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W. 13th St. Gazette 6

W. 13th St. Gazette 6

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Published by Alan J Jacobs
Newsletter of the W. 13th St. 100 Block Association
Newsletter of the W. 13th St. 100 Block Association

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Published by: Alan J Jacobs on Sep 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Page 1
W. 13th St.
Voice of the W. 13th St. 100 Block Association, Inc., 143 W. 13th Street, Suite 105, New York, N.Y. 10011
 Issue No. 6 January 2000
 Annual Meeting:
Election of Officers
Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2000,
Katherine House,118 W. 13th St.
Agenda:Armory Update.New Business or Suggestions
President’s Message
At the dawn of the new millennium, we who areresidents of or have businesses on this block are in-deed most fortunate.Daily we see changes on the block that are im-proving it in every way: buildings are being reno-vated, trees trimmed, tree planters installed, andsidewalks repaired. Other changes are planned andwill soon come to fruition.This Block Association is awaiting the installa-tion of the “old fashioned” street lamps promised tous by the City as a result of the Association’s ef-forts. These lamps will be installed early next yearwithout charge to any of our residents.We have also ordered new garbage cans for eachof the Block’s four corners. These cans are betterdesigned, more attractive, and will be embossedwith the name of the Block Association.We have also engaged a horticulturist to plantflowers in the tree pits, as well as maintain them.Additionally, the new owners of 156 W. 13thstreet have informed us that there will be a full res-toration of that building and its façade, adding to thehistoric beauty of the block The additional good news is that 14th St. is im-proving. For example, Pratt Institute has recentlypurchased the building at 144 W. 14th St., the rearof which is in poor condition and faces a number of our neighbors’ back gardens. We now expect thatthe building—front and rear—will be refurbishedand beautified.The entire Executive Board thanks all of you foryour contributions and participation in all our en-deavors to date and we look forward to continuingto work with you in the future.
New Garbage Receptacles
The Block Association has ordered four enclosedgarbage cans for thecorners of ourblock. They will beplaced on 13thStreet at Sixth Ave.on the north andsouth corners, andat 7th Ave. north &south corners.These cylindricalenclosures will be solid green in color, will hide thedebris inside, and will cover any overflow of trash.
Trash cans: new and old
Our Block 
 Page 2The City will service them as it does the currentwire mesh. These bins will be a vast improvement.The Greenwich Village Association, an umbrellacommunity organization that serves our area, plansto follow our lead and place these attractive binsalong Sixth Ave. from 14th Street to Ninth Street.
Trees and Foliage
 New planters and trees:
Plant-ers and two Bradford pear treesare now in place on the west endof our block, in front of 105 W.13th St. The trees are thrivingand add a nice ambiance. In addi-tion, two planters have beenplaced in front of Cafe Loup (alsoat 105), which helps the look of that end of theblock.
Truck destroys tree:
The City has removed alarge tree in front of the City and Country School.The tree was badly damaged when an illegal tractor-trailer struck the tree. (The trucker was given asummons to court.) Our Block Association is coor-dinating with the school to plant another tree in thesprint.
A tree has died at 128-130 W. 13th St. Itwill be replaced.
 John Adams’ wall:
We still need approval fromthe John Adams building (side of Rite Aid) to placefoliage along the back of their building. The plainbrick wall is an eyesore and not in keeping with ourtree-lined block. The John Adams Board of Direc-tors needs to understand that trees are an essentialpart of making life in the City tolerable.
City’s commitment to trees:
The City is commit-ted to trees--so much so that they supply any home-owner
trees. Upon request, the City will estab-lish tree pits anywhere feasible and supply the trees.The Parks and Forestry Departments are available
 free of charge
to trim these trees, make sure they arecared for, and assist any in need of help. (Recently,the Parks Department Enforcement Police re-sponded within hours to a reported problem withour street trees. They then followed up to makesure our trees were not being harmed.)
 Hope for the future:
We certainly hope that theJohn Adams directors will place foliage in the frontof their building as well as in back to complete thetree-lining of Twelfth & Thirteenth Streets. Wealso hope that the new condo at 65 West 13th St.will place trees and foliage along their frontings on13th St. as well as Sixth Avenue.
10 things we like about trees
