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Window of Opportunity

Window of Opportunity

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Published by GrazzaB
Enlightening dialogue between Illuminati member and online newsgroup members.
A kind of dialogue with the devil, if you will.
Enlightening dialogue between Illuminati member and online newsgroup members.
A kind of dialogue with the devil, if you will.

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Published by: GrazzaB on Jun 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Quote from within message below: “Well, if you're game for an "assignment", or maybe someone else if you haven't the time, Iwould be happy for someone to collate this topic (minus the "interruptions") so that the message appears with just the actual flow of questions and answers, and post it there in one piece, if you so desire. As I mentioned before, I chose ATS as I was reliably informedthat it is one of the forums with a higher rate of intelligence and reasoning amongst it's members. On the whole, from my experiencehere, I would tend to agree.Though if you think it would be of value to Camelot, by all means you are most welcome to spread this message. The more people itcan reach, the better.” )
(A suggestion to viewers: Use ‘Edit, Find on this Page’ as a search feature to find portions of message. Use Edit, Select All,then copy and paste into your own Word processing document and save on your hard drive. You can either print from yourWord processing document, or you can use File, Print/Print Review, or your Printer Icon to print (est. 55 pages.) Use ‘shrink to fit’ to make font smaller and less pages. KathyT (Project Camelot, AboveTopSecret forums)
Window of Opportunity
Topic started on
@ 09:05 PM by
I am a generational member of a Ruling Bloodline Family.Every so often, as per the directives of the Law of our Creator, a brief window of opportunityopens, whereby a select handful of our Family are required to make communication with oursubjects, and offer you the chance to ask us any questions you would like answered.I am double-bound in this duty. It is required of me by The Law of our Creator to offer thisopportunity to you at this time, though I am also bound by the Law of (planetary) Free Willand by Family Oaths, that there is only so much I am able to say.Rules define life in games.If you wish to participate, here they are:1). I will afford you courtesy and respect in the manner I address you, and I expect the samefrom you in reciprocation.2). I will decide whether or not I am either willing or permitted to answer your question. If your question is not answered, it is either because I cannot disclose it, or because I consideredyour question was lacking in one or more of the following: respect, courtesy, intelligence,decency, or that it was otherwise unworthy of being dignified with a response.3). That you agree to treat this potential dialogue with an aspect of "provisional faith". Inpractice, this means that rather than impeding the flow of information with crass comments of disbelief or petty name calling, my participation here requires of you that you discourse withme under "suspended judgment". In other words, wait until the process is complete, before
deciding for yourself as to the content of truth and knowledge imparted herein.4). That you formulate your questions intelligently. My time is limited. I do not want to waste itby having to trawl through pointless, futile, insensible or disrespectful questions, therefore Iwill answer the questions I feel are most deserving of a response, during the time that I haveavailable. Use the time we have wisely.If any of the above conditions are breached, I reserve the right to terminate our discourseforthwith, if I so choose.That being said, I will attempt to answer your questions as honestly and openly as ispermissible for me. I will check back and respond as time allows.
posted on 19-10-2008 @ 12:10 PM
My original account has not received it's email validation, hence the new one I am now using.A good start. Thank (most of) you for respecting the boundaries I have set.I answer as follows: “
1). How many generations back does your bloodline extend, or, perhaps more accurately, who does yourfamily consider its earliest ancestor in a position of power?” 
OurLineagecan be traced back beyond antiquity. From the earliest times of your recorded"history", and beyond, our Family has been 'directing' the 'play' frombehind the scenes, in one way or another. Before the rise and fall of Atlantis. (Yes, that was indeed perfectly real). Weare 'born to lead'. It is part of the design for this current paradigm. “
2). To what extent has selective breeding been used to preserve the purity of the line? and whatbecomes of children of unapproved unions? (They would naturally still be raised with privilege, but not,perhaps "given the keys to the castle" as it were?)” 
The breeding is generally case specific, dependant upon the role that the Family members inquestion are due to grow into. I will touch more on this in answer to the nextposter'squestionthat you rephrased.There are no unapproved unions. Our Family will always intermarry between lines, or, what wewould term 'Houses'.Marriagesare arranged. In all my years alive, I have never seen or heardof a Family member breaking this code, as far as marriage goes. You do as you are told. Onecannot 'join' the Family. One is 'born', or incarnated into it.On the rare instances of a child being born that could be seen as bringing 'difficulties', you arecorrect in your premise, that it would be raised as part of the Family, though would not growup in the house or community of either of it's parents. “
3). If one were to imagine a scale, perhaps as a triangle with Political, Religious and Corporate power atthe three points, how would you categorize the power your family yields? (Balanced? Leaning moretowards one or two than a third? Heavily favoring one of the three above the others?) And has thatposition shifted over time?” 
You need to first understand the structure of the Family. In the grand scheme of things, theLine is not as important as the House, the House, is not as important as the Family. The Familyis all. No matter the House or Line, we are One (truly international) Family.Imagine if you will, a body. A House would represent a vital organ or body part within the Bodyitself. Each part has an important role to play in the functioning of the whole, and to each of us, the 'whole' has our undivided loyalty. As I say, many lines, (far more than you are awareof), One Family.Our realms of influence do notfitas comfortably into the three boxes of your triangle as youmay imagine. There are six disciplines of trainingwithin the Family, and each member of theFamily is schooled extensively in all of them, from early childhood. We all have an area of specialty, though we have experience in all spheres. The six spheres or 'schools' of learning areMilitary, Government, Spiritual,Scholarship, Leadership, and Sciences. In practice, out thereon the 'stage' of public life, we hold key positions in all of these main areas of importance.With the addition of a complicit Media machine and ownership of yourFinancial establishments, all bases are covered.I will have to reply in parts, due to the restriction of characters per post.
Which Ruling Bloodline Family.... Rockefellers?That may be a bit too direct for our inquisitee. I'd offer the following substitute:How many parallel bloodlines do you estimate are in similar positions to your own, and to what extentdoes your family see them as either competition or collaborators?” 
Yes, as I say, knowing the line is of no practical use to you. It is the belonging to the Familythat is important.There are 13 'base' or 'core' original bloodlines. Yet there are many many other lines thatspring from these, as do rivers from the oceans. If you imagine the 13 Original lines asPrimary colour, that can be mixed to create a vast array of other colours, then you will havesome comprehension. Again, no competition, just Family.No competition in the sense of House against House, though it is a 'dog eat dog' world. Sothere is interpersonal competition in that sense of the word. Everyone wants to move up. Ourwhole Familial society is geared that way, toward upward progression. “
What does the term " generational member" mean? Which generation specifically??” 
It means that one is born into the Family. The Order and it's agenda is handed down, fromgeneration to generation. Only in extremely rare occasions, have outsiders been invested intothe Family, and then, even these were of other 'esoterically' integrable lines. “
1) Can you cite two or more previous instances whereby this directive has been upheld?” 
Once in 1999, to what you would call an 'alternative' media source.Once in 2003, on anotherinternet"conspiracy" based forum. Though the information relayedwas not entirely 'pure'. Not from the intention of misleading, but rather through imperfect orincomplete knowledge of themessengers.If it is not in the mainstream controlled media, it will not be believed by the masses. This isinformation tailored for those who already know that we are very real, and exerting a strong, if mostly subtle, influence over your lives. If you wish to enslave a man, allow him to believe thathe is already free. “
2).By what basis is the timing of such revelations established?” 
By the decree of the Supreme World Council, according to the Will of the Creator.
Are we really considered chattel and traded as such by the government?” 

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