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A U.S. President Fanning the Flames of World Hate to Violence and Death of Innocents

A U.S. President Fanning the Flames of World Hate to Violence and Death of Innocents

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Published by Acharne Dokument
A US president sheds a tear over murdered children dead of gas attacks but not the thousands of women and children dead of bombs, guns and drone violence.
A US president sheds a tear over murdered children dead of gas attacks but not the thousands of women and children dead of bombs, guns and drone violence.

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Published by: Acharne Dokument on Sep 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A U.S. President Fanning TheFlames of WorldHate to Violenceand Death of Innocents
A US president finally sheds atear over murdered children deadof gas attacks but not the thousands of women and children dead of bombs, guns and droneviolence for over three years.Does an American President who now single handily granted himself the power (does not needrepresentative government) to decide who live or dies, really contemplates that if he keep killingsupposed terrorist leaders and the women and children standing around them at the time, willeliminate Muslim extremists worldwide
… like
hundreds of thousands of them? In reality, themore Barack Obama kills, by the butchery of drones or missiles; he inadvertently creates morehate of future generations of Muslim and Muslim extremist that will spread worldwide. This is proven by the assassinations for Mexican Cartel leaders that create a power vacuum for evenmore extreme, violent, corrupt leaders waiting to take control.
 Pakistan government 
 says „at least 400 civilians‟ killed in drone strikes
. Bureau Of InvestigationJournalismBarak Obama has a disturbing comprehension that mild, non-violent torture fans more hate byMuslims then the butchery of a drone.
“By using torture to interrogate our 
enemies, and detaining individuals in a way that ran counter to the rule of law." 
Barack Obama. Yet Obama
worries about values and the “rule of law” over “water” torture but not murder; the act of 
 blowing up innocent people- suffering and dying with agony before death.Collateral damage is not a form of justice nor is it humane. The death of innocent life was barelyacceptable in WW2. When US and British bombers intentionally obliterated civilian targets andkilled hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children; a line was crossed for what
society could stomach as acceptable “murder”.
WW2 and other major wars fought by real-estate, the battle lines were easy distinguished and theenemy was defined. Targets of enemy soldiers would, at times, involve the deaths civilian population but never accepted as just, but seen as a target mistake and comprehended almost as
an act of God then an intentional act of war. Afghanistan’s war too has real
-estate boundariesand enemy lines yet the war tuned to terror tactics similar to the Vietnam war.
Unlike a military front line, where an enemy soldier is a target on the enemy’s real
-estate, dronesare becoming a military machine without a boundary, without justice, outside the area of conflictand with little to no regard to the loss of innocent human life around the target.
A civilian:
Under international humanitarian law (also known as the laws of war) is a personwho is not a member of his or her country's armed forces.
: The killing of another human being without due process of law and with the intent toharm.
Intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities, and therefore isdefined as a form of political violence or intervention under the intent to destroy infrastructure,kill or massacre civilian or political populations, with the intent to encompass and controlregional powers.
American Judicial System
: Innocent before proven guilty; Habeas Corpus.
Example 1
The CIA defines a terrorist by the individual’s correspondence
with known outside terroristgroups and by planning a terrorist event. What steps will the CIA take to take down that person?(OPTION 1) Use a drone and assassinate him in his house were shrapnel could harm or kill thosewho may be in the area? (OPTION 2) Send in a seal team to apprehend him by sealing off a parameter to protect innocent civilians from possible cross fire, than attempt to take the man incustody for judicial review (Habeas Corpus). For Obama the answer is simple, if the averageAmerican cannot see the take-
down, assassinate him and don’t worry about any cross fire if it is
not on American soil. If the take-down is on US soil, the only option is (OPTION 2). Follow the judicial process and respect the rights of all, including the detainee. Oba
ma’s reasoning,
OPTION 1 will not inflame more hate against America and the Muslim world is OK with UScarrying out unlimited assassinations outside any court of law.
If China targeted a terrorist organization (terrorist who murders Chinese citizens “war”) hiding
out on American soil. China will justify any collateral deaths of Americans (innocent women and
children) as acceptable. China’s objective is to protect their 
own citizens and any Americandeaths are acceptable (a lower value) to the safety to their own interest.

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