(1) Trees add beauty and character to the cityand to the homes where the trees are located.(2) They soften the harshness and angular look of city streets. They can screen unpleasant views.(3) Trees, like all green plants, use carbon diox-ide and convert and release life-giving oxygen. Thisconsumption of carbon dioxide helps reduce globalwarming caused by the “greenhouse effect.”(4) The carbon is used to create wood and otherplant tissues, thereby sequestering carbon for longperiods.(5) Trees help clean the air by trapping dirt, grit,and dust, and by absorbing other pollutants.(6) Trees act as sound barriers thereby reducingirritating and harmful noise.(7) Carefully located deciduous trees can saveenergy by cooling buildings in the summer and al-lowing solar heating in the winter. A home on atree-lined street can save $15 a month on air condi-tioning costs.(8) Trees near a home can increase property val-ues by up to 20%.(9) Trees increase pride in the community.(10) Trees are the only representative of nature tomany city dwellers.
Each homeowner is responsible for repairing andmaintaining the sidewalk fronting his or her prop-erty. There have been a few accidents recentlycaused by faulty sidewalks, one of which was veryserious. The Greenwich Village Alliance has rec-ommended that individual Block Associations in thearea police these repairs on their blocks.Our Association has written to owners with thebiggest problem spots. The owner at 157 W. 13thSt. has repaired his problem and the City & CountrySchool re-did its entire frontage. The co-op at 136
 Page 3W. 13th Street has completed re-doing the sidewalk in front of its building.Patch and repair your walks, folks, it’s your re-sponsibility!
Subway stairs
We are pleased to report that the Mass TransitAuthority responded very quickly to our request thatthe subway stairs leading out of the Seventh Ave.line at 175 W. 13th St (Cambridge House) were indisrepair. They responded the same day and thestairs were patched quickly. Nice going.
Brownstone renovation
Its new owners are renovating the brownstone at111 W. 13th St.. The previous occupants did littleto keep the front of that building tidy. There wasalways litter in the tree pit in front. We hope thenew owners will keep the front neat and clean andthe tree pit trash-free and watered.
Curb your dogs
Our beautiful trees are taking a bath in dog urine.Most dog owners take a walk down our block andallow their pets to urinate in the tree pits. The urinekills the flowers we have planted and will eventu-ally kill the tree if we allow this to continue.The City cleans the sides of our streets twice aweek so urine placed there is washed away consis-tently. If you see someone allowing a pet to pee inour pits, ask the dog-owner politely to try to have itpee in the side of the street (the curb) as in “CURBYOUR DOG.”We had placed “Curb Your Dog” signs at the treepits but an unreasonable local resident removedthem.If you are a dog owner, please have your pet peein the street, not on the flowers or near the trees.
The new antiquelampposts will be in-stalled to replace all thelampposts now in place(except the one real an-tique at 133 W. 13th. The contracts were due to besigned in December, according to the Lamppost Di-vision of the Department of Transportation. Our in-stallation is slated to take place sometime this sum-mer. We will keep you posted as things progress.
Thanks to the Markle Residence as well as theKatherine House for the lovely flowers and plantsthat were placed in front of their buildings. Verypretty indeed.Also, thanks to 117 W.13th for its flower work.In addition, we all enjoyed the fabulous tulips cour-tesy of the Fruchters at 151 W. 13th St. Nice newflowers and plants are in front of “The Church” at143 W. 13th.We have contracted to have our tree pits plantedwith flowering plants starting this spring. We willhave various species blooming into the fall. Weneed everyone’s help to keep the dogs away fromour flowers and to help water those in front of yourbuilding.Keep up the beautification work and we will havethe most beautiful block in all of New York.
Fate of Armory still undecided
The 14th Street Armory, long a vacant eyesore, isexpected to be razed in the near future. The devel-oper, Orda Manage-ment, is planning tobuild condominiums onthe upper floors. Thecurrent knowncontenders for the firsttwo floors are Pathmark and the McBurneyYMCA, which recentlysold its 23
St. building.For several months, Costco, a big box chain thatoffers bulk purchases, had been in serious negotia-tions with Orda to occupy this site. However, lastmonth, it withdrew from those negotiations.Costco had intended to install a new, scaled-downversion of its stores, which was to be called “CostcoFresh.” The store would have occupied some70,000 sq. ft. (Costco’s typically occupy at least125,000 sq. ft.) It would only have sold supermar- 
Crowded 14th St., vieweastfrom7thAve.

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