for $5. It contains a completelist: of materials, plus extra photosdetailing construction. For your copy,send $5 to MECHANIX ILLUSTRATEDPlans Service, Greenwich, Conn. 06830.Please ask for Plan No. MATV-l-70when sending order and be sure you in-clude payment (check or money order).
 Mechanix Illustrated 

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