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Virgin-Shaming Thread

Virgin-Shaming Thread

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Published by Corey Moore
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Published by: Corey Moore on Sep 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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9/4/13Corey Moore - I just have to laugh when I post something over at...https://www.facebook.com/atcoreyamoore/posts/2367569098065801/10
I just have to laugh when I post something over atCreepertariansthat pisses off a misogynist, I get the same comment. Something sarcastic across the lines of "keep posting stuff like this and you'lleventually get laid."Implying that it is somehow a bad thing to be a virgin, or that some men are feminists because wethink that somehow it will get us laid.Sorry,but unlike thewoman objectifies out there, some of us form opinions with the brains in our heads,not our pants. And we have better relationships with women because we treat them likepeople, not objects.
Like· Comment·Unfollow Post·Share·Promote DamnVanMeter,Terri Dean,Susan Beutler Mooreand6 otherslike this.
Sounds like that person has their fedora on a little bit too tight.September 2 at 10:51pm ·Like·1
The latestdude is apparently married. I feel bad for his wife. September2 at 10:52pm ·Like·1
Ive never supported treating anyone like a person. there all objects to me.September 2 at 10:56pm ·Like
Corey Moore
Yeah, but then again you are a sociopathSeptember 2 at 10:56pm ·Like·1
Bryan Huber
very trueSeptember 2 at 10:57pm ·Like
Teddy Lynn
Jackie Treehorn treats objects like they're women, man!September 2 at 11:11pm via mobile·Like
Looks like he imported his bride anyway.September 2 at11:18pm via mobile ·Like
Corey Moore
lol ouch ^September 2 at 11:19pm ·Like
Steve Heidenreich
· 10 mutual friends>complain about being called out as a foreveralone>claims to be "anti-racist" on his page>laughs at racist jokes to make himself feel better Yesterday at 1:44am · Edited ·Like·15
Ryan Smith
· Friends with Nikki West and 3 others"Woman objectifies" Yesterday at 1:49am via mobile ·Like
Ethan P. Papaserge
· 3 mutual friendsIf someone put me beyond criticism I would probably have a "better relationship" with them too. Yesterday at 1:54am ·Like·1
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9/4/13Corey Moore - I just have to laugh when I post something over at...https://www.facebook.com/atcoreyamoore/posts/2367569098065802/10
Christine-Marie L. Dixon
· 44 mutual friends"Looks like he imported his bride anyway."#classy Yesterday at 1:56am ·Like·15
Christine-Marie L. Dixon
· 44 mutual friends As the child of an "imported bride", I can guarantee that Steve is going to have some pretty attractive and damnintelligent kids. Yesterday at 1:58am ·Like·11
Mary Ann Johansen
· 5 mutual friendsI don't know you, but since this page is public and you're publicly attacking a friend, and his wife, and makingracist jokes about his wife, I'm just going to stop in to say this is really, really juvenile. Yesterday at 1:58am ·Like·15
Christine-Marie L. Dixon
· 44 mutual friendsOne of them will probably be your boss one day. Yesterday at 1:58am ·Like·11
Mary Ann Johansen
· 5 mutual friendsSo is what I'm assuming is your mock page of Liberty Without Apologies. I find it amusing that your parody of what we're about is "making women shut up," when our top authors are women. I guess women's voices only countas women when they agree with you. Yesterday at 1:59am · Edited ·Like·13
Steve Heidenreich
· 10 mutual friendsCorey appears to be both a misogynist and a racistReally tolerant, bro. Yesterday at 2:00am ·Like·11
Mary Ann Johansen
· 5 mutual friendsIt's only okay to be racist and misogynistic about people we disagree with, Steve, get it right. Yesterday at 2:09am ·Like·9
Ian Weber
· Friends with James W. Maier>be edgy neckbeard creepertarian>be buttmad eternally when "virgin shamed">condescend like you're tolerant and a chill guy>bag on someone for having an asian wife, alluding to her being a mail order bride>rage endlessly at the fact that women dont want to date you>blames it on being "too nice" most likely>is actually a neckbeard and racist and thats why women find you creepy>CONFIRMED COMMUNIST SYMPATHIZER, AND ENEMY OF FREEDOM Yesterday at 2:13am · Edited ·Like·11
Christine-Marie L. Dixon
· 44 mutual friendsCorey, I see that I have a pending friend request from you. Yeah, not accepting it any time...ever.
9/4/13Corey Moore - I just have to laugh when I post something over at...https://www.facebook.com/atcoreyamoore/posts/2367569098065803/10
 Yesterday at 2:10am ·Like·12 · Friends withOOOO, YOU GOT DENIED BRO!·Unhide· Friends withOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO·Unhide
Simeon J. Morris
· 14 mutual friendsWait...what am I doing here? This Isn't Cuba Gooding, Jr's fan page! WTFSteve...you misled me! Yesterday at 2:13am ·Like·9
Ian Weber
· Friends with James W. MaierOh but isnt Cuba just the greatest? He always seem so happy, it makes me happy! Yesterday at 2:13am ·Like·2
Christine-Marie L. Dixon
· 44 mutual friendsSimeon, I love you. Can I import you and make you my bride? Please??? Yesterday at 2:13am ·Like·5
Simeon J. Morris
· 14 mutual friendsKinda down CMar. I take cashiers checks only, though. Yesterday at 2:14am ·Like·6
Craig Holland Dixon
· 37 mutual friendsPretty self-righteous thread for proceeding to make racist comments. Also don't pollute my amazing contributionsto word-smithing with bad opinions on your pages. Okay bye Yesterday at 2:15am ·Like·11
Steve Heidenreich
· 10 mutual friendsMy "imported bride" seems to have a way better grasp of English than this Corey dude does. I'm assuming thispage is his considering they both have the same stupid views and grammar. Yesterday at 2:16am ·Like·3
Ian Weber
· Friends with James W. Maier...his grammar hurts my soul Yesterday at 2:17am ·Like·2
Michael Valor
· 59 mutual friendsI like thatBrian Hagenlikes this and is an unapologetic porn addict Yesterday at 2:17am ·Like
Michael Valor
· 59 mutual friendsand an avowed "creepertarian" that i've posted about Yesterday at 2:17am ·Like·1
Elliot Young
· 22 mutual friends# VagueBook  Yesterday at 2:18am ·Like·1
Ethan P. Papaserge
· 3 mutual friends1 like. lol, really taking off. Yesterday at 2:18am ·Like·5
Steve Heidenreich
· 10 mutual friendsPassive aggressively racist statuses are totally how you deal with people being mean by disagreeing with you onyour page. Corey serves as an example to all libertarians. Yesterday at 2:19am ·Like·9
Brian Hagen
Unaplogetic porn addict? Unapologetic for sure. Addict, not so much. Yesterday at 2:20am via mobile ·Like
Ian Weber
· Friends with James W. MaierHe's been in the movement for 6 years Steve. Obviously he is Creepertarian Prime. Yesterday at 2:20am ·Like·1
Mary Ann Johansen
· 5 mutual friendsWell, I shall be off now, to continue hating women and being anti-liberty. Peace, guys. Yesterday at 2:20am ·Like·7
Elliot Young
· 22 mutual friendsI'm sorry,Corey Moore, but I fail to see a tangible connection between your first paragraph and your last. Notonly that, but manifesting your dissatisfaction with a person and their opinion contrary to yours by attacking themad hominem is a failure in logic and in character. Yesterday at 2:23am ·Like·5

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